Young girl’s fantasy Breed By Dad

Daddy awoke to his daughter at his bedroom door.

He could barely make out her image as she was silhouetted by the hall light. She was dressed in a short sheer teddy that hung from her breasts and barely covered her navel. Her patch was covered by a sheer matching thong.

“Daddy? Are you asleep?”

“What is it baby?”

“I have a headache daddy, and I can’t sleep.”

“Did you take some Tylenol honey?”

She came into the room and sat down on the side of the bed. “Yes daddy. But, it’s not helping. Can I just lay here next to you for a while?”

“Princess, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Daddy doesn’t have any pajamas on.”

She peeled back the blankets just enough to let herself in, then spooned back against her daddy’s form.

“Sweety, you shouldn’t be here like this.”

She reached back and brought his arm around her waist and wiggled her ass against him to snuggle in more deeply. “Shhhhh daddy. It’s Ok. Just go back to sleep.”

He sighed, closed his eyes, and nestled his head into the pillows and drifted off to sleep.

For her, a thousand naughty thoughts flooded her mind. This happened every month about this time. She would have her period and then about ten days later she would get like this.

Her body screamed for attention and nothing she did would satiate her. She played with herself, used dildos, and brought herself to orgasm a hundred times but nothing seemed to quell her lust. Lately she had turned to porn on the internet.

The sites that turned her on the most were all about breeding; taking a man’s seed, letting it grow, making babies and feeding them with her milk. She was fascinated, knowing her body was capable of spawning new life.

She was not sexually naïve. She had her first experiences in high school. Daddy had taken her to the doctor to get the pill when she blossomed a couple of years back. She had always made her boyfriend’s wear condoms and never let them cum insider her.

How could she trust them not to give her a disease? That’s all her sex-ed classes, back when she was in high-school, ever talked about.

She wanted to experience the feel of a man erupting inside her, filling her with cum. Just the thought that his sperm would be seeking out her egg heightened her passion, but she needed someone that she could trust. Someone like her daddy.

She had always loved her daddy. Since her mother left several years ago, he was the man of her life. She initially lived with mom, but when mom re-married she hated her new step-dad. Her real dad had taken a job in another state and now she was stuck here with mom and her step-dad.

She never felt safe around him. He yelled at her for stupid stuff, leered at her, and one day she caught him going through her underwear drawers. ‘Eeeww!’.

She moved out to live with daddy, where she always felt safe.

Her dad was always sweet. She loved hanging out with him. She loved to sit with him and watch scary movies. He always made popcorn and when the scary parts came on, she loved to curl up in his arms where she felt safe, protected.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized… she was in love with daddy.

Over the past couple of months she started looking at the porn sites that talked of incest. Daddies and daughters together, loving each other, sleeping together. A loving daddy bedding his daughter, breeding her and having his babies.

She saw pictures of girls pregnant, their bellies full, and round, their tits swollen with milk. No other fantasy gave her the orgasms that she had when thinking about having daddy’s baby.

She went out and got a breast pump. She found a medical site that described inducing lactation for adoptive mothers. She started using her birth control pills and the pump as described and could now produce a small amount of milk from her breasts. She loved the feeling of giving milk but wanted to feed her daddy.

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