Young man entranced by BBC, is pushed to be a sissy

“Tyler! Snap out of it – you’re staring again, and he’s noticed!” Jack’s voice whispered hoarsely in Tyler’s ear as the hot water from the shower drummed across his back.

There were just the three of them left in the shower now. Basketball practise had been over for more than half an hour and the most of the players were showered and dressed and out the door, heading home for dinner. A few of the seniors were still dressing in the locker room, but only Tyler, Jack and Lebron were still wet under the showers. Tyler and Jack had been particularly poor in the previous game and Coach had asked Lebron to lead them through some extra shooting practise.

And yes, Tyler WAS staring. At Lebron. Or more specifically, at Lebron’s cock. At Lebron’s thick, black, and oh-so-very-long cock.

Lebron Washington and his brother Tyrese had moved to Springfield in the summer, about eight months ago. They were the first black teens that Tyler had much contact with and they seemed to be a couple of nice guys. Lebron was in the senior class with Tyler, Dexter, Jack and the rest of the gang (who had all turned 18 by this time). Tyrese was a year younger and in the junior class.

It had not taken long for Lebron and Tyrese to establish themselves as THE star players on the Springfield football and basketball teams. Tyler and Jack were both good players, but were nowhere near as good as the black brothers.

“Roberts! Hey Tyler. What are you looking at?” asked Lebron as he stepped toward Tyler. Tyler could not take his eyes off of Lebron’s cock; it must be eight inches, even soft under the running water, and it was so very dark. The cock was uncut and he could see it had a thick bulbous head, and underneath the cock were two massive balls that hung low.

This was not news to Tyler. He had been startled by the size of Lebron’s package when he first saw it in the showers back in September, and he saw it wet and glistening at least once a week thereafter. And every time, he could not take his eyes off of the black teen’s prick.

And seeing that impressive cock had led Tyler to look for more on the internet, in the quiet of his bedroom at night!

“Do you like what you see, Roberts? Pretty impressive, eh? Not like the teenie little dicks that you two white boys have, right?” Lebron looked down at Tyler and Jack’s pricks. Shrivelled up in the shower, Tyler’s measured only about two inches, if even that.

“I’m getting out of here!,” exclaimed Jack as he grabbed his towel and slipped and slid off to the lockers! “Want to see what a REAL cock looks like?” asked Lebron. Tyler could only stutter incoherently in reply. His internet browsing had brought him to pictures and videos of many black cocks. Night after night it seemed like he devoured the sight of thick ones, long ones… black cocks being handled by pretty girls, sucked by MILFS and squirting jism over female bellies and faces. But he had never seen one up close in person. Well, not closer than a few feet away in the shower.

Lebron squirted some liquid soap into his palm and then began to slide his hand along his cock. A few swipes of his hand around the glans of his dick and in short moments, Lebron was rock solid hard.

Tyler could not believe his eyes. Lebron’s cock was almost a foot in length – at least ten inches! And it was so damn thick! He was sure that if he tried, he could not get his fingers aroun…. God, what was he thinking?

Tyler backed away, until his back was against the wall; but Lebron advanced on him so that he was just inches from Tyler. It was as if Lebron had read Tyler’s mind!

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