You Want It? You Got It.

Something about people watching always kept Sir interested in a way few things did these days. There are stories hidden away in the finer details of an individual’s appearance if only one takes the time to observe. The tired office worker who missed a spot shaving, also missed wiping off his lovers lipstick. Or the sexy school teacher who dresses to the nines, but walks like she hasn’t been laid in months. Some stories are less obvious. As he watched the ebbing tide of humanity, one woman caught his eye.

She was well dressed, a red and black dress with matching red stilettos (they even had cute little bows he noted with a small smile) and behind her glasses her make up was done tastefully. There was a spring to her step, and a smile on her face and in her eyes that made her beautiful in a way physique alone could not. Although…her calves were well defined, and hinted at being topped with equally muscular thighs, and that dress did nothing to hide her ass. Why should it? Her ass was well rounded and bounced just the right amount with every stride she took. The arch in her back was graceful and suggestive, and while her chest was not quite buxom, her breasts were perky. Certainly a good sized handful each, and an enjoyable handful at that… All in all, she was quite the alluring little creature. All of this Sir took in at a glance, none of this was what he was thinking about however.

Just below the hem of her dress he thought he saw. Surely he was mistaken…but he would swear he saw the tip of a tail. Even as he watched she pulled at the edge of her dress and that intriguing bit of fluff disappeared from view, not however, before she noticed his gaze.


Kitten wasn’t usually much of a risk taker. She had her quirks of course, but mostly she tried to keep her head down and go unnoticed. This week however, she had allowed some chaos into her life for the sake of her friends. It had been her best friends birthday, and there had been drinking and socializing, and truly it was out of the ordinary for this quiet girl. And to top off the unusual festivities, she had lost a bet! So now, now this demure little girl, had to wear her TAIL in public! Her dress was very nearly long enough to hide her secret. But just not quite.

Oh, she blushed several shades of red. Someone was bound to notice. Not, she reflected, that that was entirely bad. A certain part of her was excited by all of this. This tame, quite girl, dressed quite modestly was running around town with a fox tail, not just any fox tail she admitted, but one attached to an anal pug…Oh the places this might go she smirked. Normally she kept her tail tucked away in a drawer somewhere, never to be seen, her dirty little secret kept for her own personal pleasure.

Amid some heated fantasies of just where it MIGHT go, she spotted quite a gorgeous man on a park bench. She slowed her walk and maybe there was a little extra sway in her hips as she eyed him up. He looked tall even sitting on the bench, and certainly he was very lean. Lean in a delicious, muscular sort of way. And he had these beautiful green…oh no, he was looking at her. She adjusted her dress as she realized her tail must have been showing with the way he was looking. Her already flushed face turned much redder and she looked down at her shoes.

Her heart thudding in her chest, she didn’t know if she should talk to the man, or just walk away as if nothing had happened. As if he hadn’t seen…. She took a deep breath. Of course she should just walk away…no harm no foul. And besides…

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