Young Couples Were Swapping Spouses And Didn’t Know It

My name is Jason, and I met, Kim, and woman who would become my wife, in our senior year in college. Her bubbly, flirty personality perfectly complements her beauty, and I thought I was the luckiest man in the world to be with her. The only thing I knew about her past were the rumors I heard about her being a slut for big cocks. I never told her that I knew about her past or tried to embarrass her about it, since she is the woman of my dreams.
At five feet and eight inches tall, weighing one hundred and thirty-two pounds, and with those sparkling blues eyes and blonde hair, she looks amazingly like the singer, Katy Perry. Even better, she has a beautifully shaped, full ass and amazing 32D breasts that are full, firm and well-shaped. Her pussy is also fat-lipped and hairy, and I can’t get enough of eating her out. I’ve always been orally-oriented, and I love sucking her wet pussy, both before and after we fuck. Kim likes to be eaten out, of course, but I think her strong preference is to be fucked
I was sure that I’d never be attracted to another woman, and after graduation, we were married and started a family in Dallas. We both worked until we had our first child, and then planned to stay in our apartment until I was making more money and the baby was old enough to need a yard to play in.
Kim was breast feeding our baby, her already big breasts had grown to 32Es, and I loved suckling her and drinking her sweet milk. I have always been a tit man, although I’m also a lover of pussy and ass, and her big breasts are so much fun to suck and play with. As you might imagine, she gets a lot of attention from other men, which is a source of pride for me.
Our daughter was five months old and we had just decided to start trying for another child, so Kim hadn’t restarted her birth control since the baby was born. We had been using the rhythm method, and it was fun to be able to start fucking her freely again. Our sex life returned to almost normal.
That’s about the time we met another couple who lives on the next floor in our building. They are the same ages as Kim and me, they also have a daughter the same age as our daughter, and she was being breast fed too. It runs out that Mark and Melanie went to the University of Texas – Austin, just like Kim and me, but we never met them there.

Mark and I are both athletic and even look a little alike, at six feet tall, weighing one hundred and eighty-five pounds, and with dark hair. We began socializing with them and became good friends. And as much as I love Kim, I was becoming smitten with Melanie. She’s five feet and seven inches tall, weighs about one hundred and thirty pounds, and with her light brown hair and eyes she looks a lot like the sultry actress, Haley Bennett. And just like Kim, Jenny has a gorgeous ass and 32D breasts that had grown to 34Es since she was lactating.
Mark and I sometimes go out for a few beers together, and it was on one of those nights, when we both had too much to drink, that we started talking about our wives. I admit that it was me who started it, since I’m such a tit man, and I love looking at Melanie’s big, braless tits swinging and jiggling in her tight t-shirts whenever we’re with them.
We were at a local bar on our fourth beers on a Friday night, and our wives were home with the babies, when I said, “We’re a couple of lucky guys to have wives like we do. If you don’t mind me saying so, Melanie looked hotter than shit the other day in that tight t-shirt. Our wives have some really big, milk-filled knockers that make me hungry all the time.”
Mark kiddingly punched me in the shoulder and said, “Yeah, well, I like Kim’s big tits too, and wouldn’t mind playing with them, but you best keep your hungry mouth on her jugs instead of Mel’s.”
I laughed and replied, telling him more than I should have about Kim, as I did on other occasions, “Okay, okay, man, but you can’t blame a guy for being attracted to Melanie. I know that Kim was wild and very active sexually before I met her, and maybe I was just assuming that other hot women would have had those same experiences.”
At that point I don’t think I was seriously considering cheating on Kim. But Mark’s less-than-angry response to my comment about being hungry for some milk-filled tits, implying that I’d want to suck Melanie’s tits too, and him saying that he wouldn’t mind fondling Kim’s tits, had stirred an awareness in me that it might be possible.
I had been using the health club at our apartment complex since we moved in, but Kim seldom seemed to have an interest in going with me. After the baby was born, we couldn’t go together anyway, and she sometimes goes jogging while I watch the baby. I was accustomed to using the facilities on my own, so you can imagine my joy when Melanie showed up at the club one evening.
