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The next morning, I awoke before Roni. I remembered the flash drive I had in the bag, took it out and put it inside of the desk drawer. Then, I opened my laptop and attached the picture I’d selected the night before. I started to send it in an email to my phone. But then I just couldn’t help myself…. I also selected the picture of her on the bed, on her knees, taken from the front. Her shoulders were pulled back making her tits poke out. And the front view of her pussy was delicious. I just thought the picture was extremely sexy. I attached it to the email and sent them both to my phone.

It was still early, so I made a pot of coffee and read the news on my computer. When I heard Roni get up, I went into the kitchen and poured her a cup, as well, as she entered.

“Good Morning, Beautiful!” I said.

“Good morning,” she replied and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

We returned to the table and started discussing the plans for the day. It was decided I’d go to the store and pick up the steaks while Roni would start some potatoes baking, take a shower and get ready.

“I’m going to call Josh and ask him to go with me to help pick out what else we may want to snack on during the day,” I told her.

“So, Josh is going with you?”

I noticed she had a smile on her face.

“Yeah, I can use some help picking out the steaks and I’m hoping he’ll help pay for them, as well.”

“Do you have anything else in mind?” she asked.

“Like what?”

“Are you going to show him the picture?”

“I was hoping to. Are you okay with that?”

“If you want to…I think it would be kind of thrilling if he knows what I look like underneath my new bikini.”

“Awesome! I definitely will.”

“Are you going to show him the picture of me completely naked?”



“I was planning on it.”

“Damn…why does that turn me on so much?”

“I don’t know, but…. I can’t wait to show them! ”

I took my phone out and showed her the picture that she agreed to let me share with them.

Roni inhaled slightly” I don’t know Steve are you sure you want to show them this?”

“Baby it really thrills me to think about showing them”.

“It just shows…so….much!”

” Baby you are gorgeous from head to toe…I Love showing you off”.

“Do you think he’ll like it?” she asked.

“Baby, I’m sure he’ll love it!”

“Are you going to show Mike, also?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

“It’s okay if he wants to see it, too.”

“Cool! I’ll show it to Josh and Mike!”

“Okay, but I want to know everything they say about me and don’t let them know I told you that you could share those pictures with them.”

“You’ve got it, Babe!”

Roni reached over and rubbed my hand.

“I’m really excited about you showing them my pictures! Does that make me weird?”

“Absolutely not….I think it’ll be exciting for both of us.”

“Well, call Josh. I’m going to start getting ready.”


I called Josh and told him I was going to the store and asked him to join me.

“Sure. Pick me up in fifteen minutes.”

Josh was waiting outside when I arrived at his apartment. He got into my car and we left for the store. After we’d parked, I took my phone out.

“I want to show you something.”

I handed him my phone and he stared at the picture of Roni’s naked ass and pussy.

“What’s your honest opinion?”

“Fine as fuck! That’s my opinion!”

I took the phone from him, scrolled to the full-frontal picture of her and handed the phone back.

“Now, which side looks better?”

He stared at the picture for a minute.

“Damn, dude! You’re killing me! She looks great here but that picture of her ass is amazing!”

“So, you’re saying she looks better from the back?”

By : WallyTacker

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