Yes Master

My lover and I try to think of different ways of making our sexual encounters exciting and fresh. Due to scheduling conflicts, we had not seen each other in two weeks. We both were horny and were planning a night after work to fit in some good loving.

We are both open about our sexual relationship, and my partner does not mind me having contact with a former lover, as long as he is included, either physically or by me telling him about phone conversations with my old flame. Several nights ago Len (the old flame) called me at home. He was in a particularly horny mood and wanted phone sex. He was already masturbating, telling me how he was thinking about my pussy and how good I tasted, and he wished my mouth was wrapped around his rather large cock so he could cum in it. He gets very turned on when I swallow…. I proceeded to talk him through it and he was telling me to touch myself, and stick my fingers in my pussy and taste them. I did as he asked. It didn’t take long for both of us to cum. It was a nice relief for me, since I had been missing Derek.

That night, I emailed Derek and told him verbatim what happened during phone sex with Len. He responded by leaving me a very nasty voice message the next morning. He was calling me a slut and a whore, and he didn’t think it was very nice that I was telling my current flame about the explicit details of phone sex with my former flame. He concluded by saying he loved it, but I would have to be punished.

I planned to go over to his house one day last week after work for a “booty call.” That morning, Derek left me a voice message with explicit details of what I was to do. I was to wear panties under my panty hose (I usually don’t), and go to the ladies room several times during the day and rub my clit and pussy. He said he wanted the panties WET. He also told me to stick the crotch up into my pussy and get my juices on them. He ended by telling me to wear bright red lipstick and look like the whore I am.

When I left work, I was to go to the ladies room, take my panties and hose off, and put a sexy pair of thigh highs on under my skirt. He wanted me bare ass so my pussy could breathe. When I got to his house, I was to walk in, not say a word, go over to his chair, give him my panties, and lift my skirt up.

I did as my master told me. Standing there in front of him, holding my skirt up with my pussy in front of his face, he just stared at me, and began to lick and suck on the crotch of my panties. He was moaning his approval as he continued sucking on them. I couldn’t help notice the big bulge in his shorts pushing to be free. I could feel myself getting wet. He told me to step closer, and he began finger fucking me…first one finger, then two, until he had three fingers pumping into my pussy. It was divine. He took his fingers out and licked them, smiling at me. He proceeded to rub my red lips with my pussy juice, smearing it over my mouth.

He then instructed me to go to the kitchen, get a beer, and sit down in the chair opposite him. He just kept staring at me. I started to talk to him, and he said “shut up whore…I’ll tell you when you can talk.” Yes, Master.

I remained silent during the time it took me to drink my beer. When I was finished, he told me to pull my skirt up over my hips, put my heels on the chair seat and spread my legs….. spread my pussy lips and start stroking myself until I got good and wet….then use the neck of the beer bottle to start fucking myself. The feel of the cold glass bottle neck entering my pussy was exciting. I stuck it in until the body of the bottle was touching the opening of my cunt. I continued stroking it in and out, and I could feel myself starting to cum. I told Derek I was about to cum, and he demanded me to stop immediately and go to the bedroom. I wanted to finish, but I said, Yes Master.

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