It was a perfect situation, since our spouses had to stay home to watch the babies, and I adjusted my routine to workout with Melanie. She’s fun and outgoing like Kim, very easy to talk to, and I love seeing her in those tight, yoga pants and tight t-shirts. I took the chance to engage her in some seemingly-innocent banter just to test the waters and to see if she was receptive to teasing in an even remotely sexual way.
We had just finished running next to each other on the treadmills and were headed for the weight machines, when I said, “You know, Melanie, Mark and I are the luckiest men in the world, to have wives like you and Kim. And when you two are wearing those tight t-shirts, it’s enough to make me hungry.”
She laughed, momentarily lifting and weighing her breasts in her hands, and teased, “Oh come on now, Jason, you don’t really think these big milk jugs are attractive, do you? I have to tell you that they are hard to handle and uncomfortable sometimes, especially when it’s close to feeding time.”
Her unabashed response was encouraging, and I decided to test her openness further. I kiddingly patted her on the arm and said, “Well, if you ever need to relieve a little pressure in those big milk jugs of yours, don’t hesitate to let me know. Kim loves it when I suckle her. It’s a big turn-on for both of us, and usually goes a lot farther. I can never get enough of her sweet milk.”
She turned her head towards me, with a curious expression oh her face, and said, “Wow, Jason, you must be kidding me. I’ve been trying to get Mark to do that for me for months now. He tried it a few times in the beginning, but it’s not a turn-on for him. If you’re serious about that, I might have to take you up on it sometime.”
Our conversation had evolved so much better and faster than I could have hoped, and at the risk of going too far, I said, “Well, if you’re serious about possibly taking me up on it, we could probably use one of the empty massage rooms, since they aren’t being used in the evenings.”
I held my breath, and was preparing myself for rejection or worse, when she smiled, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Okay, Jason, let’s go see if you’re bullshitting me or not, but we have to keep this between us, and not let Mark and Kim know. We also have to limit it to suckling, since I don’t think I can cheat on Mark, beyond sharing my tits with you.”
The situation had evolved even more quickly then, and even though she said she wouldn’t go any farther, I knew from sucking Kim’s lactating breasts that it would likely evolve into a full sexual encounter. We went into one of the empty massage rooms and locked the door behind us.
We were both nervous and stood there for a few moments, unsure how to start, and I finally asked, “Why don’t we just use the massage table? You can lay back, and uh, uh, lift your t-shirt up over your girls, and I’ll take it from there.”
She hopped up onto the table, and I rolled up a towel to put behind her head as a pillow, as she laid back. Melanie smiled uneasily as she pulled her tight t-shirt up and off, and my cock got hard as I saw her massive, milk-filled breasts, with those big, tan areolas and thumb-sized nipples, settle and flatten slightly on her chest. I was standing on her left side and leaned over to take her left areola and nipple into my mouth. I began sucking as I had done so many times for Kim, and her sweet milk started flowing into my mouth.
Melanie started moaning almost instantly, and she held my head against her breast, as I used both hands to fondle and knead both breasts. It felt like her breasts are even bigger than Kim’s, and I could hardly believe that I had my mouth on them and was drinking her sweet mother’s milk. I suckled her that way for what seemed like ten minutes, as she squirmed and moaned on the table, and when I pulled away momentarily to move to her right breast, she pulled me up to kiss her.
We were both breathing hard as she pushed her tongue in my mouth, and we were having as passionate a kiss as I ever had with Kim. We probed each other’s mouths with our tongues for what seemed like five minutes, until she pushed me back and said, “Oh fuck, Jason, I had no idea it would feel so good having my breasts so thoroughly sucked by a man. Please, sweetie, drain the other one for me now.”
I began sucking her right breast, and as she squirmed and whimpered on the table, I felt her left arm wrap around my ass. She held me tightly and rubbed my ass, even dropping her hand down to rub my balls which she felt from behind. I shifted my stance, moving my torso farther away while still sucking her breast, and I was leaning against the table, and almost laying on it.
