Young Indian couple visits friends celebrating anniversary

“Well, I don’t mind accompanying you to Goa. Not only is Sunita my cousin sis, she is very pretty and great company , Amit is okay in his own way……no great shakes.” Sameera said to Rehan.

Sameera and Rehan had been married for six years and as happens with most marriages the spark seemed to have died down. They did have sex but it lacked the thrill that it gave a couple of years back. It was not as if they were not fond of one another. They were still madly in love with one another and life without one another was unthinkable. They had lots of discussions and finally decided that what the marriage required was some change to shake it out of its reverie. They themselves did not know what sort of a change they had in mind.

Rehan and Amit were old friends right from their university days. Both of them were acclaimed athletes winning medals for their teams in almost all the events that they participated in. Amit had tied the knot with Sunita much before Rehan had married Sameera. Sunita was Sameera’s cousin, elder than her by two years and was strikingly fair something which had won her many admirers. She had a healthy attitude towards sex and such thoughts coupled with a stunning body were enough to drive any man insane. Lest Amit not take his admiration for Sunita in the right spirit, Rehan was not too vocal about it especially because Rehan and Sunita had been classmates. Now that Amit and Sunita themselves had invited both of them the opportunity appeared to be too good to miss. Especially when the invitation had been extended by them during their visit to the town.

“It is our anniversary.We will have a small get together;just the four of us.The change will be nice for the both of you.”Amit had said to Rehan and Sameera who were in no position to decline the offer.

Rehan had first seen Sameera on a beach and had been astonished to see her topless. She was in her early twenties, fair enough though not as fair as Sunita but she still had that attraction and body confidence that was very very rare. It was virtually unthinkable for a young girl to flaunt her breasts and still be comfortable about it. This had had a tremendous impact on Rehan. He had found out all about her and though this particular aspect of her personality was not known to his parents, they were quite happy with their daughter in law. She too took good care to ensure that their sensibilities were not hurt. However the fact remained that Sameera worked hard towards maintaining her body and showed it off with pride.

Sameera knew that Rehan was very fond of his friend’s wife( his classmate and her cousin) and she wasted no opportunity in pulling his leg.

“You know what I have been thinking, or rather imagining?” She asked Rehan with a twinkle in her eyes..

“What?” he asked absent mindedly brushing his hair.

“You and Sunita having sex.” Sameera replied looking in Rehan’s eyes.

“Come on. Give me a break.” he replied. “She is your cousin, dammit. Of course, she is good but sex………..and that too when it is her anniversary. You have too fertile an imagination. That is all.”

“Now, don’t be coy. She is my cousin but she is your class fellow too on whom you had such a crush.I know it so why act snooty and believe me your fondness for her gives me a thrill. Had I been in your place even I would be wanting to make love to her.And does a person stop being himself/herself on their anniversary?,” Sameera said. “There is no harm in thinking, but what does Amit think about this? That is something that should be taken care of.”

“Come on. We will take the things as they come.” Rehan replied good-humouredly. And there the matter ended. Both the girls appeared to be quite free with their sexuality. Sameera could fantasize about Sunita having sex with Rehan, but never seriously consider doing it herself. Not because of any particular preconceived notions but because she tremendously enjoyed teasing men. That was why she was far more willing to expose her body but extremely reticent when it came to actual intercourse.

So when Amit and Sunita invited Rehan and Sameera over for an afternoon of swimming, sunning and barbequeing, Sameera initially felt a little unsure.All that she and Rehan wanted was something to inject a little bit of spark. She did not know Amit too well and did not really know whether the trip would be an answer to what they were seeking. Although she was quite fond of displaying her body, she had never done it before Sunita and certainly not before Amit and though in her heart of hearts she knew that the outing of sunning and swimming would go well with her, she felt a trifle unsure. She had asked Sunita if anyone else was coming over, and what time things would wrap up and felt satisfied when she learned that she and Rehan were the only guests and that this was being done just for the sake of change. And no, they need not bother about returning;they would have to spend the night there. What sort of a change did they have in mind was something Sameera couldn’t fathom.

