Youthful exuberance

My husband and I have been married for 25 years. When we married, I wasn’t a virgin nor was I what you would consider a slut. I had had several boyfriends throughout high school and had your typical high school sex experience; hand jobs and being fingered ; some oral experiences, both giving and receiving; and of course sex.

I did have one of those, wilder than normal experiences that I shared with hubby recently and that I am now going to share with you with encouragement from hubby.

My name is Julie and the events I am about to describe took place during the summer leading up to my senior year in high school. I as 17 at the time and did not have a bf. I was about 5’5, weighed approximately 120 pounds. I had dirty blond hair cut in the Dorothy Hamil style, blue eyes and a 36B / C chest. My best friend Lori, who is also part of this, was also 17; about 5’3, 100 pounds; shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes; 34b chest.

It was all Lori’s doing, what I am about to describe. She called me one Friday, asking for a favor. She had a date lined up for Saturday, but her date had a cousin that was visiting. So as not to leave him home alone, she asked me to double date with her with me entertaining the cousin. When I asked who her date was, all she would tell me was he went to the school across town. I hesitated as I had never been on a double date before let alone a blind date. With Lori begging, I finally agreed. Now, for the record, there were no discussions between Lori and I about any sex occurring during the date. I assumed that it was just a date to go hang out and watch a movie.

On Saturday, the plan was to meet them at the mall and from there we would go to the movies. As planned, Lori and I went to the mall and there met our dates; two black guys, both 17. Talk about your shock and awe, I was initially speechless as Lori introduced me to her date Thomas and my date, Clarence. Needing to regroup, I asked Lori to join me in the powder room where I let her know I was not to happy with this. She begged and pleaded; so against my better judgment, I went along with it.

After grabbing a couple of burgers, we loaded into their car with Clarence driving and me with him in the front seat while Lori and Thomas occupied the back seat. We ended up at the local drive in theater where we parked towards the back. Once there, the guys grabbed some pop corn and drinks then we settled in to watch the movie. As the evening progressed, I became more relaxed with the situation. I found Clarence to be a nice guy and was quite the gentleman. He stayed on his side of the car, and me on mine. All was good till about halfway through the first movie, which was when things started heating up in the back.

As we sat there, I noticed that it had gotten pretty quiet in the back except for an occasional giggle from Lori. Then I heard Thomas moan and what sounded like a slurping sound. Being curious, I peeked into the back to see what was going on and got quite the shock. All I could see was Thomas with his head laid back against the seat, and the top of Lori’s head who was obviously giving Thomas a blow job. I had never been in this situation before; I know my face had to be all different shades of red with embarrassment. Not knowing what to do, I turned back to the movie and tried to ignore the activities in the back.

That was easier said than done. After a few moments, the moaning and slurping was replaced by the rustling of clothing; they were obviously getting undressed. I wanted to peek again, but resisted the urge till I began hearing the sounds of skin slapping together. Finally curiosity got the better of me and I again turned to peek in the back seat. There they were, Lori was had her back to be, but I could make out that she was sitting on Thomas’ lap and that at least she was naked. I am not sure how long I peeked into the back seat; however, I know I again blushed and began noticing a warm sensation in my pussy. I again turned back to watch the movie and when I did, I caught Clarence staring at me; he had seen me peeking into the back seat. When our eyes met, he smiled as I turned away, embarrassed about being caught peeking.

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