In that new position, her hand had slipped around to the front of my hip, and I soon felt her rubbing my hard cock lump. My uncircumcised cock is thick and over seven inches long on hard, and she started rubbing it over my shorts, as I brought my left had up to rub her inner thigh. She finally pushed her hand into my workout shorts and began alternately stroking my precum-oozing, hard cock, and fondling my plum-sized, low-hanging balls, as I began to rub her thick, pouty, wet camel toe from the outside of her tight yoga pants.
We were both breathing hard and in a frenzy of passion, as I pulled back and moved to the end of the table. She watched me, smiled, and lifted her hips to help as I pulled her tight yoga pants down and off her legs. Then I lifted her legs over my shoulders and moved in to suck her sweet, soaking-wet pussy. Her thick labia and big clit are very similar to Kim’s, and I began sucking and tongue fucking her pussy as she reached down and held my head in place.
She had two orgasms while I was sucking her pussy, and when she started trying to pull me up, I quickly turned her on her side and moved onto the narrow table on my side, facing the opposite way. She began sucking my big cock and fondling my balls as I pulled her top leg over behind my head and shoulders, which gave me perfect access to her pussy again. We sucked each other that for about five minutes, until I felt myself getting close to ejaculating.
I pulled away from her pussy for a second to say, “You said before that I couldn’t do more than sucking your big tits, but we’ve gone much farther than that. I’d sure love to fuck you now and can’t wait to push my thick cock into your sweet pussy.”
She pulled off my cock and answered, “Fuck me, Jason; turn around on top of me and fuck me. But you’ll need to pull out, sweetie. Mark and I have been trying for another child, and I’m unprotected. We should be okay today, but you’ll need to pull out anyway, just to be safe.”
I could hardly believe that Mark and Melanie were also trying for a baby like Kim and me. I moved on top of her, and we kissed as my cock impaled her sweet, married cunt. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to pull out when the time came, but I had to try. I loved kissing her and fucking her, and it was still hard to believe that I was having sex with our beautiful neighbor.
Melanie wrapped her legs around my ass and swiveled her hips as we fucked hard and fast, and I didn’t feel even the least bit guilty with my cock buried in such a sweet pussy. With all the foreplay and sucking we had done, I had only been fucking her for about five minutes when I knew that I was close to ejaculating again.
I broke our kiss, and while panting heavily, said, “I’m close, Melanie, so you better unwarp your legs. I shoot a big load of cum, and I don’t want to risk impregnating you.”
She tightened her legs around my ass and said, “Don’t you fucking dare pull out of me now. I’m on my third orgasm, and another one is starting. Fuck me, Jason; breed my adulterous pussy.”
My cock started throbbing and spewing when told me to breed her, and I continued fucking her as my cock softened. Then I kissed her again before pulling out of her pussy, and moving down her torso, kissing, licking, and sucking as I got closer and closer to her oozing pussy.
She realized what I was doing and laughed before saying, “Damn, Jason, don’t tell me that now you’re going to eat my creamed-up pussy. Fuck, Mark doesn’t eat me out that often, and that’s only before we fuck. Holy shit, sweetie, you sure do like to use your mouth, and I love it too. I just hope that you didn’t knock me up just now, but that wouldn’t be your fault.”
I love sucking my cum from Kim’s pussy, and it tasted just as good from Melanie’s, if maybe just a little different. I sucked her pussy, swallowing my own cum for another five minutes, until Melanie said, “I love that and would like for you to do it all night. But we’ve been gone a long time, and we’d better get back to Mark and Kim. Just remember to keep this our little secret, and we probably shouldn’t even tell them that we worked out together.”
We were walking to the elevator and I said, “Melanie, that was wonderful, and I hope we can keep meeting like this. It’s perfect with Kim and Mark watching the babies, and what they don’t know won’t hurt them. I’m in love, or at least lust, with you and your body, and I could suck every inch of you for hours.”
