Young spoiled wife humiliates daughter-in-law

Kendall stood up before the assembled ladies of her exclusive women’s luncheon club and pointed her finger at her daughter-in-law Elizabeth to join her on the stage. Kendall was enjoying herself immensely and looked forward to this little presentation. Meanwhile her daughter-in-law, at 25 only a few years younger than her dominating mother-in-law, was filled with trepidation at what Kendall had in mind now.

She realized now, too late of course, now that she was married to Donald, Kendall’s submissive son, so that she was totally in the power of her mother-in-law. Kendall was a rich, spoiled wife of a Texas millionaire and with her flaming red hair, dressed the part, with her bright golden blouse, darker flowered ascot, and shiny leather skirt, including her white boots. Her outfit was fetching, with a short skirt that emphasized her lovely legs right down to the boots encasing her feet. Blonde Elizabeth had been a success in her work with one of the state’s major banks and wore an attractive navy suit but here she was on her mother-in-law’s turf.

“Now ladies,” Kendall began, “my dear daughter-in-law Elizabeth showed herself to be a bit careless in her personal habits when she moved into our house with her husband. I noticed that she would leave her soiled lingerie around and when I looked carefully, I saw that some of her panties were…very soiled.” Kendall grinned.

“So as a good mother-in-law,” Kendall persisted, “I decided that even at 25, some girls still need good, old-fashioned toilet training.” Elizabeth blushed deeply as she heard those words but she also felt her panties getting wet with uncontrollable excitement at the humiliation she was about to undergo. “Today’s program,” Kendall then announced, “is How to Toilet Train Your 25-Year-Old.”

Kendall reached into her large but stylish handbag and extracted a pair of small pink ladies’ panties. She held them up with the crotch exposed to show some large brown stains as well as yellow wetness throughout the crotch area. “These are Beth’s panties from last week,” she said, as she heard the ladies murmur in a bit of shocked reaction.

“Now, Beth,” she said as she turned to Elizabeth, “stand up, lift your skirt, lower your panties, and then bend over and hold your bottom cheeks well apart.” There were gasps from the ladies at this horridly embarrassing order but also a few whoops and cheers from the younger women who were as rich and spoiled as Kendall.

The dominated Beth complied, not as quickly as her mother-in-law would have liked, but that, the latter concluded, could be dealt with soon. Kendall poked at the lowered panties and showed the assemblage that these too were stained in the crotch. “She stained these too, my dears,” Kendall declared, “and it looks like this is all getting her somewhat wet and bothered.”

She then turned to the bent-over Beth and placed her finger between the exposed bottom cheeks. Kendall ran her finger through the crack and probed a bit into Beth’s delicate anal rosette. Then she held up her brown-smudged finger to the group and said, “What shall we do with a girl who leaves pieces of …waste in her asshole?”

“I usually feel there are two choices for me in deciding how to discipline Beth,” Kendall continued. “Of course she will be spanked and perhaps caned as well. Then I will let you all decide whether she should be made to wear girls’ panties or put directly into large diapers that will fit her expansive bottom.”

Before ordering the shamed young executive to get across her knee, Kendall withdrew a small leather strap from her stylish handbag. “This comes in quite handy when you need to punish big girls who misbehave,” she commented to the attentive audience. Then she turned to her daughter-in-law, bent over, panties humiliating below her knees, skirt over her waist and holding her cheeks widely apart so that all her most private places were totally on view.

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