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ME: 52 years old Auburn Hair 38EE-32-42 Widow

Young Miss: Blonde

(I am housekeeper for a quite wealthy (and young!) “dot com” entrepreneur whom I’ll call YOUNG MISS…I’m unsure of YM’s orientation, though I’ve never seen her with a Man, nor has she ever brought one home. What I DO know is that Young Miss is relentless in her desire to render my bowels into chop suey at every opportunity, and as I’m required to live on premises, those opportunities are MANY…)

I find myself again, as I have for the past fortnight, crouched on hands and knees, my big breasts jouncing and juddering freely beneath me, as Young Miss ravishes me anally with one of her many (one dozen plus!) faux rubber phalluses. The one she wears this evening is about 12″ long and VERY girthy, and she, as a lusty 21 year old, has unbelievable stamina: most of our encounters last at least an hour; on a few occasions one hour forty five. Young Miss’ most recent thrust is an especially DEEP one: I’m barely able to stifle a groan…I’ve learned over these past two weeks that the more I whimper or moan, the more such noises excite Young Miss, spurring her to even more energetic ‘rooting about’ in my beleaguered bottom. I’ve become quite accustomed to the big “cocks” Young Miss favors; she has a half-dozen more much longer and thicker than the current one; she’s SO THOUGTHFUL to deploy a smaller size (ha!) this evening, as last night and this morning, a hearty FIFTEEN INCHER I’d endured for a pair of two hour sessions.

Thus, the only sounds in the room, at least for now, are the steady (and RAPID!) slap, slap, slap of Young Miss’ strong, muscular thighs against my big, soft, pillowy behind. Young Miss enjoys watching my facial expressions as she buggers me (there is a floor to ceiling mirror positioned at the foot of my king-sized bed, specifically for this purpose.) That current reflection is of a large-busted, big-rumped, 52 year old widow, dressed in “slutty” lingerie (merry widow, stockings, and heels): a few strands of the auburn tresses piled in a loose bun atop my head have escaped and cover my eyes, and I’m still able catch a glimpse of a sweaty, red-faced, wild-eyed strumpet in the course of being buggered STUPID by a stunningly beautiful, slim-bodied, devilishly grinning blonde Goddess naked save for thigh high boots (BLACK LEATHER, of course), a leather halter cradling her smallish bosoms, and that ever-rampant BBSC (big black strap on) of hers…

Her hands clamp firmly upon my shoulders, her hips ceaselessly looping, GORING me as a bull would a hapless bullfighter. My lust sizzles deep within me, much like the lava within a volcano does. Then suddenly, her deep, skewering thrusts come to a halt, and I whine in protest as she carefully withdraws, which I very much appreciate (other “bottoms” can attest that a quick, abrupt withdrawal is quite painful oftentimes, due to the flange beneath the bell-end of the cock or cock substitute catching upon one’s inner sphincter on its outward path). As is her wont, I find myself face to face with her thick, glistening truncheon, and I know what she wants: I part my red lips and accept her into my mouth. I fellate her joyfully, allowing her to use my mouth as she has my rectum; the pace is a bit different, as we have been at it for wee over an hour and a half and she is understandably beginning to tire.

One of the things I appreciate most about Young Miss is the care she takes not to cause me needless discomfort or injury, unlike some other Mistresses I’ve had. I am well aware that this largess is partly genuine concern on her part, partly ‘don’t wear out the merchandise’, if you will…

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