Melanie leaned in to kiss me and rub my cock before saying, “Mark’s uncut cock is thicker and longer than yours, almost ten inches I think, but you sure know how to use your nice, thick cock. And oh, my goodness, sweetie, but I love how nasty you are and the way you use that mouth and tongue of yours, which is something Mark rarely and only half-heartedly does for me.”
It felt a little uncomfortable having my cock compared unfavorably to Mark’s, even though she was diplomatic and sort of complimentary about it, but it’s a major plus that she likes me using my mouth on her. Truth be told, I sometimes enjoy eating pussy more than fucking anyway.
I got off the elevator on my floor, as Melanie continued to her floor, and in the short time I had before getting to my apartment, I was starting to feel guilty about what I had done with Melanie. I was usually tired and subdued after working out, so I decided to put on a happy face and even see if Kim was up for me to eat her out. I didn’t want to try fucking her so soon after fucking Melanie, but I knew that I could handle sucking on her sweet pussy.
Kim was in the living room when I came in, after having just put the baby down for the night. I walked in and said, “I had a great workout, honey, and I sure have a taste for some of your sweet pussy. Would you let me get between your legs and get you off with my mouth and tongue? Then I’d like to drink a little of your sweet milk.”
She’s accustomed to how hungry I always am for her pussy and tits, and without saying a word she pulled up her nightgown and pushed her panties down and off, before spreading her legs for me. Then she said, “Sure, honey, I’m getting close to my ovulation time and I should be good and juicy for you. But we need to fuck tomorrow and the next few days, since they will be my most fertile times.”
I felt better once I had my mouth on her pussy, giving her pleasure, and I also knew that would mask the aroma of Melanie’s pussy. I sucked her pussy to an orgasm before moving up to suck her breasts, and I was kind of proud of myself for having such a fruitful evening; sucking two pussies and two sets of tits and fucking our gorgeous neighbor.
Melanie and I continued to work out together, and fucked and sucked, some nights taking longer than others. We mentioned to our spouses that we saw each other briefly in the gym, but they had no way of knowing how close we were becoming. And after that first night fucking and sucking Melanie, and coming home to suck Kim’s pussy, Kim seemed anxious to have me suck pussy every night after my workouts. Her pussy was always juicy for me, with a familiar taste, and I just assumed that was from some lingering postpartum issues.
One thing that I thought was strange, but at the same time beneficial to me, is that Kim never gave me shit for working out almost every night and taking time away from her and the baby. Sometimes I’d be gone for two hours. She had no idea that I was having sex with Melanie, and her lax attitude gave me a lot of freedom to cheat on her.
The reader needs to remember that neither Kim nor I were aware of the other spouse’s activities until the events to be described at the end of the story, and Kim will now relate her perspective on what happened, without repeating much of what you’ve already read.
Kim’s Story
Getting married to Jason, moving into that apartment, and having the baby were significant changes from our fancy-free lives in college. But we both wanted a family and decided to get started earlier than many couples do. I liked it when we met and became friends with Mark and Melanie in the apartment building, especially since we have so much in common. Jason and Mark started doing a few things together, and Melanie and I were together a lot, sharing our experiences and advice at being new mothers.
I sometimes go out to jog when Jason can be home with the baby, but I’m not nearly as dedicated to getting my exercise as he is. He goes to our health club almost every night and works out regularly. Some nights he’ll be gone for an hour and a half or more.
Jason told me that Melanie was also working out down there, but he said that they weren’t really working out together. I know that Jason enjoys watching her though, being such a tit man and knowing how much he likes to suckle my breasts, so it must have been stimulating for him seeing her there. But I’m not the jealous type, and since Jason is so anxious to eat me out when he comes home, it never occurred to me to be concerned about them spending time together.
With Jason out so much in the evenings I sometimes get lonely and even need help with things in the apartment. Most times I can wait until Jason returns, but one night I needed help getting a new crib mobile set up. I forget to ask Jason to help me, and since it’s for the baby and I needed to put her down for the night, I couldn’t wait.
I called Mark and asked him if he could come down to help me, and he said, “Sure, Kim, it will be my pleasure to help. I just need to pack a few things for the baby, and I’ll be right down.”
