You Want It? You Got It.

Something about people watching always kept Sir interested in a way few things did these days. There are stories hidden away in the finer details of an individual’s appearance if only one takes the time to observe. The tired office worker who missed a spot shaving, also missed wiping off his lovers lipstick. Or the sexy school teacher who dresses to the nines, but walks like she hasn’t been laid in months. Some stories are less obvious. As he watched the ebbing tide of humanity, one woman caught his eye.

She was well dressed, a red and black dress with matching red stilettos (they even had cute little bows he noted with a small smile) and behind her glasses her make up was done tastefully. There was a spring to her step, and a smile on her face and in her eyes that made her beautiful in a way physique alone could not. Although…her calves were well defined, and hinted at being topped with equally muscular thighs, and that dress did nothing to hide her ass. Why should it? Her ass was well rounded and bounced just the right amount with every stride she took. The arch in her back was graceful and suggestive, and while her chest was not quite buxom, her breasts were perky. Certainly a good sized handful each, and an enjoyable handful at that… All in all, she was quite the alluring little creature. All of this Sir took in at a glance, none of this was what he was thinking about however.

Just below the hem of her dress he thought he saw. Surely he was mistaken…but he would swear he saw the tip of a tail. Even as he watched she pulled at the edge of her dress and that intriguing bit of fluff disappeared from view, not however, before she noticed his gaze.


Kitten wasn’t usually much of a risk taker. She had her quirks of course, but mostly she tried to keep her head down and go unnoticed. This week however, she had allowed some chaos into her life for the sake of her friends. It had been her best friends birthday, and there had been drinking and socializing, and truly it was out of the ordinary for this quiet girl. And to top off the unusual festivities, she had lost a bet! So now, now this demure little girl, had to wear her TAIL in public! Her dress was very nearly long enough to hide her secret. But just not quite.

Oh, she blushed several shades of red. Someone was bound to notice. Not, she reflected, that that was entirely bad. A certain part of her was excited by all of this. This tame, quite girl, dressed quite modestly was running around town with a fox tail, not just any fox tail she admitted, but one attached to an anal pug…Oh the places this might go she smirked. Normally she kept her tail tucked away in a drawer somewhere, never to be seen, her dirty little secret kept for her own personal pleasure.

Amid some heated fantasies of just where it MIGHT go, she spotted quite a gorgeous man on a park bench. She slowed her walk and maybe there was a little extra sway in her hips as she eyed him up. He looked tall even sitting on the bench, and certainly he was very lean. Lean in a delicious, muscular sort of way. And he had these beautiful green…oh no, he was looking at her. She adjusted her dress as she realized her tail must have been showing with the way he was looking. Her already flushed face turned much redder and she looked down at her shoes.

Her heart thudding in her chest, she didn’t know if she should talk to the man, or just walk away as if nothing had happened. As if he hadn’t seen…. She took a deep breath. Of course she should just walk away…no harm no foul. And besides…

“Excuse me?” She blinked. He wasn’t talking to her? “I don’t suppose you have the time?” And what kind of accent was that?

Oh shit, he WAS. “I ah, I suppose it’s just afternoon” she glanced at her phone “12:15 in fact.” She risked a look at him through her lashes and found herself involuntarily biting her lip, he was really quite sexy, and it was hard not to think about him in some very compromising positions with her fox tail…

“You look quite red, are you feeling alright?” Her reactions did not go unnoticed by Sir, and he found himself wondering how he could find himself alone somewhere with this woman, how he could find out for sure what exactly was underneath that dress. She seemed timid, and whether his boldness would scare her off or be well received….It was the look of pure lust in her amber eyes that sealed the deal for him.

“I uh,” she stammered “I yes, of course. I’m fine, thank you though. I should go…” Sir reached out and touched her wrist. She flinched but did not leave. “Yes?”

He smiled at her, warmly. “I’m new in town, I don’t suppose you would have a cup of coffee with me, maybe, I don’t know, show me around a bit?”

She gave him a look like a deer in the headlights and licked her lips as she eyed him again. “I, suppose.”


Over coffee Kitten relaxed considerably. As the afternoon wore on she found herself intoxicated by this stranger. Was it him, or was it just this damned tail at work again? She saw the lust in his eyes as well, and she wondered if she would be going home alone tonight. The more she thought about it, the more she hoped she wouldn’t be.

She was finding it quite difficult to sit still. Every time she shifted her tail sent shivers of pleasure coursing through her body. The plug wasn’t overly large, so it was more of a tease for her than anything. She was flushed pink with desire, and as the conversation progressed her hands were constantly moving, she stroked her cheek, touched her collarbone…each touch was a reminder to her how she wanted to feel hands that were not her own. Her passions were eating away her, this tame little Kitten wished for fantasies that caused her heart to race.

It was no surprise that Sir saw these things in her. Her self absorbed lust was quite the sight to see. Every distracted brush of her fingers caused him to envision his own hands wandering that skin. She may not have been doing it on purpose, but she was quite the little temptress without meaning to be. Perhaps her innocence made it all the more enticing. He could not possibly know what had this little lady all riled up, but surely, he wished he could help to quench her thirst.

