Young Wife’s First Glory Hole

My wife Alissa is gorgeous. At 24 years old, she is the spitting image of celebrity Julianne Hough. She’s 5’4″, 108 lbs, and has an incredible ass and legs along with some healthy B cup breasts. She has always been very conservative when it comes to her body and wearing revealing clothes in public, but every so often I can get her to wear something that truly shows off her spectacular assets. She’s the complete opposite when it comes to sex behind closed doors, though, and loves to let herself go and get kinky in ways that I’d have never expected.

On my birthday this year one of the gifts my wife gave me was a “coupon” for sex, anyplace, anywhere, any time I wanted. I knew immediately how I wanted to use it, but played it cool, knowing that she’d immediately back out if I told her beforehand.

A few months later, I told her I thought we should go out downtown and go dancing. She loves dancing and takes the opportunity to show off her nicely toned, tanned legs. She wore an extremely short skirt, tight top that showed ample cleavage, and some very sexy strappy high heels. We went out to a nice dinner beforehand and I made sure to order her several drinks in order to loosen up for what I really had in mind.

We drove a ways downtown and I said, “Babe, you’re looking so damn good and I really need to cash in that coupon you gave me for my birthday.”

“Haha,” said Alissa. “Ok, but where? There’s nothing down here but seedy strip joints and adult bookstores!”

“Hmm, well, you did say anywhere, anytime! Let’s just pull in this place here.” I pulled into a dark parking lot at an adult theater we were just coming up to. I’d seen this place before and had scoped it out weeks before to get a better understanding of the layout. There was a porn shop up front, a few models that gave peepshows, a small-ish theater that played porn for an audience, and a few booths that played porn. I figured I’d test her out and see what she thought about at least one of the areas.

She nervously laughed but I handed her the coupon. “Ok,” said Alissa. “A deals a deal. But we can still go dancing later, right?”

“Yeah of course!”

“Ok, let’s do this. It is for your birthday, after all.”

We walked inside. The place had a few single older men in their 60’s and 70’s, some overweight, nerdy type dudes browsing videos, and a few middle aged couples looking at lingerie and dildos. There was no one that looked like my sexy little wife. Everyone’s eyes went to her, especially with the slutty little outfit she was wearing. She immediately seemed uncomfortable but was at least happy that she didn’t recognize anyone. We went toward the back where the theater and private booths were. Some of the guys greedily watched her walk by, eying her ass and legs. I asked her where she thought we should go.

“Um, what’s the theater?”

“It looks like it’s an open theater for porn. There are also some smaller booths that play porn. Let’s just check out one of them. You pick.”

“Let’s be more private. Let’s try one of the booths… at least for now, ok?”

It was couples night, so we were allowed in for free. We took a stall toward the end that I’d checked out before. There was a hole on either side so it would be easy for another guy or two to watch us.

We picked out a porno and started making out. I played with her pussy a bit and then slid her out of her lacy panties. She pulled out my cock out and started stroking it and I started sucking her tits. It was then that I noticed on her side of the wall an eye looking through the wall from maybe a small shoebox sized hole. The guy on the other side had just silently slid a board or door that was previously blocking it. I didn’t say anything to her but I thought I’d give the stranger a show of my sexy wife and I getting into it. I slid her tight little skirt up higher, exposing a bit more of her tight round ass. I wanted to give the guy an even better view than this, though.

By :misterrose

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