He arrived in about five minutes, wearing his usual athletic shorts and a loose t-shirt, and I was wearing yoga pants like Melanie normally wears, and a tight t-shirt, with no underwear. He put the baby carrier and diaper bag on the floor by the couch and spent about fifteen minutes helping me setup the mobile.
After that we stood by the couch and talked for a few minutes, and when he picked up the baby and was getting ready to leave, I said, “If you don’t have anything you need to do at home to right now, with Melanie working out, I’d like for you to stay for a while so we can talk more. I’ll put the baby down and be right back. It gets lonely sometimes when Jason’s at the club. He just left about twenty minutes ago, so it could be another hour and a half before he gets back.”
His baby was sleeping in the carrier, and he said, “Sure, Kim, I always enjoy talking with you. And Melanie is down at the club working out too, so I’ve got plenty of time. She always seems to take an hour and a half or two as well. Maybe I can put my baby in the nursery too, and she’ll be fine in the carrier.”
After taking care of our babies, I served Mark a beer, but I had a soft drink, since I was lactating and trying to get pregnant again. We settled on the couch and talked about mundane things like the weather, at first, and I was becoming aware of how Mark was so obviously staring at me. I’m sure that he’s attracted to my breasts, as most men are, but Melanie has big breasts too, and I noticed that he was watching my crotch closely as I shifted my position on the couch.
He looked away as he took a sip of beer, which gave me a moment to look down to see what he was looking at. I was amused when I saw that my usually big and protruding camel toe looked even more enticing, since the seam of my tight yoga pants had pulled up between my labia. For a reason that I’ll gladly explain, I decided to leave it that way, and not pull the material out of my labia cleavage.
When I met Jason in our senior year in college, he never asked me about my past, and I certainly wasn’t going to volunteer anything. I had been wild and very active sexually, fucking numerous boys, and always dating the boys with the biggest cocks. I used to wear tight pants that displayed my fat-lipped pussy, and that, when combined with my big tits in tight t-shirts, was all I needed to attract plenty of boys to fuck me.
I decided to settle down in my senior year, hoping to find someone I could spend the rest of my life with. I fell in love with Jason soon after we met. He’s handsome and smart, and our personalities are a perfect match. The only drawback is his cock, which although it is bigger than average, and very satisfying, it pales in comparison to some of the well-hung boys I had been fucking. His cock is thick, which helps, but at just over seven inches long, I sometimes desire those big cocks again.
It didn’t make sense to me to push away such a good potential husband just because of his cock size. And besides, I had never met another boy who has such a hunger for sucking my pussy, and he even eats his own cum out of me after we fuck. All things considered, he’s a good catch. And although I like fucking the most, it really turns me on when he eats me out afterwards.
But back to that first night on the couch with Mark. He was so obviously staring at me, that my pussy was getting wet. Part of that was due to a conversation that Melanie and I had about three weeks earlier. We were comparing notes on our postpartum experiences, and I said, “Jason and I were approved by my doctor to start having sex again right after my six-week exam, and I was glad about that. What about you?”
Melanie didn’t seem to be the least bit embarrassed to answer, “Well, it was ten weeks for me. I was healing well and everything, but with Mark’s big cock, the doctor was afraid that it could cause some damage.”
I didn’t ask her any more about that, but I haven’t been able to get her comment out of my mind, and I’ve wondered since then just how big Mark’s cock is.
So, I guess that part of me was reverting to that wild college girl I had been, and it was turning me on thinking that my camel toe being so prominently on display might get Mark excited. I had no intentions of doing anything with him at that point, but the fantasy of it was getting me aroused.
I decided to sexualize the conversation by putting Mark on the spot. He was glancing at my breasts and camel toe again, and when he looked up, I was staring at his face, letting him know that I had caught him in the act. So, I smiled and teasingly said, “Gee, Mark, you sure have been checking me out. Do you see anything you like?”
