Young housemistress keeps all the family men happy

As she wiped herself after peeing, Rita saw the white
pearly liquid on the tissue. It was there quite often
these days. She reached with her middle finger to the
source and spread more of the male juice up to her
clit with gentle motions.

Another climax was hardly necessary as her pussy was
still swollen from the vigorous and thorough fucking
she had just finished, but it always felt good. She
cleaned her neatly trimmed red pubes as well. Getting
back into bed with her sleeping sex partner, the 22
year old snuggled behind him and reminisced, “What
have I gotten myself into… or rather what has gotten
into me?”

Her thoughts drifted back to the day a year earlier
when the middle aged man who frequently came into the
family restaurant where she was a hostess first struck
up a conversation with her beyond the usual
politeness. After that she always spoke to him and he
engaged her in conversation more often as she checked
on his service. She noticed that he would bring two
older teen boys with him at dinner time and would have
an occasional woman companion at breakfast.

Among many other questions, he had learned about her
tastes in art, but she was still surprised when he
invited her to dinner and a special exhibition the
next Saturday. She made arrangements to leave work
early to accompany Thomas, this charming new friend.
Rita rarely dated, still living at home with her
mother and two younger brothers. It wasn’t for lack of
asking, since the nicely proportioned redhead was
certainly attractive.

A number of disappointing experiences with boys and
men her own age had turned her off to her peers.
Because of the age difference she viewed Thomas as a
friend. He, however, had a much different viewpoint of
her. The conversations with Rita had revealed the
maturity and intelligence that he preferred. His
predilection for redheads showed in his morning-after
breakfast companions. He didn’t know if Rita had
noticed that.

The evening out was greatly enjoyed by both and Thomas
received an affirmative reply when he asked if he
might ask her out again. Rita was surprised when her
companion did not seem to expect a kiss at the
doorstep so she gave him a quick hug with her thank
you instead. His respect for her throughout the
evening made a big impression.

There was another, more secret reason Rita didn’t
date. Although endowed with the above average sex
drive often found in redheads, her needs were
regularly taken care of at home. She had been screwing
her younger brothers since they turned fifteen. With
two horny young men available she rarely felt needy.
When Rita’s periods began, her mother had done the
obligatory sex education. When she detected that
desire was making Rita restless she introduced her to
masturbation and sex toys.

Just before her fifteenth birthday Rita was started on
birth control and, with Rita’s informed consent as a
special birthday present, her youngest uncle
introduced her to the pleasures that an experienced
man could provide. Rita’s mother shared with the young
virgin that this uncle, who often spent the weekend in
her mother’s room, had been fucking her before,
during, and after her marriage and she trusted his
skills and consideration for her own daughter.

For the next year he had two women to satisfy.
Spreading her legs for a few schoolmates had paled in
comparison to the older lover so she quit doing the
other boys. As her brothers turned fifteen, the
experienced young woman gave each of them a proper
introduction to the wonders of the female body. She
regularly took care of their needs, as well as
occasionally enjoying her uncle, while improving the
boys’ skills and endurance.

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