Youthful exuberance

My husband and I have been married for 25 years. When we married, I wasn’t a virgin nor was I what you would consider a slut. I had had several boyfriends throughout high school and had your typical high school sex experience; hand jobs and being fingered ; some oral experiences, both giving and receiving; and of course sex.

I did have one of those, wilder than normal experiences that I shared with hubby recently and that I am now going to share with you with encouragement from hubby.

My name is Julie and the events I am about to describe took place during the summer leading up to my senior year in high school. I as 17 at the time and did not have a bf. I was about 5’5, weighed approximately 120 pounds. I had dirty blond hair cut in the Dorothy Hamil style, blue eyes and a 36B / C chest. My best friend Lori, who is also part of this, was also 17; about 5’3, 100 pounds; shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes; 34b chest.

It was all Lori’s doing, what I am about to describe. She called me one Friday, asking for a favor. She had a date lined up for Saturday, but her date had a cousin that was visiting. So as not to leave him home alone, she asked me to double date with her with me entertaining the cousin. When I asked who her date was, all she would tell me was he went to the school across town. I hesitated as I had never been on a double date before let alone a blind date. With Lori begging, I finally agreed. Now, for the record, there were no discussions between Lori and I about any sex occurring during the date. I assumed that it was just a date to go hang out and watch a movie.

On Saturday, the plan was to meet them at the mall and from there we would go to the movies. As planned, Lori and I went to the mall and there met our dates; two black guys, both 17. Talk about your shock and awe, I was initially speechless as Lori introduced me to her date Thomas and my date, Clarence. Needing to regroup, I asked Lori to join me in the powder room where I let her know I was not to happy with this. She begged and pleaded; so against my better judgment, I went along with it.

After grabbing a couple of burgers, we loaded into their car with Clarence driving and me with him in the front seat while Lori and Thomas occupied the back seat. We ended up at the local drive in theater where we parked towards the back. Once there, the guys grabbed some pop corn and drinks then we settled in to watch the movie. As the evening progressed, I became more relaxed with the situation. I found Clarence to be a nice guy and was quite the gentleman. He stayed on his side of the car, and me on mine. All was good till about halfway through the first movie, which was when things started heating up in the back.

As we sat there, I noticed that it had gotten pretty quiet in the back except for an occasional giggle from Lori. Then I heard Thomas moan and what sounded like a slurping sound. Being curious, I peeked into the back to see what was going on and got quite the shock. All I could see was Thomas with his head laid back against the seat, and the top of Lori’s head who was obviously giving Thomas a blow job. I had never been in this situation before; I know my face had to be all different shades of red with embarrassment. Not knowing what to do, I turned back to the movie and tried to ignore the activities in the back.

That was easier said than done. After a few moments, the moaning and slurping was replaced by the rustling of clothing; they were obviously getting undressed. I wanted to peek again, but resisted the urge till I began hearing the sounds of skin slapping together. Finally curiosity got the better of me and I again turned to peek in the back seat. There they were, Lori was had her back to be, but I could make out that she was sitting on Thomas’ lap and that at least she was naked. I am not sure how long I peeked into the back seat; however, I know I again blushed and began noticing a warm sensation in my pussy. I again turned back to watch the movie and when I did, I caught Clarence staring at me; he had seen me peeking into the back seat. When our eyes met, he smiled as I turned away, embarrassed about being caught peeking.

I was conflicted at this point. I was embarrassed about the events taking place and that I had been caught peeking, yet, I was also aware that I was becoming aroused; my pussy was getting wet and tingly and I could feel my nipples getting hard. When it became apparent that things were really heating up in the back seat; the smell of sex; the rhythmic slapping of skin; and the bouncing of the car; Clarence and I left to go to the snack bar.

As we walked and talked, Clarence was like, it sounded like they were really having fun. I blushed and giggled before agreeing with him. Then he was like, “I wouldn’t mind having some of that kind of fun as well”, which left me speechless. When I didn’t say anything, Clarence continued with: “we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to”. I smiled at him and said thanks.

