Young Lactating Wife is Impregnated by Hubby’s Bosses on New Year’s Eve

It’s hard to deny that wealthy and powerful men get their way in this world, and I found that out the hard way from my bosses on New Year’s Eve. But before I get to that, I need to explain how my wife, Olivia, and I ended up in that situation. Then, she will fill you in on what happened to her.
My name is Kevin, and after earning my bachelor’s degree in marketing, with an emphasis on advertising, I ended up with and entry level job at a medium-sized marketing and advertising firm in the Research Triangle area of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I was born and raised in New Jersey and picked The Triangle area since I thought it would be a less hectic way of life in the South.
I rented an apartment and quickly got settled in the area, before joining an evangelical church. I have to admit to not being very religious, but I thought that would be a good place to meet a pretty Southern girl. On my second week there I went to a young-adult party at the church. That’s where I met Olivia, the woman of my dreams.

Olivia was nineteen and a half years old and I was twenty-two when we met. She was born and raised in the area and had taken about a year and a half of general studies at a community college. I was pleasantly surprised when she was attracted to me. I consider myself to be a fairly average guy, at six feet tall and one hundred and eighty pounds. I’m fit, but not muscular, and most people think I’m cute, if not handsome.
She is five feet and seven inches tall and weighed one hundred and twenty pounds at that time. Her hair is dark brown and below-the-shoulder, and her eyes are sparkling blue. The things that really got my attention are her beautiful, well-shaped, wide-rooted, and heavy 34D breasts, and a beautiful, heart-shaped and rounded ass. She looks a lot like the actress Liv Tyler, with her pouty, thick lips and pretty smile, except that Liv Tyler’s breasts are 34Bs. I also learned that she is from a religious family, and she was still a virgin and had never drunk alcohol.
We started dating, with the approval of her parents, although they weren’t totally happy with the two-and-a-half-year age difference. Everyone calls her Liv, which is ironic given her resemblance to Liv Tyler. I asked her to marry me after dating for six months, and we were married six months after that. I’m not that well-hung, with my dick only six inches long and of average thickness, but it seemed big to her since I was her first fuck.
Liv developed an almost insatiable appetite for sex, and we also had a lot of oral sex. She also began to enjoy drinking alcohol, and we had a very active sex life. We started trying to get her pregnant right away, and by the time I was twenty-four, and she was twenty-one and a half, we had a beautiful baby girl.
I had been with my company for two years by that point, and even after two promotions, we were still struggling on my salary. The salaries get very good at the higher levels, and I knew that I would have to suffer through the lean years. Liv and I both wanted her to be a stay-at-home mother for our daughter, and we were willing to make some sacrifices. She really isn’t educated enough or trained for anything gainful anyway. But after the expenses with the baby started increasing, we were considering having her find a job, even though daycare would have eaten up most of her earnings.
Liv was breastfeeding our daughter, and her big breasts had grown to even bigger 34Fs. I loved sucking milk from her big breasts, and that became a routine part of our love making. She always attracts a lot of attention when we are out in public, with her big breasts jiggling, shaking, and swinging as she moves about, especially after she began lactating.
We couldn’t attend the first New Year’s Eve party after we were married since she was having a difficult pregnancy and was sick a lot. We were looking forward to the next one though. Our daughter was five months old at that time, and we planned ahead so Liv could pump and store some of her breast milk. Her mother agreed to babysit our daughter on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, and Liv was looking forward to the opportunity to drink alcohol again, after not having any during her pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
Liv had, out of necessity, learned to be a frugal shopper, and she found at a second-hand store a very beautiful and slinky evening dress for the party. The clingy silk fabric accentuates her big, milk-laden breasts, and because of the open back, she decided to not wear a bra. She was wearing bikini panties too, almost a thong actually, that meant she had no panty line. Even though her breasts are melon-size and she was lactating, she’s still young enough that there was only a little natural sag. They jiggled and shook like jelly, and her silver dollar size areolas and big nipples shown through the fabric.
The party was being held in the ballroom at a local hotel, and the company was providing rooms for everyone who wanted to stay the whole night. There was catered food, an open bar, and a band. We took the baby over to Liv’s mother early in the afternoon, so we could get ready without having to worry about the baby. Liv was a little nervous about meeting my bosses and coworkers for the first time, so we each had a glass of wine before we left for the party, and arrived at 7:00 pm.
We checked into our room, and then went downstairs to find my director, Jim, and vice president, Bill, were greeters at the door, along with our CEO, Leonard. It was easy to see that they were very much attracted to Liv’s beauty, and especially her big breasts and deep cleavage so prominently on display, as they undressed her with their eyes. It made me proud to see those older men gawking at my young, twenty-two-year-old wife. I think Leonard was in his late forties, Bill was in his late thirties, and Jim was thirty years old.
There were about thirty couples at the party, with five couples to each table. Bill invited Liv and me and Jim and his wife, Carla, to sit at his table, which was next to Leonard’s table and the dance floor. We mingled with the other guests, drinking cocktails, and then had a great dinner. There was a choice of prime rib or lobster, and the waiters kept our water and wine glasses full.
By the time dinner was over at around 9:00 pm, everyone at our table was well on their way to being drunk, and especially Liv who hadn’t had any alcohol to drink in over a year. The band started playing better dance music after dinner, and that’s when things heated up.
I think it will be best if Liv narrates the story now, to describe things that occurred when I wasn’t with her, and I’ll return towards the end to tell the remainder of the story.