His face turned three shades of red as he replied, “Oh shit, sorry, Kim. It’s just that you’re so fucking beautiful, that it’s hard not to stare. I shouldn’t have let Jason put thoughts into my head. And hell yes, I like everything I see.”
I was curious about what Jason might have said and asked, “Come on, Mark, how could Jason have put those thoughts in your head?”
Then he related the conversation with Jason in the bar, that was described earlier in the story, and concluded, saying, “Hell, Kim, I’m only human, and hearing Jason talk about you and Melanie that way, and getting excited about both of your big, milk-filled boobs, kind of sexualized the way I sometimes think about you.”
I hadn’t been aware that Jason is attracted enough to Melanie to say something to Mark about it. So, I figured, ‘what the fuck’, if Jason could say those things, then I felt justifed in teasing Mark a little bit.”
He looked a little embarrassed, so I put him at ease, saying, “Don’t worry about it, Mark. I don’t know how Jason had the balls to even mention things like that to you, and I can’t blame you if it affected you. Knowing what a tit man Jason is, and seeing how well Melanie’s built, it’s only natural for him to be interested in her. But you know, she told me something a few weeks ago that interests me too.”
Mark’s ears perked up and he asked, “What do you mean, Kim; what did Melanie say that interests you?”
I told him about our postpartum conversation, and then said, “I can’t help trying to imagine just how big your cock is. I mean, if guys can be attracted to big boobs, then girls can be attracted to big cock meat. And believe me, I’ve seen a few big ones back in college.”
He sat there stunned, likely disbelieving that I would say something so brazen. But he was also rubbing his crotch without realizing it, processing what I said, and trying to calculate what the possibilities and risks could be if he offered himself to me.
The horny, macho side of him finally took over, and he smiled before saying, “Well, if Melanie saw fit to advertise it for me, and if you’re that curious, then maybe you’d like to see for yourself.”
I still had no plans to cheat on Jason, but I did want to see Marks cock. So, I smiled and replied, “Thanks for the offer, Mark, and I do think that I’d like to take you up on it. But just so you know, I don’t think I can go any farther than just looking. Is that okay with you?”
Mark laughed, and implied that I probably wouldn’t be able to stop with just looking, by saying, “Sure, Kim, whatever you say. I’d like for you to make the first move, and you can take it out whenever you’re ready.”
I leaned over and gripped the waistband of his shorts, and he lifted his ass, as I pulled his shorts down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and I was first aroused by the musky, virile aroma of his crotch, before seeing his soft, thick, uncircumcised cock laying across his thigh, and his big, lemon-sized balls hanging down across the couch.
His cock is so meaty, with protruding veins showing under the foreskin, and it must be over six inches in circumference, almost as big as a shaving cream can. It was also almost seven inches long on soft, and I was mesmerized by his thick phallus. I kept staring at his meat for what seemed like minutes, but was only a few seconds, until Mark said something that woke me from my trance.
Mark put his hand on my shoulder, the first time he had ever touched me, and said, “I know you just wanted to look, Kim, but if you take it in your hand, it’ll get nice and big for you.”
I was thinking that it was already as thick and almost as long as Jason’s cock is on hard, and I had to see more. I gripped his thick, meaty cock in my left hand and began to stroke it, as I instinctively fondled his huge balls with my right hand. His cock throbbed and hardened, and I was soon stroking almost ten inches of cock, and the precum was already oozing out and running down over my hand.
He was smiling when I glanced up at his face, and I felt a strong, steady pressure on my back, pushing my upper torso and head down towards his cock. I yielded to Mark’s encouragement and leaned the rest of the way down to take his oozing cock head into my mouth. I had sucked many big cocks in the past, although none quite as big as his, and I began sucking and licking his cock, and swallowing his tasty precum, as Mark began rubbing my breasts. Then Mark said something that really pissed me off about Jason and made me want to get back at him.
I was noisily sucking and slurping on Mark’s big cock, taking more of more of it into my mouth as he pressed down with his hands, when he laughed and said, “Oh fuck, Kim, that feels so good, and you really know how to suck cock meat. I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist sucking my cock once you saw it. Jason told me that you were quite the slut in college, before you two met, but I didn’t think it would be this easy to get you to go down on my meat.”
