Young man takes older woman out to eat

Jill Jensen had a nice home at the end of the circle on Maple Street. She lived alone, next door to her best friend, Connie Evans, and her son, Tommy. Standing 5’9″, Jill had sandy brown hair and a body that had all the right curves in all the right places. She was proud of the shape she was in and worked out regularly to stay that way. She and Connie were good friends, frequently getting together for shopping, dinners, and movies. At 33 years of age, Jill was 5 years junior to Connie.

She’d married at the age of twenty-two, but the marriage hadn’t worked out and they’d divorced after three years. Since then she’d concentrated on her job at the advertising agency, rising to the level of senior account executive. She made good money and lived comfortably. She dated occasionally, but there was never anyone special, no one she would change her life for.

At one of her frequent outings with Connie, Jill mentioned that she was planning a backyard project. She’d gotten proposals and quotes from various professional landscapers, but the quotes were ridiculously high. Connie mentioned that Tommy might be willing to do the job for her and would certainly charge less then those other crooks.

Later that evening Connie discussed the idea with Tommy. He agreed, saying he could start the following Saturday.

* * *

It had taken nearly the entire day for Tommy to clean up the back corner of Miss Jensen’s yard, pick up the rocks and shrubs from the garden center, and plant the shrubs. Tomorrow he’d return and arrange the rocks, plant some flowers and clean things up. It looked good and Tommy was definitely pleased.

At eighteen years of age, Tommy stood 6’2” tall and weighed in at a solid 190 pounds. He had curly brown hair and was the reason his mom had married at such a young age.

After his parents divorced, Connie went back to her maiden name while Tommy kept his father’s name, Henderson. After the divorce, his father left town and hadn’t returned. Tommy would get the occasional birthday or Christmas card from him, always from somewhere different, but those only seemed to increase the bad feelings Tommy harbored.

As he was finishing up for the day, Jill popped her head out the back door. “Could I interest you in a Coke or a sandwich, Tommy?”

“I’ll love a Coke, Miss Jensen, but I’ll pass on the sandwich.”

“Coming right up.” Jill nodded and disappeared back inside.

Tommy stared after her dreamily. She may be older, he thought, but you could never tell by looking at her. Hell, with the way she’d been prancing around all day in those blue jean cut-offs and that skimpy yellow top, it was a wonder she didn’t realize the affect she was having on him.

Truth was that Tommy didn’t realize the affect he was having on her.

Jill had known Tommy, through his mother, for almost 7 years. In that time, she’d never viewed him as anything other than Connie’s kid. He was certainly cute, not to mention well built, but he was just 18. He’d only graduated from high school last week.

But today things were somehow different. Today Jill saw a strong, well built young man, toiling in the sun, body glistening in sweat. Seeing him shirtless, muscles rippling, it was almost more than she could handle. But despite feeling odd about her feelings, she’d been unable to avoid finding excuses to watch him work.

She returned shortly with a glass of wine for herself and a Coke for Tommy and joined him at the table on the deck. “You got a lot done today, Tommy. It really looks great.”

“Thanks,” Tommy replied tentatively, finding it difficult to avoid staring at her scantily clad body. The fact was, he was so wound up that he couldn’t stop fidgeting in his seat in an attempt to conceal his growing hard on.

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