Young widow is introduced to kink by her sister-in-law

Being a widow at 26 sucks. My husband, Josh, just had three more months until he would be out of the army and coming home. We were going to wait until then to start our family.

With the help of some inheritance, we’d just purchased a beautiful property in southern Alabama. It had almost a hundred acres out in the tall pines, a large pond, a beautiful new house, and best of all, no neighbors.

The funeral was in Dallas, his hometown. I stayed with his parents while there. When it was time, his younger sister accompanied me back to Alabama. I could tell she didn’t want to, but her parents insisted that she stay with me and help me deal with things. It was summer and she was out of school. She was attending The University of Texas in Austin, and was in her second year.

I didn’t really know Glenda all that well, but from the topics she chose to talk about on the long drive, I got the impression she was quite a firecracker. Sex was almost all she talked about, and she’d been fairly explicit when describing some of the parties she’d been to.

I wasn’t accustomed to talking about sex. Josh and I had been together since Jr. High, and I hadn’t even dated anyone else. Needless to say, I had no such college experiences to share. “You mean Josh is the only man you’ve ever fucked?” She asked me at one point. And when I nodded, she gasped and threw her hand to her chest. “Oh my gawd! I can’t imagine.”

It was two a.m. when we arrived, so we decided to have one drink and then go to bed. She was only twenty, but I’d seen her drink in front of her parents several times, so I didn’t think twice about her having one.

I slept in the following morning until about nine. Normally I would have been up for a couple of hours by then. Our—my, the thought of the master bedroom being just mine now instead of “ours” saddened me. It was on the ground floor, and the two guest rooms were upstairs, along with a very large room which we one day wanted to turn into a game room with a pool table and the like. Josh loved playing pool.

After taking a quick shower and brushing my teeth, I came out of my bedroom and was stopped dead in my tracks. The living room, dining room and kitchen were all in one large room, with only the L-shaped counter separating the kitchen area. Glenda was in the kitchen fixing herself a bowl of cereal. She was totally naked.

I guess I shouldn’t have been so shocked. Josh and I had gone naked around the house on several occasions. The great room had large windows along the front and rear walls and we kept the blinds up to enjoy the view of the woods in front and the pond in back at the bottom of the hill. We didn’t have any neighbors, and we kept the front gate locked. You couldn’t see the house or pond from the road because of how the quarter mile driveway curved through the thick woods. I would even lie out in the sun nude sometimes on the hot tub deck off the back porch.

I guess I was shocked simply because I never would have dreamed of walking around naked in someone else’s home. Glenda looked up and saw me, she held up her bowl and said, “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all.” I said as she sat at the dining room table. I felt my face grow warm with a blush as I made my way to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. I knew I had been staring at her too long.

I was jealous of her body. She was very athletic, her body toned and shapely. Her short auburn hair was straight and contrasted beautifully with her tanned skin and bright blue eyes. Her breasts were magnificent. I marveled at how they defied gravity being so large and heavy looking. I guessed them to be at least a D cup if not larger. She didn’t have tan lines.

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