Young girls love affair with cum

I love sucking cock.

I enjoy the feeling of a man’s hardness in my mouth. I
the taste of his skin on my tongue. I crave the wanton
feeling when he pumps his penis between my lips. I could
suck cock for hours, and I have. But my favorite part is the
CUM. I love feeling it pulse out of a jumping member. I
shiver with delight as it fills my mouth. If the guy has a
lot of jizz and it leaks out, I love that too. If he wants
to spurt on my face, fine. I’ve licked it out of other
girls’ mouths and off other girls’ tummys and nipples. I’ve
even taked it from more than one guy at a time – and more
that I’ll tell about here. I guess I’m every man’s fantasy.

I started my love affair with cum and cocks when I was 11.
There was this cousion of mine who was 13 and who was
visiting us for a couple of weeks. As all kids do, we
up together alone and drifted toward the sexuial aspects.
had not begun puberty yet, but I was tall and pretty with
long hair and looked fairly mature. I had explored my body,
of course, but my youth made it more of a curiosity than a
sexual experience.

Well, this cousin, Alan, said that when a guy’s prick gets
rubbed enough, it makes milk come out. Although I was not
totally sheltered, I had not heard of this and expressed
doubts. He insisted that he had done it himself several
times. I was immediately curious but didn’t want to blow my
cool. He went on to say that girls could drink it when it
came out – so he’d been told. Increasingly interested, I
asked him if he knew what it was like. He admitted that he
had only seen it once, when he watched two boys to do it
a camping trip.

I told him he was a liar, that people didn’t do things like
that. He promised to show me (probably what he was after the
whole time, anyway). Well, I was fascinated as he took his
little cock out. It has hair around it and was already hard.

He rubbed it with his fist in the approved fashion, showing
me how. After a bit, he started jerking his fist faster
began to breathe hard. He said “now”, and out shot some cum.
It was the first I’d seen. A few more little spurts came
out. I said, “Hey! neat!” or something equally profound.
Then came the moment that changed my life – I put a finger
in it, piucked up a glob, and tasted it.

It was terrible.

He thought it was funny that I tasted it and made such a
face. He made fun of me, saying that a little girl couldn’t

be expected to like what a woman would like. I vowed then
and there that I would show him. I told him to make some
more and I’d drink it like that other boy did, but he said
that he couldn’t now since he just had.

Over the next couple of days I asked some girlfriends
all of this. Most hadn’t known anything helpful, but one
girl, Amy, said that girls could do that too and that it
felt really good. I asked where the milk came out and she
laughed. She said “Girls don’t shoot like boys, but we get
really wet and everything sort of spins.” I asked if she
ever tasted the boy stuff but she hadn’t. She said it
sounded gross but wanted to talk more to me.

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