Olivia’s Story
I was born and raised in North Carolina and was used to the good old Southern boys that I grew up with. So when I met Kevin at the church party that night, I was impressed with his sophistication, and the fact that he has a good education and a good job. We hit it off right away and were married only a year later. I really love the way he is so attentive to my needs, and he has always been fascinated by me. I know that part of that is his affinity for my big breasts, and I got accustomed to all the attention they bring me during my senior year in high school.
Kevin took my cherry on our wedding night, and we have had an active sex life ever since. It seems like I was kind of rebelling from my strict upbringing, and I also enjoyed drinking alcohol. I had our daughter only a year after we were married, and Kevin loves my big breasts even more. He loves to drink milk from me, and it gets my pussy so wet and itching to fuck when he’s suckling me.
I had gotten back into shape only a few months after the baby was born, and I didn’t start on birth control because I didn’t want it to interfere with my lactation. We had also talked about trying for another child when our daughter became six or seven months old. I was looking forward to a night out at the New Year’s Eve party, and being able to socialize with adults and drink alcohol.
Kevin’s bosses, Jim, Bill, and Leonard, seem very nice, and I couldn’t help but notice how attracted they were to me overall, and especially to my big tits, that were displayed so seductively in my dress. Bill even invited us to sit at his table with Jim and their wives. I enjoyed talking with everyone at dinner. Bill’s wife was asking about our daughter, and during the course of conversation, I revealed that I was breastfeeding the baby. The men’s ears really perked up when they heard that, and they focused their attention even more on my breasts after that.
I was feeling no pain by the time dinner was over and we started dancing. After everyone had the first dance with their spouses, the men started asking other men’s wives to dance. Kevin had never seen me with other men, and it turned me on knowing that he was intently watching me dance with Jim, Bill, and Leonard. I knew that he liked it when other men gawked at me when we were away from home. He didn’t seem to be jealous or upset watching those men hold me very close during the slow songs, but of course, they’re his bosses and it would be hard to complain.
We continued drinking in between songs, and when the men sensed that I was too drunk to resist, they began to get touchy feely and talkative in a suggestive way. Jim reached down to grip my ass and pull me more tightly against him, as he said, “Liv, you are an amazingly beautiful woman, and I’m surprised that you aren’t a model. I know that Kevin feels like he is underpaid, and the money you could earn as a model would help.”
I felt his cock hardening against my belly as he moved one hand to rub the side of my breast, and continued, “And my goodness, sweetie, you are built better than any woman I’ve ever known. It really turns me on having your big, milk-filled breasts pressed up against me like this.”
It was flattering hearing his comments, and I was too drunk to be upset. So I looked up at him and said, “Thanks, Jim, that’s so nice to hear, especially from such a handsome man like you, who has such a pretty wife.”
I was shocked when Jim leaned down to kiss me, pushing his long tongue into my mouth. And even though Kevin was close and saw that Jim was taking liberties with me, I was surprised that he just smiled at me, as if nothing was happening. I didn’t know if he was just that drunk; or if he thought it couldn’t hurt his advancement opportunities if I kept his bosses happy, or maybe he thought that was some kind of Southern charm social custom or something.
The more Jim rubbed my ass and the sides of my breasts, and pressed his big cock lump into my belly, the more turned on I was getting. Kevin was the only man I had fucked up to that point, but the attention from his boss was exciting to me, and it didn’t hurt that his big cock lump felt good pressed against me. I didn’t know what kind of signal Kevin was giving me by not objecting to his boss’ advances, either.
Everyone was drinking more and getting less inhibited, and the next time I danced with Bill, he led us over to a dark corner of the dance floor. He leaned down to kiss me and was even cupping my breasts, when he pulled away from the kiss and said, “I saw that Jim was getting a little cozy with you, and I had to see how friendly you would be with me. I think you know that both of us are in positions to help Kevin in his career, and it sure goes a long way when you’re so receptive to us.”
My mind was foggy, and I wasn’t sure that I heard him correctly. So I asked, “What exactly are you saying, Bill? What does being receptive to you and Jim entail?”
Bill kissed me again, deeply with a lot of tongue that time, and he shoved his hand down into the low back of my dress to rub my bare ass, before saying, “Actually, Leonard is very interested in you too. You’re a rare beauty, and we’d, uh, like to see more of you. Leonard will talk more about that when he dances with you again. He’s going to tell you about an opportunity to make a lot of money, and to help out you and Kevin with his career and your finances.”
We danced for another few minutes, with Bill continually rubbing my ass and breasts, before Leonard cut in saying, “Okay, Bill, I’m going to dance with this beautiful lady now.”
Leonard kept us in the dark corner, and as he began rubbing my ass, he kissed me passionately before saying, “You are so lovely, my dear, and I saw that Jim and Bill were getting to know you a little better. Please pardon them being so forward with you. We just wanted to see how receptive you’d be to their rather harmless advances before I talked to you about a business opportunity.”
Even in my stupor, I realized that they were slowly escalating things, until the big boss could move in for the kill, so to speak. I had no idea what he was talking about, except that I instinctively knew that it had something to do with my big, milky breasts.
I wanted to hear him out, so I said, “Go ahead, Leonard, tell me what’s on your mind.”
He kissed me again before saying, “A beautiful woman like you, especially with your fantastic body, could make some good money as a model. And I’m not talking about some high fashion model either. There’s a big demand for pictures of beautiful women with big, lactating breasts, in all sorts of poses with other models, and we’ like to see if you’re interested. You can make good money doing this, and it will help Kevin’s career.”
