Young couples perform sex-acts in public for money

Think about being at a boring party on a Saturday night.
The place is fairly crowded, everybody’s drinking and some hot
music is blasting out of the stereo. But, the thing that’s lack-
ing is that spark of excitement that makes a party successful.

Suddenly an attractive couple starts to neck passionately on
the dance floor. Nothing seems too unusual, as they slow dance
for about three songs. But, as the necking gets hotter something
unusual happens. The woman kneels down, unzips the fellows fly
and extracts an erect cock. Silence falls over the crowd as more
and more people become aware of what’s happening on the dance

“How far do you think they’ll go?” a young brunette asks her

“I don’t know, but I’m sure going to stick around to find
out,” he answers.

As the rest of the guests watch the couple’s progress the
man and woman move toward the couch, where she sits and focuses
on the erection pointing at her from between her lovers thighs.

There is a gasp, when she lowers her mouth tenderly over his
cock and begins to slowly, and then more vigorously bob her head
up and down over his lap.

The atmosphere at the party is definitely different…
looser… as the fellatio intensifies. The man is grunting and
moaning as he approaches climax. But, rather than come in his
date’s mouth, he pulls out and stretches her across the couch.

Without even lowering his trousers, he lifts her skirt,
revealing long shapely legs, covered in sheer pantyhose. A
closer look shows that they’ve been made crotchless with a few
well aimed snips of a pair of scissors. Before the crowd can
even really note this detail, the man’s cock is buried deep in
her moist pussy.

The couple begins to fuck wildly on the couch, totally
oblivious to the watching crowd, until they eventually come in
each other’s arms.

As they recover from their lovemaking, the crowd applauds
and laughs nervously. The conversation resumes as the couple
retires to the bathroom to freshen up.

By the time they return to the party, the room is bursting
with that ‘spark of energy’ necessary to make it a success.


The scene just described was real. But the couple’s act was
not as spontaneous as it appeared. I took place at a party I
attended in New York. The couple had been hired to put on the
exhibition and only they and the host — and I knew that it was
going to happen.

The host knew, because he had booked the couple through an
Agency specializing in the unusual.


“I started in 1985,” Massina explained over coffee in his
beautiful apartment overlooking Central Park West. “I run a
modeling agency, and when I came up with the idea I had access to
a lot of potential performers.”

It’s a simple concept. A client calls Massina and arranges
for a couple to attend his party, where sometime during the
evening the couple will perform an explicit sex act in a public
area of the party. The host acts as if the pair are old friends
that he’s invited. Massina charges $1500 for the service. He
keeps $500 and $1000 goes to the happy couple.

When I asked how the idea evolved, he told me:

“I’ve been to a lot of parties where nothing really ever
broke the ice. So I wondered if there was a way to make sure the
ice got broken. By having an apparently spontaneous sex act
occur, the rest of the guests would like to know that if they
behaved similarly they could if they wished. It adds tremendous
excitement to any party, don’t you thing?”

He continued, “I believe that everyone is something of a
voyeur, so even if the party doesn’t turn into an orgy, the mood
gets a lot more relaxed. Besides, the guests have something to
tell their friends about for weeks, even years.”

I asked how difficult it was to make sure the couple fits
into the crowd.

“Usually, that isn’t a problem,” Massina replied. “I have
about 15 couples that I know perform well, and they’re in
different age and racial groups. If a host requests a couple
over 30, or a mixed-race couple I can handle it.”


After the party I described earlier, I shared a cab with
Sue and Mitch, the couple who had put on the performance earlier
that evening.

“Sue and I have been lovers for almost three years,” Mitch
explained. “She’s signed up at Massina’s modeling agency, and he
asked if she would be interested in becoming a party sex star.
So she asked me if I was interested. I was, and we’ve been doing
a couple or three parties a month ever since we agreed to give it
a try.”

Sue added with a laugh: “I was really glad when Mitch said
he was interested in the idea. I’ve always been an exhibitionist,
and one of my fantasies was to start fucking in a room full of
strangers. Now, we’re earning $1000 bucks a pop to do it.