Nevertheless Sameera did shave her legs and bikini line. To this she always paid a lot of attention; just a little vertical line of hair above the pussy lips.nature had been kind to her and except for the pussy which required occasional shaping and the underarms, Sameera was virtually hairless all over the body in sharp contrast to the thick mane of hair on her head.The advantage in getting rid of all the hair in additional to looking elegant was that she could decide even when nude whether to show the pussy lips or not. If she wanted to tease she would open the legs a bit and watch the other person squirming and if she did not she would keep the legs together. Though she was still not sure whether the occasion would require her to strip but she did not want to be caught on the wrong foot. Picking up some beer and chips enroute, they were on their way.

They visited Amit and Sunita who had a beautiful secluded villa by the sea side in downtown Goa. The excellent foliage all around coupled with the swaying coconut trees gave the place the privacy that is so much at a premium at sea side resorts.To say that the house was secluded would be an understatement. It was separated by tall coconut and oak trees from neighbouring houses.

As their car entered the driveway, Amit greeted them at the door already in his swimming trunk, and invited them to the back yard where he had just finished vacuuming the pool.

“Hi! You two. Welcome. It is really a pleasure to have you guys over.” He said planting a kiss on Sameera’s cheek. ” Sameera, you are looking gorgeous.”

The whole back yard looked like something out of a magazine, with the large free-form pool fed by a rock waterfall surrounded by beautiful flowers and shrubs. At the edge of the yard was a tall hedge, and beyond that nothing but trees as far as the eye could see. Sunita was lying on a lounge chair already sipping a beer in a swimming costume.

“Thanks.And wish you a very very happy anniversary.” She said briefly and hurried towards Sunita. Both Rehan and Sameera couldn’t help but notice the very attractive swimming costume that Sunita was wearing. It had a plunging neckline that accentuated her breasts and was cut high over the waist.

“Hi Sunita! Here is wishing the both of you a very happy anniversary.”Sameera said embracing Sunita.

Although she was hesitant, Sameera had brought her two-piece bathing suit as opposed to her favourite string bikini. Sameera was always very confident of her body and rightly so because her weight was almost exactly right for her 5’6″ height. Sameera and Rehan wasted no time in changing into their suits and opening the first of the several cans of beers that they had brought.

The afternoon passed pleasantly with plenty of good conversation and relaxing in the pool and on the patio. The water was warm and the day very sunny.

“It happens to the best of us.”Amit said knowingly.”After a while one does need friends with whom one can discuss intimate things. And I thought that there would be no better day than our anniversary to, well, have a nice time with someone likeminded.”

“It sure does. And it is real nice of you to have us over as your guests.” Rehan agreed.

“Don’t be formal. We are old pals.Remember?I believe you and Sunita were classmates and there were lots of fireworks between the two of you.” Amit carried on in the teasing tone.

“Well…….”Rehan squirmed.

“Relax, yaar. In fact I feel a sense of pride that I have a sexy wife. You should be feeling even more proud because Sameera is even more sexy.” Amit winked at Rehan who looked at Sameera to find her blushing.

“Come on, open up.You guys lose out on a lot of fun this way. Sameera don’t you think you are overdressed?” Amit asked her and then proceeded to ask Rehan,” You don’t mind if I ask her to get rid of surplus clothes?”

“No, she is not.They stay in a town and if she remains the way you want her to be, she will have to deal with dozens of men daily.I am going to the kitchen to get some more ice.”Sunita replied.

As Sunita walked into the kitchen, Rehan remarked quietly to Sameera how he wished she had brought her string bikini along. Sameera chided him saying that if that was what he had wanted he should have said so.It would have been very brazen of her to dress so seductively in front of relatives. How was she to know that things would be as cool here and that Amit would be so warm and effusive? Perhaps Sunita had a spare thong bikini that she could borrow to see how she would like it. Sunita overheard them as she came out with the drinks and remarked that she did have an extra suit that she never wore because it did not fit her but would fit Sameera perfectly.

“But beware Sameera.It is very sexy. Something that Amit would give a lot to see you in.”Sunita said with a laugh.

Sameera initially declined for the sake of formality but eventually she agreed after everyone pestered her to at least try it.