Mark had to know that he had struck a nerve, because I started sucking his cock harder and deeper. Jason never told me that he knew about my slutty past, and he’s always been hungry to eat me out, despite that. Who knows, but maybe he likes the fantasy of other boys fucking me, or something, and he’s perverted enough to want to eat me out while envisioning their big cocks. That helped me make the decision to fuck Mark.
I pulled away from Mark’s cock, as he tried to keep me in place. He let me go when he realized that I was pushing my yoga pants down and off, as well as pulling my t-shirt off. I straddled his lap on the couch and leaned in to kiss him as I reached down to bring his big cock to my already-soaking-wet pussy. We shared a passionate tongue kiss as I slid down, impaling my pussy inch by inch, on his massive cock.
It was soon buried to the balls in my adulterous, married cunt, and I began rising and falling on his cock as he thrusted his hips to meet my strokes. It felt so good to have such a huge cock in my pussy again. We fucked for a few minutes, and I was having orgasm after orgasm on his bug cock. After we broke our kiss and Mark sucked on my areolas and nipple for a couple of minutes, he was moaning as he tried to talk.
He said, “Oh fuck, Kim, only a few women have been able to take my cock to the balls, and it feels so good being buried inside you, wrapped in your tight pussy. But Melanie told me that you and Jason are trying to have another baby, and you aren’t on birth control. Are you sure that you want to continue like this? I’m getting close to cumming, and although I’d like nothing better than to breed you, maybe I should pull out.”
At that moment I was still angry with Jason and wanted Mark to inseminate me. I kissed him again before moaning, “Oh shit, Mark, breed me with your big cock. If Jason is so disrespectful of me that he’d tell you about my slutty past, then fuck him. I’ll be the slut you think I am, and risk being impregnated by you.”
Mark’s cock began to throb as his cum sprayed into my married womb. It felt so good as his cock flexed and pulsed, and we kissed as we were coming down from the throes of our orgasms. It’s good that we had our couch covered in plastic to reduce the risks of stains after the baby was born, because Mark’s cum came flooding out of me as I lifted off his cock. Then I moved to my knees in front of him and sucked his cock and balls clean, before getting paper towels from the kitchen and cleaning up myself and the couch.
That was the beginning of a continuing sexual relationship with Mark. It works out well since he comes to fuck me when our spouses are down at the health club, and because they are otherwise occupied, it doesn’t seem to occur to them to suspect that anything could be going on between Mark and me. That’s why I don’t complain about Jason being gone so much.
I never said anything to Jason about telling Mark I was a slut, mainly because I couldn’t think of a context where it would have come up, without making him suspicious. But I was still upset with him. Since he always wants to eat me out when he gets home from the club, I make it a point not to clean up too well after Mark fucks me.
I always clean the outside of my hairy pussy and my inner thighs, to remove Mark’s cum and any lingering aroma, but I don’t douche. Jason always likes it when my pussy is juicy and aromatic, and it is arousing to me leaving some of Mark’s cum in me, knowing that Jason is down there between my legs, and unknowingly slurping up another man’s cum.
Mark had been fucking me for several weeks when I missed my period, and even though I had been fucking Jason all along too, and I tried to be careful not to fuck Mark on my most-fertile days, I still couldn’t be one hundred percent sure who the father is. And interestingly, Melanie also got pregnant during that same time frame, and I was looking forward to having her as a friend and raising our children together.
Melanie and I were already pregnant, when one-night Mark and I decided to go down to the health club and surprise Jason and Melanie while they’re working out. From my perspective, I probably never believed that Jason was having only minimal contact with Melanie at the club, and I convinced Mark that it would be fun to see for ourselves.
On that fateful night, Mark came over to fuck me soon after Jason had gone down the club, and that left us with more free time after we got cleaned up. We got a neighbor to watch the babies for us and went down there together. That probably looks suspicious, but we went anyway and walked around the large club, going to the various workout areas.
