Young wife is used by lots of men at camera club

I had been going to the Camera Club for a few months
but hadn’t really made any friends there as they all
seemed cliquey. One week they had an open night when
you where allowed to bring your wife or a friend. My
wife Joyce who is 22 and quite attractive said she
wasn’t very interested but would come along as there
wasn’t much on TV that night.

Only 2 other wives had come and they where over 60
years old. We had a talk by some expert called Joe from
another club and then he set up some stuffed birds for
us to photograph. He asked Joyce if she would assist
him by holding a bird so that it looked as though it
was perched on her hand. We had all formed into little
groups and were busy setting up our own projects.

From time to time I looked up and saw that Joe was
frequently getting behind Joyce, by the way positioning
her hands holding the bird but I could tell that he was
grinding himself into her arse and Joyce didn’t seem to
be objecting.

Later I heard him explaining to our Chairman Fred, that
he wanted to simulate a shot of an owl at night and was
there a small room that he could make dark for the
effects. Fred led him and Joyce off into a room at the
side of the hall. After about 20 minutes they all
returned. Joyce was looking a little flushed.

Pretty soon another group wanted to try this ‘Night
time simulation’ and 3 members went into the room, with
of course Joyce to assist. After about half an hour, I
noticed that there where fewer and fewer men in the
hall, they all seemed to be going to the side room.

I walked over and found a group at the doorway, the
room was too small for them all to get in. I pushed my
way in and found Joyce completely naked on a table. Her
legs were up over some guys shoulders and he was
fucking her amidst flashes from cameras.

When he finished another guy took his place, the noise
of his cock going into Joyce’s, by now sloppy cunt;
sounded extra loud in that quiet little room where the
only sounds where of cameras clicking and Joyce

When everyone had fucked her, we were left alone. I
don’t know what came over me as I knelt before my wife
and sucked on her well fucked cunt, draining every last
drop of spunk from her.

Later when we were home in bed, she told me what had

‘I was helping Joe with the birds and he kept rubbing
up against me and touching me, accidentally on purpose,
I was getting aroused by it. Especially as I could see
that other man, Fred, watching us. It just seemed to
make it more exciting that he knew what was happening.
When Joe called him over to ask about the small dark
room, he just blatantly fondled my breasts. I was so
amazed that he would do such a thing with you just feet
away from us. Admittedly he had his back to you and his
body was blocking you from seeing me.

As I said, I was already turned on. My face must have
been glowing because I felt it burning with excitement
and embarrassment. The cheeky bastard just pulled up my
top (she doesn’t wear a bra) and started squeezing my
breasts and pinching my nipples. Joe kept talking as
though nothing unusual was happening. They led me to
the room but shielded me so that you didn’t notice my
bare breasts on show. Lots of the other men noticed, as
did the 2 other women. They got up and left.

As we entered the room, the 2 men stripped me and I
just stood there and let them. They lay me on the table
and started to play with my breasts and pussy. I was
really enjoying it. It felt so degrading and
disgusting. I just couldn’t figure out why this should
turn me on, but it did. I climaxed only seconds after
Fred inserted his fingers in my pussy. Joe was sucking
on my breasts then put his cock to my lips. I tried to
pull my head away but he grabbed my nipples and pinched
really hard. White hot pain shot through them and
through my breasts and caused me to have another
orgasm. Then when he put his cock to my lips again, I
readily opened my mouth wide and sucked his big cock in
as far as I could.

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