He was looking down at me as I responded, “What does that mean, Leonard? Would I have to take off my clothes?”
Leonard smiled and answered, “Well, how far things go is up to you. But the more you show, the more money you’ll make, and the better for Kevin. This is just an audition, and we can take it slow. You can stop when you become uncomfortable. Our contract photographer is at the party tonight. We gave him the hospitality suite as his room, and he has set it up as a makeshift studio, to do some test photos.”
I definitely wanted to make some money, and I had the feeling that Kevin’s job would be in jeopardy if I didn’t cooperate. I also didn’t know what Kevin thought about all of this, and I asked, “What about Kevin? Does he know that you’re talking to me about this?”
Leonard replied, “I talked to him about it earlier this evening when you were dancing with Jim and Bill. I didn’t tell him everything, just that we had a modeling opportunity for you, that would also help him in his career with the firm. I did hint that it was in no small part due to your fantastic figure. He’s pretty drunk and seemed fine with it. I’m sure that he will be occupied dancing with our wives while we go to the studio. So, what about it, sweetie, are you ready to make some money? We don’t have any other models here tonight, so Jim, Bill, and I can fill in a little for some of the poses.”
Things were moving pretty fast, and I wasn’t that comfortable, so I said, “No offense, Leonard, but I need to talk with Kevin about this. You can wait just a minute. And I’m curious. How do you get away with leaving your wives alone at the party?”
He answered, “Okay, sweetheart, go and talk with Kevin. As far as our wives are concerned, they know that we always take advantage of business opportunities, no matter the setting.”
I found Kevin sitting at the table talking with Jim’s and Bill’s wives, and I interrupted them saying, “Forgive me ladies, but I need to talk privately with Kevin for just a minute.”
We went to a quiet spot near the restrooms and I said, “I just wanted to be sure that you were okay with me auditioning for some kind of modeling job. I think it could be kind of risqué, and I’m not thinking too clearly right now, so I wanted to be sure. What did Leonard tell you about it?”
Kevin was almost as drunk as I was, and he responded, “Leonard said that if you cooperated with the photo shoot, you could not only make a lot of money, but I would also be in line for a promotion to a manager’s position. We really need the money, and it would sure be a lot better than you getting a nine-to-five job and taking time away from the baby. I’m sure that the modeling would be a part-time thing.”
I wanted to be sure that he was aware of how far things could go, and I asked, “Are you aware that they want me for this because I’m pretty, but also because of my big, lactating breasts?”
He answered, “Leonard did mention something about that. But what the hell, honey, I’ve seen them kissing you and fondling you already on the dance floor, so how much worse could it be?” I’m really proud of you for being so attractive to my bosses, and we really could use my promotion and the extra modeling money.”
It seemed like Kevin was totally bought into the arrangement. And since the idea of being a model was very pleasing to me, and I was turned on from dancing with his bosses, I went back to Leonard and agreed to join them.
I followed the men to the elevator and it was about 10:00 pm when we got to the third floor. Jeremy, the photographer, was already there adjusting the lighting equipment and getting his camera ready, and I saw that they had more drinks, mixers, and ice at the bar. The room is fairly large; I’d say maybe thirty by forty feet, and there was a large couch in an open area near the bed.
Kevin’s three bosses stood back watching as Jeremy positioned me sitting on the large, couch-like divan. He had a video camera on a stand recording the live action, and a camera in his hand for the still shots. After the sitting shots, with me in various poses, and choreographed movements that made my breasts swing and jiggle, he started adjusting my dress to show more and more cleavage, to the point that my big melons were almost bare to the nipples.
I saw out of the corner of my eye that the three men were rubbing their crotches, just at the time Jeremy said, “My goodness, Liv, you are so beautiful, and your breasts are amazing. Would it be okay with you if we pull down the strap on one side of your dress, and show a little more skin?”
The additional drinks were having an effect on me, and I slowly pulled down the shoulder strap on my left side. My entire left breast came into view as that side of my dress fell down, and I heard an audible, collective sigh as they saw my bare, bulging, milk-filled breast, my brown areola, and thick nipple came into view.
Jeremy moved in for close-ups saying, “Wow, Liv, your breast is beautiful, and it looks like it’s bursting with milk. Would you mind squeezing it for me? Pictures of leaking breasts really sell well.”
I was way overdue for breastfeeding or pumping. I just barely squeezed my breast, and my milk came flowing out and running down my breast and stomach. He moved in for close-ups, and then adjusted the video camera to make sure he was capturing the flow of the milk. Then the men all moaned when I pulled my breast up and sucked milk from it, as Jeremy clicked away.
Even Jeremy was rubbing his cock at that point, and he said, “Are you comfortable dropping that other strap, sweetie? I know that we’d all like to see your beautiful breasts in their full glory.”
I pulled down the right side, and the men moved closer to look at my perfectly proportioned, pendulous breasts. I was squeezing both breasts, and as milk came pouring out, Jeremy moved in so close with his camera that I could feel his breath on my breasts. He was moving me around in different poses, which caused my breasts to sway and quiver seductively.
At one point he cupped one of my breasts with his hand, to position it for the photo, and said, “Oh my, Liv, your breasts are so heavy and full of milk, and they almost look a little painful for you. What do you usually do to relieve the pressure?”