Both women went into the house to get the suit. Amit pulled Rehan aside and told him that normally he and Sunita didn’t wear suits in their pool since it was so secluded, and that this whole topic might get Sunita heading into a sensual mood.Again. Sure enough, a few minutes later Sameera and Sunita returned, Sameera wearing a white string bikini and blushing a beetroot red and Sunita now wearing a red one that was comparatively far more conservative than the one Sameera was wearing. The string bikini just about covered Sameera’s breasts and the pubic mound. Sameera was secretly thankful that she was not the hairy types and also that she had taken good care to give the pussy hair a proper shape otherwise the hair would be visible from the sides and that would be very very embarassing. However the dark silhouette of her chocolate brown nipples was evident under the light fabric of the white bikini top even though she had not entered the water. Sunita modeled her bikini for the gentlemen, but Sameera kept her back facing away from them, afraid to show off the thong back and her exposed shapely buttocks.

“Wait until it gets wet,” was all Amit said. Obviously Amit knew that Sameera’s bikini when wet wouldn’t be able to hide much. Although so many men would have seen his wife nude but Rehan had mixed feelings especially since he could see an erection in his friend’s swimming trunks with the anticipation that soon he would get to see Sameera virtually nude.

The drinking and sunning continued unabated when Sunita remarked that she was getting awfully hot on the patio, and pulling Sameera by the hand, went to the pool. Amit had been waiting impatiently for this and with Sunita pulling her arm, the men finally got a good look at Sameera’s backside. Both whistled and clapped. Sameera was a good sport but after the beer her inhibitions had faded away.She wriggled her gorgeous bums for the guys before jumping in. As they emerged from the water through the thin transparent suit they could see the vertical line of hair just above the slit that Sameera kept. Rehan was speechless. Amit just smiled but when Sunita saw how much the suit now revealed she squealed, “Sameera! The transparency is lovely!”

Sameera was perhaps surprised and pretended to cover her breasts with a sheepish grin on her face.

“Since we’ve seen them already, why cover them up?”, Sunita said with an understanding smile. With that, she proceeded to untie Sameera’s top and pulled it off.Rehan was not really surprised that Sameera made no serious attempt to prevent her. “I hate tan lines on young shapely breasts, and being topless is okay here, technically, even at a public beach.” Sunita continued.

Sameera’s breasts were beautiful, full with just the slightest hint of sag, her chocolate brown nipples pointing slightly up. Just perfect. Rehan at that moment felt proud at his wife’s lovely body and thanked her silently for all the work that had gone into making it the way it was.

“You should try it too, Sunita.” Sameera urged now relishing her semi nudity but Sunita was just getting used to the red suit and wasn’t quite ready to be topless. The drinking, sunning and talking continued for a while and within a few minutes everyone had pretty well grown accustomed to Sameera’s exposed breasts and virtual nudity except for the thong panty. After a while Sunita too untied her top and placed it on the table. By the speed that she did it it was obvious that she would lose her nerve if she hesitated.

“That is the spirit!” Sameera said. Amit just smiled. He felt excited looking at his wife’s pale breasts and knowing that Rehan and his wife were looking at them too. Sameera’s face was a little pink, probably more from excitement than the sun, but she was quite comfortable. It was almost like Rehan was looking at her chest for the first time, seeing them with the others also looking and he found the feeling to be incredibly erotic. Her breasts were maybe a little smaller than Sunita’s, but had the same nice weight to them and despite the warmth of the day her chocolate brown nipples were erect.

“Come on, now this is getting boring. Sunita, You should let Rehan put some suntan lotion on them since they don’t have any base tan. After all he is your old pal.” Sameera urged. Amit was flabbergasted. Initially he was the one making bold remarks but now Sameera had taken over from him. Here she was asking her husband to take the initiative of putting suntan oil on his( Amit’s) wife. If he objected, he would seem to be a spoilsport. Sameera handed Rehan the bottle of sunscreen.

Rehan was thankful to Sameera for having broken the ice so far as he and Sunita were concerned. He knew that Amit and Sameera were watching, so he took the squeeze bottle and aimed it squarely at Sunita’s generous breasts.Amit and Sameera both laughed and clapped. Sunita blushed and she playfully slapped Rehan as he rubbed the lotion over her tits, squeezing her nipples until they stood at attention.

“Well, Sameera may I have the pleasure of doing the same to you?” Amit asked obviously assuming that Sameera would acquicise.

