Younger brother spies on slutty older sister

“Daddy,” she purred sweetly as she knelt between his
wide-spread legs and sucked in his other testicle and
then licked his swollen scrotum with her talented
tongue, her left hand filled with his quivering cock,
thumb on its head, rubbing his juices, right hand
stroking his hairy thigh after probing his anus,
nipples still hard and raking back and forth across
his knees.

She slurped loudly, gasping for breath, determined to
get what she wanted, having brought him off and
swallowed his spurts of thick semen, she was now ready
to fuck him, although she hated to do it. She loved to
fuck, but her father’s prick was awfully thick.

“Yes darling,” he said between clenched teeth, both
hands buried in her golden curls. As she almost always
did on Wednesday evenings when her mother went to her
club meeting, she had already sucked him right to the
edge twice before he whimpered and climaxed. His
testicles felt ready to explode again.

He knew her tight, young pussy would be next, that it
was waiting for him, slick and pulsing. As usual, he
had to have it; his brain had turned to mush and his
gonads were in charge. He was going to hump his own
kid, screw her until she screamed. He had to have her,
fuck her, rape her, hurt her.

She spit out his throbbing ball, licked the underside
of his big prick several times and then kissed her way
up to his hairy body with his raging cock in her hand,
tickling just under its split head until she had to
let go, her other hand on his shoulder, pressing her
breasts to his belly, rocking from side to side and
mashing his ram between them.

“I saw the raddest car today, Daddy. It’s so cute, so

His cock was pressing her soft belly, jumping like a
wild animal. She wanted his big rod inside her before
he ejaculated, needed his penetration in fact, her G-
spot throbbing, quivering, just the way she had

“What color is it, little one?” he asked as she leaned
back and he tweaked out a hard nipple and gave it a
gentle twist, watching the pain show on her pretty
face, her eyes closed, lips parted. He stretched it
out and released it. She shivered. He reached for the
other young breast, grasped it and crushed it firmly.
He felt his cock leaking pre-ejaculate. Her breast
filled his big, callused hand. He mauled the other tit
and grinned at her, enjoying her pain.

She whimpered wonderfully, dramatically. “They call it
platinum I think. It’s like dark silver. That’s hurts,

“What kind of car is it?” he asked as he gripped her
butt both hands and pulled her up so he could get a
young tit in my mouth. He was determined to fuck her
today. He felt her pussy dripping on his leg as he
clamped his teeth to her young breast. She often
managed to squirm away, but not today; her ass was all
his. He was iron hard and furnace hot. He kneaded her
buttocks and mashed her body to his.

“It’s called a Z car, Daddy, and I think its
Japanese.” She sniffed and wiggled, her cropped t-
shirt up around her throat. “Don’t bite so hard,
please. I know you don’t like that, but they don’t
make that Solstice any more, the one you promised me
when I got to be sixteen.” She felt his teeth raking
her excited breast and his huge cock rubbing the
inside of her smooth thighs and poking at her lower

“Yeah,” he said, pulling his face away and stretching
out her other pink nipple, “Pontiac died a horrible
death. Damn shame.” He bent his head and captured her
jutting tit, sucked it in and licked it hard. She
squealed and he held her tighter, fingers in her butt
crack, determined to hump her, feeling his big cock
tremble as his balls begin to refill. He did not
always manage to ejaculate twice, but he usually could
get hard again after she sucked him. He felt like a
teen-ager, a very randy teen-ager.

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