He could take no more, and so he took a risk. Sir reached out and rested his hand on her thigh “So when can I see you again Kitten?”

She bit her lip so hard she thought it would bleed as she stared at his hand on her, she shifted in her seat, feeling her burning desire and that wonderful butt plug inside her. “Do you want to come home with me?” She whispered. His hand tightened on her thigh and she shivered.

“More than anything.” he whispered back.


Her hands were shaking slightly as she turned the lock on her door. She could smell Sir behind her, he had this musky manly scent that was driving her even more wild with lust than she already was. As she shut it behind them, she turned to face this delicious looking man she had somehow managed to bring home. The absurdity of it made her laugh softly. He gave her a guarded look, clearly wanting her, but not wanting to assume he could simply have her. He was like a caged animal, held in check by will of steel, but still raging, wanting to be set free. Her own lust was just barely leashed and muzzled. But not for long.

Slowly he reached out and stroked her shoulder, then her side. She slid her arms around him and pulled him closer blushing at what she was planning to say, but grinning like a fool about it. Hesitating, she bit her lip and stroked his jaw.

He leaned back against the wall, and Kitten stepped into the space between his legs, rubbing up against him. She rested the palms of her hands on his chest, and looked up through her lashes shyly. She could feel his heartbeat, strong and fast, his anticipation coursing through him. The feel of his cock pressing into her thigh made her lick her lips in hunger. Slowly she shook her hips and rubbed gently, teasing up against that cock. She loved the feel of it through their clothing. More than that, she loved the way it made his breath catch, and how Sir slid his arms around her and tightened his grip. She kissed his collarbone, his neck, she kissed her away along his jawline to his lips. She was teasing him just the way she hoped he would in turn tease her. At the same time she slid her hands down enjoying the feel of his muscles through the fabric, wanting his hands on her too.

“I’m only going to say this once, I didn’t bring you home to play games with me, you’re here, you’re golden,” she lowered her voice to a whisper “Do what you want” Sir’s eyes widened at that.

He didn’t even say anything, Sir simply began his slow seduction of this surprising woman.

He brushed his lips against her collarbone gently, she was looking at him with nothing but desire. She forced him to look at her so she could kiss him properly. Tentatively at first, and then deeper. She sucked gently at his lower lip before he pulled back and started trailing kisses along her jaw, down her neck, her collarbone, before meeting the top of her dress. Sir brought a hand up and gently cupped her breast through the fabric, eliciting a small moan. His other hand he brought down under her dress, his hand on her thigh making her squirm with delight. As he brought it higher, he reached around and grasped her butt, she gave it a playful shake, and he finally encountered the tail. Neither one of them said a word about it.

Kitten reached down to stroke the clearly growing boner in the front of sirs pants. But he gently pushed her hand away. She pouted and started to kiss him again, easing into a deep French kiss while reaching for his cock. He pushed her away a little more forcefully this time and stopped kissing her. She started to say something, but Sir whirled her around, pushing her chest first up against the wall in his place, holding her hands up over her head and his gorgeous cock into her ass and whispered roughly, “Not until I say” She proceeded to grind her ass on his rock hard cock in response until he moaned. “Good girl”

Now with her facing the wall he began to give her hickies. Small ones up at the top of her neck, making her moan and wriggle in his grip, and then harder ones as he worked his way down. With one hand he grabbed her ass firmly, and squeezed it, encouraging her to rub up against him more. And then he began to unzip her dress. As more of her skin was revealed he would stop, and bite, and kiss, and tease until she begged him to keep going. She would start to reach for him and he would slam her hands back against the wall until she began to whimper. When the dress finally slid down off her hips she stood there in her heels and tail biting her lip.

“I’m going to let go of your hands, but I want you to keep them on the wall. Do you understand Kitten?” She bit her lip, of course she understood, but did she want to obey? Sir gave her a few moments before he roughly smacked her ass, drawing a short yelp out of her. This time he growled, “I said do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” She murmured, still thinking about that hand on her ass and how maybe she wanted him to spank her again. Just a little.

Her disobedience made him smile. Behind her cute little glasses and messy bangs, this girl was feisty. And play was just always some much more fun with someone who knew how to play with you. Kitten still had her hands up over her head, but she had arched her back sexily and was eagerly rubbing her ass into the front of Sir’s pants. He put his hands on her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck, she tilted her head, inviting him to continue. So he gave her a playful bite, earning him a quiet moan.