We returned to the car and found that Lori and Thomas had finished and were redressing so that they could go get some refreshments and clean up some. The car was steamy and had the smell of sex emanating throughout. I again became aroused.

Now, it wasn’t my intention of doing anything, but I felt and more comfortable being around Clarence. After getting into the car, I moved over to sit beside Clarence; not up tight like I would with a bf, but, close enough he could put his arm around me. We were watching the movie when Lori and Thomas returned. They got into the car and wasted no time undressing and resuming their play. Hearing them again fucking in the back seat had me all excited and seriously thinking about sex when Clarence finally made a move, taking his hand and placing it on my thigh, letting it sit while I guess gauging my reaction. When I didn’t do anything, Clarence began rubbing my thigh a bit before sliding his hand up my side. When he cupped my breast in his hand, I turned to face him. He froze and we stared at each other a moment before he leaned in and kissed me. That was the last straw; my friend was in the back seat getting fucked; I was excited by hearing and seeing them fuck; and my date was obviously interested in me. Clarence and I started making out and soon after was fully engaged in some serious heavy petting.

It wasn’t long till I found myself lying on the seat with Clarence; our shorts around our ankles; him fingering my pussy and I stroking his cock; my shirt and bra pushed up allowing Clarence access to my breasts with his mouth and tongue. I was so hot, yet I was hesitant to fuck. Clarence had tried a couple of times to fuck me, pushing his cock into my bush, trying to enter me and both times I had resisted. Finally, I could stand it no more. I wanted to fuck. I freed one ankle from my shorts and opened my legs a bit while pulling his cock toward my pussy. When his cock touched my fur, he looked at me and asked if I was serious. I just smiled, kissed him and asked him to fuck me. Clarence rolled on top of me as I spread my legs. Using our hands, we both guided his cock to my pussy. Once there, he pushed gently as I felt my lips spread around the head of his cock. He paused and again asked if I was sure. I responded by pulling him down to kiss me after which he began pushing his cock into me. Now, I am not going to tell you that he had some huge cock; I never measured nor did he tell me how big he was. What I can tell you is that he was the biggest guy I had fucked to that point in my life. It wasn’t so much length that I noticed, it was his girth. I could feel my pussy stretching as he pushed in.

Thankfully, Clarence didn’t just ram his cock in as that would probably have hurt. It was just one long steady push before our pubic hairs mingled and I could feel his balls resting against my ass. Once he was all in, Clarence half jokingly asked “if I were a virgin?” I just smiled and said, no, why? Clarence looked at me, smiled and said “my pussy was tight, like a virgin”. We both laughed then got down to the business at hand; fucking.

We kissed, as slowly, Clarence began pulling his cock out till just the head remained lodged in my pussy before pushing back in, slow and steady; pausing to grind his hips into mine when he reached bottom before pulling back to do it again, and again; before picking up the pace. I soon found myself matching his thrusts, pushing my pussy up to meet his cock then grinding together before doing it again and again. It didn’t take long before I felt the tingling building in my pussy, indicating I was about to cum. It should be noted that to this point in my life, I had not yet cum during sex. I had gotten off by oral and masturbating; never by fucking, until now. I finally came as our hips met, his cock all in my pussy, grinding away. I moaned as my pussy convulsed around his cock, squeezing, holding him deep in my pussy. Once my pussy relaxed, we resumed our fuck for a couple more strokes before I began to feel his cock swelling; then him pulling out as his cock shot his load all over me; from the fringes of my bush all the way to my chest. Once we recovered, we cleaned up and got dressed as Lori and I needed to get home.

The next day, Lori and I talked and I gave her hell initially for setting me up like that. However, my anger was short lived. We talked about our respective experience and decided we would go for it again if the opportunity presented itself; which it did the next week when Thomas called Lori asking for another date. We again met them at the mall before loading into their car and driving to the drive in theater. This time, Clarence and I were in the back seat.