We couldn’t find either Jason or Melanie, and we finally described them to one of the trainers, telling him that we are their spouses, and asked if he had seen them. He looked us, and especially me, up and down, and smiled knowingly before saying, “I’m not sure, but you might want to look on the other side of the building, over by the massage rooms.”
That sounded strange, and almost as if he knew they were over there. So, we followed his directions across the building and approached the area, as the door to one of the massage rooms opened. Jason and Melanie walked out, and they didn’t see us at first, since they were looking down adjusting their clothes.
I felt my face get flush and hot with anger, as I said, “What the fuck were you two doing in there? I thought you two didn’t work out together, but it looks to us that you’ve been working out plenty.”
They were stunned at seeing Mark and me there, and Melanie stammered, “Wh, wh, what are you two doing here? We, uh, we were just checking out the massage room before continuing our work out.”
Mark chimed in and angrily said, “Bullshit, Mel, I can tell from you flushed cheeks that you’ve just been fucked, and for fuck’s sake, I can smell sex on both of you. How the fuck long has this been going on?”
We saw the defeat and resignation washing across their faces, and Jason confessed, saying, “I’m so sorry, Kim, but it happened the first time a few weeks ago, after I told Melanie how much I like to suckle lactating breasts. It started out that way, and well, you know how that can get things started.”
Then Melanie chimed in, “Sorry, honey, but when Jason started talking about how much he likes to suck lactating tits, and oral sex in general, I wanted to see if he was bullshitting me. One thing led to another, and after sucking my tits and pussy, we fucked for the first time. There no emotional attachment between us, at least not too much, and it’s just been a sexual outlet for us.”
I was starting to see the humor in the situation, with Jason fucking Melanie and Mark fucking me, and none of us knowing about the cheating their spouses were involved in. And since our loud conversations were attracting attention from others at the club, I said, “Let’s take this upstairs, since we seem to be making a scene here.”
The walk and elevator ride back to our apartment was tense, and no one said anything. We got back and paid the baby sitter, and everyone sat on the couch, the same couch where only a short time earlier, I had been fucking Mark. Mark looked at me, shrugging his shoulders and lifting his hands, in an obvious attempt to ask me if we should confess our infidelities too.
I gave an approving nod, and he confessed everything to Jason and Melanie. We all sat there silent for a few minutes after that, until Jason laughed and said, “Holy fucking shit! You two have been cheating on us for almost the whole time we were cheating on you, and no body had a clue. It pisses me off that Kim was fucking Mark’s big cock behind my back, but I think we can all see the humor in the situation.”
Jason paused for a moment and continued, “It looks like it all boils down to Melanie enjoying the oral sex that I love to provide, and Kim getting to experience big cocks again, since before we met in college. And fuck, now I know why Kim’s pussy has been so juicy when I get home from my workouts, since you two would’ve just finished fucking.”
Everyone was starting to lighten up, until Melanie said, “Yeah, I guess it funny and all, but Kim and I got impregnated during the past few weeks, when we were fucking both of you guys. How the fuck do we sort that out?”
I was concerned about that too, and answered, “Shit, I don’t think there’s much we can do about that now, and we’ll just have to wait until the babies are born. And since Jason and Mark look so much alike anyway, we’ll probably need to get the babies tested to find out for sure who the fathers are.”
Then, the slut in me had another suggestion, and I said, “Well, it seems to me that any damage that’s been done is over with, and we need to decide how we go forward from here. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d sure like to continue fucking Mark’s big cock, and I’m pretty sure that Jason would hate to give up Melanie’s big tits and juicy pussy. How do you guys feel about this?”
It was hard for anyone to be angry, since everyone was guilty, and by the end of the night we had not only agreed to continue with our swapping relationship, but we all had sex together in our bedroom. I’m happy since I’m getting Mark’s big cock whenever I want it, and Jason is happy, not only sucking our lactating breasts, and sucking his own cum out of me as he always has, but he’s now sucking Mark’s full loads of cum from my pussy and getting it fresh when we’re all together.

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