Kitten was truly enjoying this man’s dominance. Yes, she wanted to him to just throw her down and fuck her. Rough, hard, to give her everything she so badly wanted. But…this slow torture was so delicious. Each well placed kiss, bite and stroke lit a fire in her, and she was raging with desire. It was absolutely masterful, she was so hungry for it. She could not believe his unending patience as he worked his way down her body. He stroked her all the way from her shoulders, down her back, gently cupping her ass on the way, and even stroking along her thighs. No part of her felt neglected. As he kissed his way down he clawed her, making her squirm with pleasure. So many sensations to enjoy. He got down on his knees and even bit her ass, making her squeal. As Sir stood up again he reached around and put a hand on each breast, earning him another gasp of pleasure. Her naked body was pressed up against him, and she held it there wantonly.

Sir turned her around.

He took her hands and placed them on his hips and said “Now you may”

She eagerly took his pants off before sinking down to her knees in from of him. Everything about this man had already been so perfect, so delicious, and his cock was no disappointment. She planned to enjoy every inch and every second that she could. His reactions made her almost as horny as the act itself. Each delicious moan was very nearly as much of a reward for her as it was for him. But if he could be a slow tease, then so could she. Kitten started by kissing the inside of his thighs, and the worked her way to gently lapping at his balls. Soon she was sucking one, and then the other, finally earning herself some of the moaning she was craving from him. She smiled to herself, thinking how much better than this she could do.

Kitten looked up into his eyes as she licked the tip, slowly at first, and then licking more, getting his cock nice and wet before she started trying to see how much she could swallow for him. With one hand she grabbed his ass, and the other she grabbed the base of his cock as she licked. She began to suck just the tip, Sir was big, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to swallow all of him, but she intended to try. Slowly she began to bob her head, taking more and more of him into her mouth each time. He tasted so good, she squeezed his ass, pulling him towards her, taking him deeper. The rhythm of swallowing him again and again was making her so wet, and he could see her tail wagging as she took his cock in. With her other hand she reached down and began stroking herself, he could feel her moaning softly around his cock. She picked up speed as she got close to taking him as deep as she could, and then he stopped her.

She looked up at him from her hands and knees and without thinking said “Yes, master?” Sir grinned and wordlessly picked her up and put her on the couch. He laid down and pulled her on top of him, she began to lick at his cock again, but he grabbed her ass and turned her around and started to eat her out. At first she was completely speechless, she couldn’t focus enough to suck his cock but oh she wanted too. He had his face buried in her and she could feel his tongue flicking over her clit and it made her squirm. Kitten reached back and lifted her tail out of his face and began to purr in absolute pleasure. She went back to lapping at his cock as she tried to remember how to please him. She wanted desperately to make Sir feel just as good as she did right then. Just as she felt she had gotten back into the rhythm, taking him in deeply, he slid as finger into her pussy and she gasped.

“Ohhh yes!” She stopped and bit her lip again. “Please fuck me?”

“Not until you cum.”


“You heard me.” And he resumed going down on her so vigorously that Kitten just moaned.

As she got closer Kitten tried harder and harder not to buck her hips, to keep giving him the sort of blowjob Sir so obviously deserved. She was already shivering with pleasure. His tongue alternated between teasing her clit and penetrating her, and he had begun finger fucking her in such a way that it was very nearly all she could manage to keep his cock in her mouth. As he pleasured her faster and faster, she tried desperately to keep up. The better she felt, the better she wanted him to feel. She took his cock in as deep as she could, she went down until she gagged and had to come up for air, before swallowing it again. She took his cock lustily and it was slicked with her saliva. She grasped what she couldn’t fit in her mouth with a hand and stroked him, her other hand clawed at the couch in ecstasy. She finally had to let his cock slide out of her mouth just so she could pant, it slapped wetly against her cheek and she rubbed it even as she bit her lip and the coming orgasm took hold of her. As she came she rode his face passionately and moaned, she came hard, panting and already sweating lightly. Sir just smiled knowingly.

He slapped the kittens rump playfully and moved her off of him. She was already unsteady on her feet from her climax, and allowed herself to be lead back to the wall and pressed up against it. Her tail brushed the backs of her thighs tantalizingly and Sir reached down between her legs, rubbing her soaking pussy and making her moan and shiver. She arched her back and pressed into his hard cock. Silently begging to be fucked even though she was still shaking. Wanting him so badly.

Sir knew he was pushing the limits of how far he could rationally take Kitten’s offer of “do what you want” but her eager reactions spurred him on. It seemed that she was quite eager to please, and that was truly a rare gift. For her part, Kitten could hardly believe her own luck. This man was giving her everything she had ever wanted, and she could only hope that somehow he could read the desire in her and would continue down this path…

“Stay” He grabbed his bag and dug out a length of ribbon which he carefully tied around her neck, the still panting kitten eyed him silently, but offered no objection as her new collar was tightened.

She could feel his cock between her legs and she rubbed her aching pussy on it, wanting him. He teased her, rubbing her, getting his cock nice and wet but not giving it to her. Oh she was going wild, and every time she tried to ease him into her, he would tighten the ribbon, and she would whimper again. He finally lifted one of her legs, but he didn’t take her all at once. He gave her just the tip, a little at a time, and then sliding out again. Over and over, she was trembling in anticipation. She looked back over her shoulder at him and he smiled.

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