“Thank you.” She replied naughtily.“I can put the lotion on my breasts myself.” She laughed heartily when she saw the crestfallen expression on Amit’s face.

“You really want to touch my breasts?” she asked pointedly.

Amit felt embarrassed. Naturally he did but nobody had ever put such a direct question to him.

“Come on. Be frank, Amit. Why blush?” she teased him.

While this conversation was going between them Rehan had massaged the lotion well into Sunita’s breasts. She had started squirming and had made no attempt to stop Rehan when he started pulling down her bikini bottom. Rehan glanced over his shoulder and saw that Sameera and Amit were engrossed in conversation.He knew that Sameera was a tease and Amit would have a hard time in persuading her to have sex with him.Yet another reason for looking over the shoulder was to ensure that there were no disapproving glances either from his wife or from that of Sunita’s husband.

“What the hell!” he thought.” I have not come here to make friends between two adults. If they get along, fine. If they don’t well, why should I spoil my fun?”

Amit nodded in answer to Sameera’s question.

“While you were talking to me, my naughty hubby is being very naughty with Sunita. Surely you too should help me get rid of this thong or will I have to do it myself? Although it is your anniversary and you are entitled to do as you wish, but still I would like you to do what is essentially a male prerogative.” Sameera said saucily.

“Oh sorry.” Amit said and tucking his fingers in the string over her waist, started pulling it down. As the lycra fabric came off her swollen mound, Amit couldn’t but feel that Sameera’s pussy was one of the sexiest he had ever seen and he had seen many. She fully cooperated by lifting her hips and as it came off her bare feet, she was fully nude.

“That’s a nice tattoo that you have got done there.”Amit said in an admiring tone.

“Thank you.” Sameera replied. It was a tattoo of cupid shooting an arrow and was placed just at her pubic mound with the arrow was pointing towards the lips of her pussy.

“I am sure it is quite tasty there as well.” Amit said raunchily.

“Come on. You men say that to flatter all the girls.” Sameera did not sound very flattered.

“I mean it and I can prove it.” Amit still did not give up.

“Prove it. How?” Sameera asked her eyes round. She had pulled one knee close to her chest so that one breast was partially covered and she was playing with her anklet. The flip side was that the partly visible pussy lips were driving Amit insane.

“Look, I will close my eyes. You can put a finger in your pussy and another in Sunita’s and let me taste both of them. I will be able to tell you which is which.” The alcohol had taken a firm control over Amit and he made this statement with all sincerity.

Sameera looked at him for what seemed an eternity as if analysing his words and then finally said okay.

“But there is a catch to it.” Rehan spoke from where he and Sunita were listening to this conversation.

“What?” Amit was too glad to accept all the stipulations that Rehan would offer.

“We will be two teams. You and Sunita. Sameera and I. The men will do the tasting. The male of the winning team will have sex with the female of the losing team.”

“What rubbish!” Sameera said. “ Where does the question of having sex come in? This is just for fun.”

“Don’t be a spoilsport, Sameera.You know it would excite me and probably you too, but I don’t want to pressure you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.” Rehan said. The other two were also nodding their heads in unison and this made Sameera laugh.

“Okay, Agreed. But close your eyes now and go and stand on a corner.” Sameera said.

“I’ll take my index finger, rub it inside me, then put the second finger inside you. You can do the same. Then you offer your fingers to Amit while I will offer them to Rehan. Remember my index finger will go in my pussy and your index finger too will go in my pussy.Then these smarties will have to decide whose pussy is which.” Sunita said.


“Okay” Sameera replied as she watched her cousin well manicured finger find its way into the folds of her pussy. Sameera gasped with pleasure as Sunita felt a bit of moisture and withdrew. Sameera swooning with pleasure repeated the same act.Sunita’s pussy felt warm and cushioned to Sameera’s finger.Her nails were cut short and taking advantage of this she thrust her finger nicely inside Sunita. Sameera couldn’t help thinking that this was the very pussy her husband had at one time longed for. Now the fingers were offered to Amit and Rehan. After tasting both of Sunita’s fingers Amit said that it was Sunita’s juice only on both. Rehan however came up with the correct responses.

By : rupanita

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