Yvette, Niki and one Rocky

Here is another story for the ladies who are into K9s.
It is about Yvette and her girl friend, Niki who had been
together a couple of years. They find out that there is
more to being pleasured than another woman’s tongue
when they bring home Enzo , a big black Lab. Niki catches
Yvette as she is letting the big Rockygie lick her. Instead
of being mad with her, she pitches right in and helps
her out. What turns from a good licking goes to hot
fucking as both of them learn all about being fucked by
a Rocky.

Niki and I had been lovers for the past two years, ever
since I had gotten a divorce and she had moved in with
me. I am an older woman at 42 and Niki is only 28. I am
a plump lady with thick thighs and a rather large ass.
I have big breasts and I keep my pussy well trimmed, so
I can se my thick, puffy lips as my mound is puffy and
so rounded. I think I have a lovely pussy. I stay horny
a lot of the time and love to masturbate. Nothing
excites me more than to lay there and play with my

Being one that does not go out a lots, I stay at home
and have no regular boy friend to please me. I enjoy
myself and do not like men around me very much.

It began as I needed to rent out a room in my house to
help pay the bills. Niki was the one I had chosen as she
answered the small ad I had in the local paper. After
she moved in, I became attracted to her and she to me.
We were sitting in my living room one night as we
watched TV.

I am a little on the heavy side and was laying on the
sofa as Niki sat next to me in a recliner. I was feeling
horny that night as the picture we were watching was
about two women. My pussy began to itch so I dropped my
hand down inside my house coat to touch it, hoping see
wouldn’t see me. My pussy had grown wet and it needed
to be played with as I slowly rubbed on it, trying to
be still so she couldn’t see what I was doing.

It started to feel so good to me that I closed my eyes
as I gently rubbed my enlarged clit. I was not
expecting it when I felt Niki place her hand over mine.

“Here, let me help you. You seem to need some a little
help.” Am whispered to me as she sat on the floor next
to the sofa I was on. “Just close your eyes and let me
make it feel good for you.”

Without saying a word, I parted my thick thighs as Niki
brought her fingers to my horny pussy. I held my
panties to the side as I felt her fingers probing,
searching for my wet slit. She began to lightly rub my
thick pussy lips as she paid attention to my protruding
clit as her fingers found my love button. She began to
work it between her fingers as she made little circles
as her talented fingers worked on me. I was so far gone
that I closed my eyes as she got to her knees.

Then I felt her as she parted my thighs even wider, as
she pushed my inner thighs apart. Then her head went
between my thighs as I felt her long hair on my thighs
as she flicked her hot tongue to my wet pussy. The feel
of her hot tongue on my clit drove me wild as I bucked
upwards to meet her hot tongue. She took her arms and
ran them under my thighs, holding onto my hips as she
pulled me tighter to her.

“Oh, Niki! Do it! Lick me, baby! You are making me feel
so damn good!” I cried out as I reached for her head.
“Oh, Baby! This is so good. I have never done this with
another woman before. And I love it! Lick me! Lick my

Niki took her time and was running her talented tongue
up inside my swollen slit as she would take the tip of
her tongue and lick little circles around my clit
before she sucked on it a little. The she would go back
and do the same thing to my throbbing pussy as she ate
me. Niki was really into eating me as I began to cum. I
was having an earth shattering experience as I came,
Niki sucking on my swollen clit as wave after wave of
pleasure swept over my body.

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