Once we parked, Clarence and I wasted no time getting down to business just as Lori and Thomas were doing in front. Clarence and I undressed and were making out whilst fingering and stroking each other. Then Clarence asked if he could lick my pussy. I responded by lying back and spreading my legs. This was not my first time being licked, but, Clarence was by far the best when it came to licking pussy. It didn’t take him long before he had me cumming. Once I had finished, Clarence kissed and licked his way up till we were kissing; his cock pressing against my pussy lips before I pushed my hips up, pulling his cock into my pussy indicating my desire to fuck.

Without saying a word, Clarence kissed me as he pushed and buried his cock in my pussy. We ground together for a bit before we found a good rhythm fucking. We fucked like that for a bit before I felt his cock beginning to swell, indicating he was about to cum; then he pulled out and paused, just the tip of his cock resting on my pussy. After a brief pause, Clarence pushed in and we resumed our fucking before another pause. I soon realized what he was doing; trying not to cum. Never experienced that before; till Clarence, the guys I had fucked were all like get it in, fuck, and then shoot their load either in or on me. Clarence was able to keep this up for quite a while and as I grew accustomed to the rhythm, I soon began feeling myself approaching orgasm then stopping just short when Clarence would pause. Finally, Clarence pushed in and we resumed fucking. This time, it didn’t take long for me to begin ascending the plateau; ready to cum. Clarence was also about there as I could feel his cock beginning to swell. This time though, Clarence was unable to execute his pull out and pause as my pussy began convulsing as I came, holding his cock deep in my pussy as I came. Then he shot his load, deep in my pussy, the force of which caused me to cum again. After we had both cum, Clarence’s cock slipped from my pussy; I could feel his cum run out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass before using a towel to clean up. We laid there recovering before we were both ready for another fuck before we had to leave.

Before Thomas and Clarence dropped us off, they asked if we wanted to go out again the next night, Saturday. Saturday was going to be Clarence’s last night of his visit. Lori and I agreed as long as our parents would let us go out again, which they did. Same as before, we met them at the mall the next day. This time, when we went to leave, they had a van. Thomas was able to talk is brother into letting him use the van for this date. First thing I noticed once in the van was, that other than a mattress that was in the back, there was no other place to play since the other seats were what they called captain’s seats. Before we pulled out, the guys asked Lori and I if we would be alright with finding some place to park instead of going to a movie, to which, we agreed.

As we were driving along, we were all chatting when Thomas announced that he and Clarence had a question. “Would Lori and I be interested in taking turns watching the other couple as they played on the mattress since there wasn’t much room on the mattress?” Lori and I looked at each other and giggled. Now, at that point, Lori and I knew what had transpired on the other dates; we had talked about; compared some notes; usual girl talk. And we had both kind of, indirectly seen each other as they fucked. Now, there is a distinct difference between a glance and a peek and watching the whole show. We whispered back and forth before agreeing to the plan.

Once we arrived at our parking area, the guys were ready for action while Lori and I; ready and wanting to; became somewhat hesitant. To their credit, the guys, anxious as they were to get started, did not push when Lori and I became hesitant. Instead, we sat, chatted some, before we said ok. Then the question became, who goes first? After some debate, Lori and Thomas agreed to go first so onto the mattress they went. At first, Clarence and I sat in our separate chairs as we watched Lori and Thomas first undress, then lay down as they began stroking, kissing, and fingering each other.

At first, it was weird, uneasy for me, sitting there seeing my friend, naked, with a guy, also naked, lying with her. Not that I hadn’t ever seen her naked before; but, this was different. As I watched them however, the weirdness faded away and I began to notice exoticness’ of what was happening before my eyes. The first thing I noticed was how tiny she looked lying next to him. Not that Thomas was a big guy; quite the contrary, he was about 6’2 or so and weighed probably no more than 150 pounds. Then I saw his hand rubbing up and down her side, from her hip to just under her breast. Then his hand gently cupped her firm 34b’s; the contrast in skin color between his hand and her breast was erotic. As Lori and Thomas continued getting ready to fuck, I found myself getting excited. I glanced at Clarence and could see he was in the same situation. Without saying anything, Clarence and I both undressed before I sat on his lap as we watched Lori and Thomas.