“But, Mitch and I try to change things around at every party
we attend. At first we were both real nervous. So we started in
the bedroom, where only about four other people were standing
around. By the time we really got involved in a wild 69 on the
big four poster bed the room was packed.”

“Sue is really an imaginative lover, so we usually don’t
have to wait very long to start the sex scene,” Mitch explained.
“We like to finish our show within an hour of when we get there,
so we can just relax for the rest of the evening. And by
starting as early as possible the possibility of the party turn-
ing into an orgy is increased.”

“Of the eight parties we’ve done,” Sue added, only one real
orgy broke out. By the time Mitch and I were finished, about five
other couples were fucking each other in the living room. It was

Mitch picked up the thought, “It’s a lot more usual for a
couple to find a quiet corner and start messing around after they
watch Sue and me. They might wait an hour, but just watching us
fuck starts the ball rolling.”


Massina explained how he finds people willing to stage a
sex exhibition in a room full of strangers.

“Couples who want to work find me in a couple of different
ways. Most of the time it’s friends of people I already have
working for me. Every so often a host or hostess will tell
somebody that my service exists. My performers could make a liv-
ing off of doing thai, and I think all of tham get off on it too.
The money is just a bonus.”

“If you want to know more about what happens on a job, you
might call Dan and Jan.”


Janet and Dan were very open about sharing some of their
experiences, and we met for drinks that week in a lounge near
their apartment.

“Jan and I have been living together for seven years, and
for the last three we’ve been married. We experimented with
swinging and had some nice encounters. We used to visit Plato’s
Retreat, and we’ve met some nice couple there.”

Janet added, “I have a friend Brenda, who models for
Massina. He asked her if she was interest, but she declined.
But she told Massina that she knew somebody who’d be a natural.”

“That’s us,” laughed Dan. “We’ve worked about ten parties,
and we get more turned on each time we do it. I think it’s the
anticipation. Massina should start a franchise so this could
happen everywhere.”

“The second party really stands out in my mind,” Janet
recalled. “we were booked at a beautiful place – right at the

“The house was huge, but there were only five couples
besides us at the party. Everybody was good-looking, all in
their early 30’s, about the same age as Dan and me. We both felt
very comfortable as soon as we arrived. Dan tuned to me and
said, “Gee this is going to be some night!’

“And it really was. We could sense the sexual tension in
the small group immediately. We knew this was going to be easy,
and we joined the other guests out by the pool to relax. We
mingles with everybody for about half an hour. Then Dan nudged
me and nodded toward the pool. The air was warm and the water
looked great. So, we stripped down and dove into the pool. The
water felt wonderful. We teased each other and played around
for a few minutes. Then we swam to the shallow end and Dan stood
up and held me. We shared a long kiss, and I felt my nipples get
hard against his chest. Dan’s cock was rubbing my crotch. He
was very hard and we started doing a slow fuck right there in the

Dan picked up the story:”Since it is part of the job to give
the guests a good view of our lovemaking, I led Janet to a padded
lawn chair near the pool house. The guests were crowed around as
I lay back on the chair and Jan started to ride me. As she
humped up and down, I could hear heavy breathing and moaning all
around me. I was very close to coming, but I wanted to last as
long as I could, so I grabbed Janet by the hips, and had her stay
still. Then I glanced up at our host and saw that he and his
wife were naked, tangled up with another couple on a big pool
float. I pulled Jan back to me, and we looked around to see what
the other people were doing.”

“At first I couldn’t believe it,” Janet continued. “The
other women had there clothes off and were sitting on the edge of
the pool. The men were stripped and standing in the water. Each
of them had his face buried in his partner’s pussy. All those
women were moaning and laughing, and sitting close enough
together that they could rub each other’s breasts and kiss them
when they wanted to. It was such a sexy sight that I took Dan by
the hand, and we went over and joined them.”

Dan picked up the thread, “We found out that the five
couples had been swinging together for years. We were just and
added thrill. We wound up in the master bed room and the
coupling continued until we had all shared each other and were
too exhausted to move.”


Massina isn’t surprised by the success of his enterprise.
“People are usually aroused without the risk of contact. And,
when they’re with their wife or lover in this aroused condition,
it’s not unusual for them to take advantage of the situation.
Either right there at the party, or when they get home.”

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