I didn’t want to reveal just yet how Kevin sucks my breasts, not knowing how the men would react. I know that I slurred my words when I told part of the answer, saying, “Well, I usually have the baby to keep me drained, and at other times I use my electric, double breast pump.”
It was clear that the men were looking for a particular answer when Bill asked, “And what about Kevin? I don’t see how he could resist sucking your breasts to give you some relief.”
I was reluctant to admit how much it turned me on to have Kevin sucking my breasts, so I smiled and answered, “Of course he does, almost every night, and at other times when the pump isn’t handy. He really loves the taste and texture of my breast milk.”
It looked like Leonard was giving Jeremy some kind of signal with the downward nod of his head, and then Jeremy said, “That’s really good that you have experience with him sucking your breasts. There’s a lot of money in photos of men suckling big breasts. Are you comfortable with the photos we’ve taken so far? If you are, we’d like to go a little farther, and that will really help Kevin too.”
Even in my drunken stupor, I’d have had to been stupid not to see where things were headed. The fact is, I was aroused by exposing my breasts to those men, especially seeing the way they were rubbing their cocks while staring at me. I wanted to see how far they would go and how they’d approach it. I also wanted to appear even drunker than I was, so I could use that as an excuse for being out of control, and save a little face.
So I acted like I was almost ready to pass out, as I answered, “Sure, Jeremy, I think this has been okay so far. I actually enjoy having you men look at my breasts. What else do you have in mind?”
He cleared his throat and replied, “As I said before, we can make a lot of money from pictures of men suckling you. We would usually use professional actors for these types of photo shoots, but this is just an audition of sorts, and we don’t have any actors available. Would it be okay if Kevin’s bosses stand in for that part? We’ve got some big, comfy pillows that you can lie back on, and then we can take photos of each of the men with you. We’ll start out with each of the men taking a short turn, and then decide what to do from there.”
I laughed and teased them, saying, “Okay, I guess we can try tit. But what naughty boys you are, up here sucking the breasts of the wife of an employee, while your pretty wives are downstairs.”
Jeremy first put the pillows on the divan, and then adjusted the angle of the video camera, as I lay back on the pillows. The top of my dress was already down around my waist, and when my short dress rode up a little, I knew that the men would be able to see my panty-covered pussy from the end of the divan.
I was laying a little on my side, so my big breasts were hanging heavily from a new perspective. Jeremy was busy taking dozens of photos as Leonard lay next to me. It was obvious that rank has its privileges since he was taking the first turn on my tits.
Leonard was on his side and leaned over to take my right areola and nipple into his mouth, as he weighed and fondled my left breast with his hand. I felt my milk flowing as he sucked hard on my tit, and Jeremy was taking close-ups of the action. At one point he instructed Leonard to pull away from my nipple slightly and let some of my milk run out of his mouth, as it continued to flow out of my nipple.
I wasn’t sure if he realized what he was doing, but Leonard was slowly humping his hardening cock against my thigh as he suckled me, and he was breathing harder and harder all the time. I had never seen or felt a cock other than Kevin’s, and Leonard’s definitely felt longer and thicker.
He had been sucking me for about five minutes, when Jeremy said, “Okay, Leonard, it’s time for Bill to take a turn.”
Leonard started sucking me even harder and wasn’t about to stop. So Jeremy, anxious to keep his job, said, “Well, Bill, maybe you should just go on Liv’s left side, and we can get some photos of two men sucking her.”
Bill didn’t hesitate to move in to suck my left breast, and it was kind of funny watching poor Jim rubbing his cock, and wondering when he was going to get a turn on my tits. Both men were aggressively sucking my entire areolas and nipples into their mouths, and also massaging my tits while humping my thighs with their big cocks. I was getting more turned on than I usually do when Kevin sucks me. They were being more assertive, their cocks felt huge, and it was just the idea that men other than my husband were using my body for the first time.
The men were moaning and groaning almost as loudly as I was, and I felt myself losing control. I began to rub their backs and caress their heads, and then held them tightly on my breasts with my hands. That’s when Leonard and Bill started rubbing my knees and began to slowly spread my legs. They were gently rubbing and massaging my inner thighs, getting closer and closer to my pussy, which was very wet. I smelled myself, so I knew that the men had to be sensing my feminine odor.
I noticed that Jim was standing at the end of the couch looking between my legs, with his cock out of his pants and stroking it. It looked to me to be at least eight inches long, and much thicker than Kevin’s cock. That turned me on even more, and I couldn’t help thinking what it would be like to fuck a cock that big.
Jeremy had moved the video camera for a better view between my legs and the bottoms of my breasts with the men sucking them. He was also taking dozens of pictures of everything we were doing.
He saw that Leonard’s and Bill’s fingers were on my inner thighs and getting very close to my soaking wet pussy, and he said, “My goodness, Liv, this audition is going even better than I expected. I’ve gotten some great video footage and dozens of photos that we can sell for a lot of money. Are you okay with things going to the next level, where we can make even more money?”
My pussy was craving to be fucked by those men, and I looked at him with half-closed eyes, trying to seem like I was on the verge of passing out. I wanted them to think they were getting away with something.
I let my response tail off in a way to let them think that I could be giving my tacit approval, as I closed my eyes and answered, “Everything that Leonard and Bill have done feels so good so far, so I guess that ….”