As we watched, Lori and Thomas’ actions began to quicken indicating that they were getting near time to fuck. Then a bit of a surprise as Lori sat up as Thomas rolled onto his back; then Lori turned around; and while straddling Thomas, pushed her pussy back into Thomas’ face while she proceeded to suck his cock. My first time actually seeing a 69. It was so hot watching Lori work on his cock. Try as she did, she was unable to take more than half into her mouth. Things were heating up for Clarence and I as well. As I sat there watching them, I felt a hand sliding up through and parting my thighs as his fingers searched out my pussy. Instinctively, I reached down and found his cock. Together, Clarence and I began fingering and stroking each other while the scene unfolded before us.

The 69 action did not last too long; they were ready to fuck. Lori quickly stood and turned around before kneeling back down, sitting on Thomas’s stomach. Lori leaned in kissing Thomas while raising her hips and pushing her pussy back towards Thomas’ as he held it up, angled toward the approaching pussy. From a cock perspective, Thomas and Clarence were a lot alike. Neither were huge like you see in porn. Where Clarence’s cock had more girth, it appeared that Thomas’ was a tad bit longer and maybe not as thick.

Lori pushed back and Thomas maneuvered his cock until contact was made. A little adjusting and Lori was pushing back. I came, as slowly, my friend’s pussy swallowed Thomas’ cock. A slow grind at first then they began to fuck with Lori controlling the action; while Thomas used his hands to knead and squeeze her breasts. They fucked like this for a bit before Thomas began thrusting his hips up, driving his cock into Lori’s pussy as she slammed down. All you could hear was the slapping of skin and wet slurping sounds of her pussy as they fucked. By now, Clarence and I were just intent on watching them fuck. Then Thomas sat up then maneuvered around till he was on his knees, Lori wrapping her legs around his ass; turning slightly, Thomas pushed Lori onto her back; spreading her legs as they began to fuck. The view for Clarence and I now changed. They had moved from being in somewhat profile view to one where Clarence and I could now see up between their legs; the perfect view of Thomas’s cock; all shiny and wet with Lori’s juices; being swallowed up by Lori’s wet pussy as they fucked. Lori announced she was cumming with a loud moan and scream all the while, Thomas kept on fucking her. I came as well without touching myself or being touched. Once Lori had cum, it wasn’t long before the show came to an end as Thomas’ fucking became jerky and hectic; I had a good view of his cock and balls twitching as he slammed in, depositing his cum into her pussy sending Lori over the top again as well.

Thomas collapsed onto Lori and they laid there in a warm embrace, kissing and catching their breath, cock still in pussy. Finally, they disengaged and I got my first look at a freshly fucked pussy; red, swollen, oozing cum. They cleaned up and moved from the mattress before announcing, “your turn”.

Clarence and I paused for a moment before making our way to the mattress. I crawled onto the mattress with the intent of lying back and spreading my legs for Clarence. Clarence had other ideas. While I was on my hands and knees, Clarence grabbed my hips and pulled me back toward him. Then I felt him rubbing his cock up and down my pussy before nestling the head between my pussy lips. Then, with one push, my pussy was filled with his cock. I had never done Rockygie style before. Without hesitation, Clarence began fucking me in earnest; hard and fast; and I was fucking back into him as well resulting in a loud slap every time our hips met. We were fucking so hard, his balls were actually slapping my clit, sending tingles throughout my pussy before I finally came. As I came, I could feel Clarence’s cock swell, then erupt into my pussy. While it was a good fuck, for an instant, I was a little disappointed that we were about done. Boy, how wrong I was. Even as he was cumming, Clarence kept right on fucking me while reaching under and grabbing a handful of my breasts, kneading, squeezing and pinching. I could feel another orgasm beginning to build, then to my dismay, Clarence pulled out. Clarence proceeded to roll me over, spread my legs, and taking the hint, I grabbed his cock and guided it back to my pussy. A shove and push later, we were back to fucking; Clarence driving his cock deep and me thrusting my hips up to meet his thrusts. Soon, we were both moaning and squirming as first Clarence came, filling my pussy; then me cumming, milking any remaining cum from his cock.

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