Young man show old houseguest some new equipment

Gloria was glad she finally convinced her husband, Gary, to visit their old friends, the Porters in Orlando.

Oh, Gary could be an old curmudgeon, sure enough. Everyone knew that. But even he admitted it would be nice to see the Porters again and Gloria was looking forward to seeing the Potters’ daughter and son-in-law at the same time. They lived in a nice old home (or so she heard) right on the beach and they would be hosting Gary and Gloria during their stay in Orlando.

One of the reasons Gloria was so eager to make the visit is that she and hubby Gary weren’t getting any younger. At 75, she was moving a lot more slowly these days and Gary had a stroke a few years back and wasn’t supposed to climb stairs or exert himself any more than necessary. This, of course, didn’t help his crabby disposition.

And Gloria had a nasty little secret that she was ashamed to admit even to herself. Unlike many of her friends who were getting older, Gloria found her “needs” (as she referred to the matter) increasing as she aged. Gary was unable to have sex any longer and he refused to try any of the new drugs (“It ain’t natural, goddammit!”) that would make it possible.

So Gloria would reach down into her bushy nether regions while watching television after Gary had gone to bed. Her screams while watching old reruns of Magnum P.I. were not because any violence on the program. It was old Gloria finding a little piece of heaven between her chunky thighs while watching a young and handsome Tom Selleck playing detective.

One time after watching the show, she climbed on top of Gary and rubbed herself against his flaccid member until he finally pushed her off (“What are you doing, woman?”) and Gloria could only whimper into her pillow, yank up her flannel nightie and strum herself to a quiet orgasm.


“Jesus, Gary is coming here? To stay in our home? What were you thinking?”

Robert was talking with his wife, Melissa, about the pending visit of Gloria and Gary. They were old friends of Melissa’s folks and while Robert liked Gloria well enough, Gary was a royal pain in the ass.

“He’s irritable, bossy, cheap and his breath stinks.”

“Well,” said Melissa shrugging, “they’re family – practically.”

“How am I supposed to get any work done while they’re here?” Robert asked. “I need to work in my office.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Melissa said. “They’ll be spending most of their time at mom and dad’s anyway and your office is upstairs. They’re sleeping downstairs. It’s just a few days, honey.”

Robert acquiesced, as he did with most things. He loved his wife even if she didn’t always provide as much action in the bedroom as he would have liked. She was an only child and her mother had given birth when she was almost 40. Her parents were aging and Robert spent more and more time at their house replacing light bulbs and making small fixes that her dad was too old to handle any longer.

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll live with it for three days.”


When Gary and Gloria arrived at Robert and Melissa’s home there were hugs and kisses all around although Gary looked as though someone had jabbed him with a hot poker when Melissa kissed him on the cheek.

Gloria was just the opposite. She gave a big hug and kiss to both Robert and Melissa and Robert got over his original peevishness at hosting these two old folks. Everyone settled in and Gloria caught up on the news of family and friends while Gary complained about the unavailability of his favorite courtroom show on television.

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