My eyes were still closed, as I was moaning and writhing to the feeling of the men sucking my breasts like I was in a lustful trance. That’s when I felt the men’s fingers reach my pussy, and they began to rub my slit and thick outer labia, as I moaned even louder at their touch. Then I felt the gusset of my white, cotton, bikini panties being torn away, and the men’s fingers probing my vulva.
Leonard pulled off my breast for a moment to say, “Oh fuck, boys, what a nice, tight, wet, and hairy cunt this slut has. I think she’s the youngest and sweetest little whore that we’ve ever fucked. It’s amazing that these young couples will compromise their morals for a promotion, after drinking a little alcohol.”
His crude talk was turning me on even more, and it was certain then that were going to fuck me. I started thinking about not being on birth control but then guessed that I had two days until my fertile time.
I wanted to make them think that they were getting away with even more and make it more arousing for them. So I mumbled incoherently, with my eyes still closed, “Please, oh please, you’ll have to pull out, since I’m not on birth control and I’m in my fertile time.”
Bill stopped sucking me for a moment and laughed before saying, “This is too fucking much. I can hardly wait to knock up another one of these bitches. We’ll fill this cunt full of so much cum that she’ll be swimming in it.”
Leonard and Bill continued sucking my breasts, and probing my wet cunt with their fingers, as I felt something hard, but spongy, and wet being pressed against my lips, as Jim said, “Open wide, Liv, I’ve got an all-day sucker here for you.”
I had sucked Kevin’s cock enough to know that Jim was pressing his cock to my mouth, and I loved the taste of his precum. I slowly opened my lips, making him struggle a little, so he’d think he was forcing his cock into my mouth. When he had the oozing head and first couple of inches in my mouth, I started moaning louder, making sounds like ‘umph, umph, umph’, and sucking his cock with a lot of tongue motion.
He pressed even more of his cock into my mouth, and I felt his big, hairy, musky balls pressing against my head. The other men were more aggressively fingering my pussy, already giving me one orgasm, and I focused my sucking on Jim’s cock head since I was eager to taste and swallow his cum.
I felt his cock stiffen and start to throb, as I tasted his cum. He continued ejaculating into my mouth, and I was swallowing, as he said, “Holy fucking shit, this fucking slut isn’t even fully awake, and she’s sucking my cock and swallowing my cum like a fucking whore. Shit, my wife has never sucked me and swallowed like this.”
Jim’s comments seemed to spur the other men to action, and they both pulled away, as I heard them removing their pants. Then I opened my eyes slightly to see Leonard moving in between my legs. His cock is uncircumcised, and even bigger than Jim’s. It looked to be at least nine inches long, and so thick that I doubt my fingers would touch when gripping it. He also has big, hairy balls hanging very low.
I felt his big cock pressing into my labia, and I opened my eyes again to say, “Please take it slow, Leonard. I’ve never had a huge cock as big as yours. Then fuck me and fuck me hard, but please pull out when you’re ready to cum.”
His cock felt huge in my married pussy, and he pushed it in slowly until he bottomed out with two more inches to go. My pussy was so tight on his thick meat that it was rubbing my G-spot, and making me moan as I orgasmed on his cock. He began fucking me with fast, powerful strokes, and I wrapped my legs around his ass, and swiveled my hips, until I felt my uterus shift upwards, and his thick cock was buried to the balls in my pussy.
Meanwhile, Jeremy was taking dozens of more pictures, from all angles, and especially between our legs. At one point, he excitedly said, “Come take a look at this guys. Leonard’s big cock is stretching her married cunt like I’ll bet it’s never been stretched before. I can hardly wait to watch you fuck her with your monster cock, Bill.”
Leonard didn’t last very long that first time since he had been humping me while sucking my tit, and it only took him about five minutes to cum. He started fucking me harder and then buried his cock to the balls in my cunt.
His big cock was throbbing and jerking, and I felt his cum shooting in, as he moaned, “Oh fuck, Liv, there’s no way in hell I’m pulling out of your tight, wet cunt. It’ll serve you right for being such a whore if we knock your ass up.”
I tried to act like I was horrified that he was cumming in me, and feigned pushing him away as I said, “Oh shit, no, please, Leonard! I’m too close to my fertile time for you to be inseminating my unprotected pussy! Pull out, pull out, before it’s too late!”
He laughed and said, “Too late for that, cunt. My little swimmers are heading for your womb right now. You might as well fuck the others bareback too since I might have already given you my baby.”
He rolled off me, and Bill was standing there with his big cock swinging between his legs as he said, “You better get on your hands and knees, sweetie, so I can fuck you Rockygy style, at least this first time. That will give me better control so I don’t hurt you with my big cock.”
I got onto my hands and knees near the end of the divan, as Bill stood waiting. I saw that his thick cock is at least ten inches long and even thicker than Leonard’s. But after the fucking I just had, and with my pussy still flooded with cum, Bill slid in me with little difficulty until he pressed up against my cervix.
Bill started pounding my pussy as he said, “Oh man, I just love fucking these cunts after Leonard gets them greased up for me. Otherwise, it would take me a while to get my cock pushed into these married sluts. And shit, Liv, you’re still plenty tight on my cock.”
I was pushing back against Bill’s thrusts, and it only took a couple of minutes for him to get his cock in me to the balls. That’s when he said, “Holy fucking shit, not many women have been able to take me to the balls!”
That was really a horny group of men, and while Bill was fucking me, Jim and Jeremy got onto their backs on either side of me, and slid under me to suck my heavily dangling tits, while the video camera was recording. At the same time, Leonard got on his knees in front of my face and pressed his soft, slimy cock to my mouth. That was a total sensory overload, being fucked, sucked by two men, and sucking a cock, all at the same time.
