Young Indian couple visits friends celebrating anniversary

“Well, I don’t mind accompanying you to Goa. Not only is Sunita my cousin sis, she is very pretty and great company , Amit is okay in his own way……no great shakes.” Sameera said to Rehan.

Sameera and Rehan had been married for six years and as happens with most marriages the spark seemed to have died down. They did have sex but it lacked the thrill that it gave a couple of years back. It was not as if they were not fond of one another. They were still madly in love with one another and life without one another was unthinkable. They had lots of discussions and finally decided that what the marriage required was some change to shake it out of its reverie. They themselves did not know what sort of a change they had in mind.

Rehan and Amit were old friends right from their university days. Both of them were acclaimed athletes winning medals for their teams in almost all the events that they participated in. Amit had tied the knot with Sunita much before Rehan had married Sameera. Sunita was Sameera’s cousin, elder than her by two years and was strikingly fair something which had won her many admirers. She had a healthy attitude towards sex and such thoughts coupled with a stunning body were enough to drive any man insane. Lest Amit not take his admiration for Sunita in the right spirit, Rehan was not too vocal about it especially because Rehan and Sunita had been classmates. Now that Amit and Sunita themselves had invited both of them the opportunity appeared to be too good to miss. Especially when the invitation had been extended by them during their visit to the town.

“It is our anniversary.We will have a small get together;just the four of us.The change will be nice for the both of you.”Amit had said to Rehan and Sameera who were in no position to decline the offer.

Rehan had first seen Sameera on a beach and had been astonished to see her topless. She was in her early twenties, fair enough though not as fair as Sunita but she still had that attraction and body confidence that was very very rare. It was virtually unthinkable for a young girl to flaunt her breasts and still be comfortable about it. This had had a tremendous impact on Rehan. He had found out all about her and though this particular aspect of her personality was not known to his parents, they were quite happy with their daughter in law. She too took good care to ensure that their sensibilities were not hurt. However the fact remained that Sameera worked hard towards maintaining her body and showed it off with pride.

Sameera knew that Rehan was very fond of his friend’s wife( his classmate and her cousin) and she wasted no opportunity in pulling his leg.

“You know what I have been thinking, or rather imagining?” She asked Rehan with a twinkle in her eyes..

“What?” he asked absent mindedly brushing his hair.

“You and Sunita having sex.” Sameera replied looking in Rehan’s eyes.

“Come on. Give me a break.” he replied. “She is your cousin, dammit. Of course, she is good but sex………..and that too when it is her anniversary. You have too fertile an imagination. That is all.”

“Now, don’t be coy. She is my cousin but she is your class fellow too on whom you had such a crush.I know it so why act snooty and believe me your fondness for her gives me a thrill. Had I been in your place even I would be wanting to make love to her.And does a person stop being himself/herself on their anniversary?,” Sameera said. “There is no harm in thinking, but what does Amit think about this? That is something that should be taken care of.”

By : rupanita

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