Young man caught by twin stepsisters – Caught Panty Sniffing

I was eighteen when we moved, that is my father and me. My mother had left a year or so ago. I don’t know why they split, they never talked to me about it, but I think my mother had been seeing someone else. My Dad met Rosemary soon after. She was in a similar position to him, being divorced, she had been left to bring up her two daughters by herself.

I got on well with Rosemary. I hadn’t spent much time with her daughters, Amy and Emily, so I was uncertain how things were going to work out. They were older than me, being identical twins they were nineteen and obviously not used to having a boy around.

Dad and Rose had decided on a fresh start so had bought a house together. It had three bedrooms which meant Amy and Emily had to share which they were used to as they had always shared anyway. My bedroom was next to theirs at the back of the house with Dad and Rose up the hall at the front with the bathroom in between.

Being the summer break from high school and having none of my old friends around, I spent much of my time in my room to start with. The girls did much the same, they were both on their break from university and like me had moved away from their old friends. Dad and Rose both worked so we had the place to ourselves most days.

From my bedroom window I had a good view of the back garden. One afternoon I heard voices and looking out I saw Amy and Emily arranging a blanket on the lawn. Dressed in bikini’s they laid down to sunbath in the hot sunshine which gave me the chance to study their near naked forms.

I struggled to tell them apart, they really were identical. It didn’t help that they tended to dress the same. They were perhaps a little under average height, long dark hair, slim bodies and small breasts. I found the sight of their near naked bodies very arousing and couldn’t stop watching.

Every now and again they would change position. One laying on their front while the other laid on their back, which was like looking at the same girl both sides at once. Although they were chatting away I couldn’t hear what was being said. I kept out of sight studying every inch of their bodies.

Breaking my vigil I went for a pee which took me a while as I had to let my semi erect penis soften. As I waited I spotted some panties hanging from the laundry basket where they had been thrown but hadn’t quite dropped in. I managed to pee before my mind was racing with the thought of where these panties had been not so long ago, which soon had my flaccid cock reversing course.

I couldn’t help myself and picked the panties up feeling the soft frilly materiel again imagining where they had been. On a whim I took them back to my room to study them further. Laying back on my bed I held them up in front of me, I could still see Amy and Emily outside. Lifting the dirty knickers to my face I took a sniff, moving them around to find the spot that would have been next to the pussy of either Amy or Emily.

Having no previous experience I was mesmerised by the odour and found my cock was growing harder. Looking out at the girls I imagined my head between their legs sniffing the aroma of their pussies, the aroma I smelt now from the panties. Stroking my erection I took another sniff before lowering them to my cock and wrapped them around my shaft.

Being a virgin with no sexual experience at all I could only use my imagination. As I wanked the dirty panties up and down my shaft, my cock throbbing I watched the girls outside. At that moment one of them, laying on their front unclasped the bikini top, raising themselves to remove it I caught a glimpse of a nipple. I instinctively covered my knob with the knickers in time to catch my load as I came…

By : storyfella

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