I was having one orgasm after the other on Bill’s huge cock, and it only took him a few minutes to ram his cock into the depths of my pussy, and unload his big load of semen and sperm. The room was filled with the aroma of those musky men, my pussy, and Leonard’s cum that had squirted out of me when Bill was fucking me, that was running down between my legs.
They rolled me onto my back after Bill pulled out of me, and Jim started fucking me as Bill got on his knees by my head, and pushed his cum-soaked cock to my lips. I sucked him clean as Jim fucked me, and he lasted ten minutes since I had sucked him off a little while earlier. Everything became a blur as I fucked Jeremy’s nice, nine-inch cock after Jim was finished with me, and the men took turns fondling and sucking my big tits.
It was 10:00 pm when we got to the room, and I had been sucked, fucked, and sucked cocks for an hour and a half when Leonard said, “We’d better get dressed and get back downstairs to welcome in the new year with our spouses. But I plan on bringing Liv and Kevin back here after our wives go to bed, and we’ll start by showing Kevin the video and photos. We can tell them that the guys are staying up to play poker or something. And, Liv, you’d better go to the bathroom and get cleaned up. You look and smell like you’ve been ridden hard and put up wet.”
I appreciated Leonard’s little bit of humor, and I went into the bathroom and used a washcloth and warm water to wash my face, and wipe down my breasts, legs, and pussy, although a bath with warm, soapy water would have been better. Then I emptied the little bottle of shampoo by the sink, rinsed it out, and used it as a make-shift douche to clean out my pussy the best I could.
My panties had been torn apart, so I stuffed toilet paper in my pussy to keep any remnants of their cum from leaking and staining the back of my dress. Finally, I quickly fixed my makeup, and we headed to the elevator together. I wished that I had a toothbrush and toothpaste so my mouth would be fresh when I danced again with Kevin and kissed him.
We walked back into the ballroom, and everyone was so drunk that nobody paid that much attention. Kevin was dancing with Bill’s wife, and some of the employees and their spouses looked like they were passed out at their tables.
As Kevin mentioned earlier, he will finish the story, describing what happened after we got back together. Needless to say, I was ready for more big cocks, and I got my wish with Kevin watching and participating.
Kevin’s Conclusion
I was pretty drunk, but it still seemed like my wife and the men had been gone a long time. I was happy when they returned, so I could dance with Liv again, before midnight. It was about 11:45 pm when we went out to dance, and Liv seemed to be a little shy and withdrawn. I held her tightly against me, and her breasts seemed to be cushier than they were earlier, which meant that she must have somehow relieved the pressure of her milk.
We kissed, and her mouth wasn’t as fresh as before, either. I tasted the alcohol from the drinks she had, but there was another vaguely familiar flavor. After we kissed, I asked, “How did the audition go, honey?”
Liv was reluctant to tell me much as she answered, “It was certainly a new experience, going up there with your bosses, and I can tell you that they were definitely interested in my breasts. Jeremy took a lot of photos, and even some videos and Leonard wants you and me to go back there with them so he can show you the results. Leonard told me how much this would help your career, so I sure hope it was worth it to you.”
We were on the dance floor at midnight, and everyone was cheering and kissing their spouses to welcome in the new year. Then, the men asked other men’s wives to dance, and they were aggressively and unashamedly kissing the other wives. I was busy kissing Jim’s and Bill’s wives, while Jim, Bill, and Leonard kept Liv occupied with tongue-probing kisses, as they rubbed her ass. I enjoyed kissing the other wives and knew that the men were enjoying Liv even more.
The party started to thin out by about 12:30 am, and Leonard and his wife joined us at our table. He leaned over and whispered to me, “I’m going to arrange for the other wives to go on up to their rooms, and I want you and Liv to join Jim, Bill, and me, back in the hospitality room with Jeremy. I think you’ll be proud of what Liv did for your promotion.”
We talked for a few more minutes, and Leonard said to his wife, “Honey, the boys and I are going to play poker in the hospitality suite. But first, we’ll help you and the other wives back to our rooms. We might be late, so don’t try to wait up for us.”
I wasn’t that surprised how obedient the wives were to Leonard’s wishes, since they were all dependent on him for their husband’s jobs, not to mention that they were falling-down drunk. Liv and I got on the elevator with Jeremy, to go to his room to wait for the others, and I sensed that she was more nervous than I had ever seen her.
Jeremy fixed us another drink as we sat on the big divan in the room, and the other men showed up about fifteen minutes later. They fixed themselves drinks, and Leonard sat on the other side of Liv, as Jeremy was hooking up the video camera to the wide-screen television, and Jim and Bill sat in chairs behind the divan. I thought it was strange that he also set up another video camera, positioned to record the divan area, but I didn’t say anything about it.
When everything was ready, Jeremy started the video, and Leonard said, “Okay, Kevin, just relax, and watch how much Liv loves you, and what she is willing to do for your promotion and the money she’ll be making for herself.”
I had been concerned about what might have happened in the room, and I was relieved when the video started with Liv fully clothed, making different poses that accentuated her milk-filled breasts, and movements that made them jiggle and shake so seductively. That went on for a few minutes, and then I saw Jeremy’s hand adjusting her dress, exposing more and more of her tit flesh. I was rubbing my dick, and it was already getting hard watching that, and what happened next made me hard as a rock.
Liv had just lowered the strap on her dress, exposing her entire left breast, and just as she squeezed it to release some milk, Leonard said, “Look, Kevin, look how beautiful Liv’s big breast is, and that delicious milk is meant to be shared with others.”
She then pulled down the other strap and was totally exposed, as Leonard continued, “What a vision of beauty, so round, so firm, so full of tasty mother’s milk, and so willing to help you by sharing with your bosses.”
Liv moved my hand out of the way and began rubbing my dick as Leonard said, “Watch now, Kevin, as she shares herself with me.”
I watched on the screen as Liv laid back on some pillows, and Leonard moved beside her to suck her breast. Then I felt movement next to me and noticed that he had stretched out on the couch and was sucking her breast right in front of me. I hadn’t noticed that she had lowered her straps and dropped her dress to her waist, as I was watching the video.
She started unfastening my belt and pants as I looked at her, saying, “Oh shit, Liv, you let him suck your breast? And fuck, he’s sucking you right now.”
Liv had my zipper down and was stroking my dick as she responded, “Yes, honey, I did this for you, and it feels so good having another man suck my breasts. Just keep watching, and you’ll see more.”
I watched as Bill lay down on her left side, and began sucking her other breast, and then I felt more movement on the divan. Leonard was pushing Liv back on the divan, as Bill joined her from the other side, both sucking her pendulous breasts. She had let go of my cock, but said, “Come up on your knees next to me, honey, so I can suck your dick.”
Those men were slurping loudly on Liv’s breasts as I pressed my dick to her mouth, and she began sucking me. I continued watching the video as the angle of the video shifted, and I saw both men running their hands up between her thighs to her pussy. She was sucking me harder and harder, and I ejaculated into her mouth, just as I saw them rip away her panties, and push their fingers into her hairy, wet, married pussy.”
She was moaning on the video and in real life, as I looked down and realized that Leonard and Bill were finger-fucking her again, in the same way. Still being drunk, and sexually satiated since my ejaculation, I stepped back from the divan, and watched as the scenes on the video played out for real in front of me.
Everything was happening so fast, and Liv was going along with it so easily, that I was too stunned to object, especially since my bosses were the ones using her. I continued watching as all of the men took off their clothes. I was amazed at the size of Leonard’s long, thick cock, as he moved between Liv’s legs. I saw her remove something from her pussy, and heard a squishing sound as his big cock stretched her hairy, wet pussy. I felt so inadequate as a man and her husband as I watched her squirm and writhe on his big cock until his egg-sized balls were slapping again her ass.
He began pounding her hard, as she wrapped her legs around his ass and moaned out, “Oh shit, oh fuck, that’s it, Leonard, fuck me with your huge cock.”
My dick was getting hard again watching him fuck her, as Jim and Bill moved on either side and began sucking her breasts, which were sagging to the sides. I couldn’t help looking at Bill’s huge cock, that looked like a tree branch laying there. I couldn’t imagine how Liv could take that inside of her. All the men’s cocks are so much bigger than mine, and I have to admit that it turned me on looking at them and wondering how Liv felt being fucked by them.
Leonard fucked my wife for ten minutes, and I was down between their legs watching as his big balls pulled up, and I knew that he was inseminating my young wife. That’s when I remembered that she wasn’t on any kind of birth control, and I shouted out, “Oh fucking no, Leonard, Liv’s not on birth control! Pull out, sir, pull out!”
He was just finishing the throes of his ejaculation when he laughed and said, “If that’s the case, then she’s probably already knocked up, since all four of us fucked her earlier. You didn’t think that promotion to manager was free, did you? She wouldn’t be the first employee’s slut wife that we’ve impregnated, anyway. Just relax while the others take their turns in your wife’s cunt.”
Leonard rolled off of her, and before Jim could get between her legs, she said, “Come and clean me up, honey. You know that you like to eat me out after I’ve been fucked, so get down there and clean me up.
The men laughed as I got between her legs, and started licking and sucking her cum matted cunt hair, as the remainder came oozing out into my mouth. All of a sudden, it felt like the most natural thing in the world to be cleaning Liv’s pussy of the cum of big-cocked men, for payback for putting her in that position in the first place, just for the sake of a promotion and some money that she could make.
I finished cleaning her pussy of Leonard’s bitter cum, and just as Jim shoved his cock into her, Leonard slapped me on the back and said, “Don’t be upset, Kevin. After seeing your dick, I’d think you’d be happy to have your big-cocked bosses taking care of her fat-lipped pussy for you. Some men are made for fucking, and others are made for eating our leavings. So just relax and enjoy the rest of the evening, while we repeatedly inseminate your whore of a wife.”
Leonard was sitting toward the end of the divan, and I was next to him, in a position to watch Jim skewer my wife on his big cock. The sounds and smells of sex were filling the room, and my dick was getting hard again without me even touching it. I looked away from Liv’s impaled pussy for a moment, intrigued by the size of Leonard’s soft cock lying across his thigh and his big balls hanging over the edge of the divan.
His meat was still covered with his cum and my wife’s pussy juices, and it was hard to look away, knowing that only minutes earlier that big cock was ejaculating into my wife’s unprotected pussy.
I must have stared at his cock for too long, because he chuckled and put his hand on my back, before saying, “It’s only natural to want to get a closer look at the cock who gave your wife so much pleasure. Go ahead, Kevin, get on your knees and give it a taste. You’ve already swallowed most of my load anyway.”
The combined aroma of his musky balls, his cum, and my wife’s juices were like a magnet, drawing me to my knees in front of his thick cock. I had never seen an uncircumcised cock up close before, and the wet, oozing head of his foreskin-covered cock was only inches from my mouth when I decided to suck him. In a strange, perverted way, it seemed like by sucking his cock, I was somehow closer to Liv and a part of her experience fucking him.
His soft cock is about seven inches long, and the slimy, cum-covered cock head slid easily into my mouth. I began sucking his cock, as Leonard held my head with his hands, and I loved the taste and texture of his soft fuck meat and the rubbery foreskin.
I was taking more and more of his cock into my mouth, as I heard Leonard say to the other men, “Hot damn, boys, we’ve got us another cock sucker here. It’ll be nice having him around the office to help out when we get horny at work, and either Reynolds is busy, or we don’t have his wife or Liv to fuck.”
Reynolds was a relatively new employee working in another department, and I had wondered how he moved up so quickly in the company. It sounded like at he was sucking the boss’s cocks, and they were fucking his wife too.
Leonard’s cock was getting hard as I continued sucking it harder and deeper, and he finally pushed me away, saying, “That’s enough of that for now, cock sucker. Get to work on my balls, so I can save my next load for your wife’s unprotected and fertile cunt.”
His balls are the size of eggs, and I sucked them into my mouth, one at a time, getting more turned on thinking that I was sucking the balls that produced the sperm, that might have impregnated my wife. I sucked his balls and hairy, musky scrotum for another five minutes until I heard Liv and Jim in the throes of their orgasms. Then I moved between Liv’s legs to suck her pussy clean again, before cleaning Jim’s cock as I had done for Leonard.
Everything became a blur after that, with Liv fucking each of those men another two times, while they took turns sucking her breasts, and she sucked their cocks, and I cleaned her pussy and each cock that fucked her.
It was 3:30 am when Leonard finally said, “Okay, guys, let’s all get dressed and let these kids go back to their room. I’m sure they’ll have a lot to talk about after this night. And, Jeremy, go ahead and pay Liv at least part of her share of what we expect to make from the videos and photos.”
Jeremy walked up to Liv and said, “We got some really great video and photos tonight, and I think your share will be at least these three thousand dollars. You can come by my studio on Tuesday when I’ll know more about what we’ll be paid, and we can also talk about your future modeling with me. The studio is fairly close to the company’s location, which makes it handy for Leonard, Bill, and Jim to stop by from time to time. I think that I’ll want you three days a week, for three hours a session, so you might as well start arranging for baby sitters.”
We got back to our room and fell into bed without even taking showers. I tried to talk with her and find out how things got so far out of hand, but she just said, “You should be happy that you got your promotion, and this should be a lesson to you for being so greedy and stupid to give me up to your big-cocked bosses. I loved having them sucking my tits and fucking me, and now that I know you will be their cock sucker too, I don’t feel so bad about it. Let’s get to sleep and we can talk more in the morning.”
I went to sleep spooning Liv, with my pitiful dick pressed against her ass. When we woke up at 10:00 am, just an hour before checkout time, I wasn’t sure at first whether or not all of that had just been a dream. Then I smelled the stale cum and pussy juice on both of us, and knew that I had given up the most beautiful woman in my world to my horny bosses, and become their cock sucker.
Liv was understandably sore and exhausted from the over dozen times in the past twelve hours she had been fucked by those huge cocks. We got into the hot shower together, and I washed her lovingly, before washing myself. She wasn’t talkative at that point, and I knew that I had a lot of work to do on our relationship, to try to make sense of everything that happened.
We picked up our daughter from Liv’s mother at a little after noon, and we all went home for naps. We used the rest of the breast milk that had been stored for the baby until the following night when we thought the alcohol would be out of her system. I relieved the pressure by sucking her tits, as I had done in the past. But because of what occurred at the party, sucking her big, milky tits was a constant reminder of how Liv became a whore for those men, all because of me.
I was assigned to my new, private manager’s office on Monday, and Bill broke it in with me, by making me suck his cock and swallow his cum, right there at work. I ran into Reynolds later that day at lunch, and he smiled knowingly as he congratulated me on my promotion.
Liv arranged for her mother to babysit for the three days a week, and she went to her first appointment on Tuesday. The other days would be Thursday and Saturday. She told me there were two actors there that first day, and they sucked her breasts in numerous positons, before fucking her twice each. Toward the end of the session, Jim and Bill stopped by for another piece of her pussy as well.
Two weeks after the New Year’s Eve party, Liv missed her period. We knew that the father had to be one of the four men, and probably Leonard. We didn’t tell anyone else until she started showing, at about three months. My bosses were ecstatic that she was pregnant, and she was in even more demand by my bosses and at the studio.
It turned out that there is a lucrative market for women who are lactating and pregnant, especially as their stomachs get bigger. They had to be more careful fucking her towards the end of her pregnancy, and they used several positons to keep from harming the baby. I usually go with Liv to her Saturday sessions, and they even began making cuckold videos, showing me sucking her pussy after either the actors or my bosses fucked my wife.
It has been two years now since that fateful New Year’s Eve, and I received another promotion, to director, after my bosses impregnated her the second time. I have come to enjoy and look forward to my role as Liv’s submissive, cuckold husband, and she is very happy, getting all the big cock she can handle.

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