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It was a slow boring shift, in the middle of the day when he came in. I had to ask him “Do you have any ID?” Because of the way he was dressed, plainly, with the broad flat round topped hat of an Amish man. Which he took off, as soon as he came inside, and held it in front of his chest. Looking up at me nervously, but never looking away from my face.

He was young, 19 by his State ID card, but he didn’t look around. In fact, he avoided looking at the displays, and tried turning away, but that didn’t exactly work. Across from the counter, and the display case with a full blow up doll, her wide open plastic cock sucking mouth. There are posters, which come with the videos. He finally hand to hold his hat up on the side like a horsy’s blinders, and keep his eyes down.

Away from the nudity, and sex acts advertising features. [4 Full Hours of Hot Anal Action!] or [Interracial Gangbangs!] It says “Arcade” out front, and it also says “Adult Bookstore,” but he went right back to the “Boutique.”

“What are you looking for?” He was young, and I guessed “Something for your wife?” From the plain silver wedding band on his finger.

“While I was out in the world, I met a girl in the family I was staying with. We fell in love, but she told me about this place.” He felt, things. Lacy things, the Boutique ranges from full fetishwear, and BDSM gear to lingerie like crotchless panties, and cupless bras. He took a deep breath, sighed, and picked up a garter belt. “For our anniversary.” How early do they get married, anyway? “You don’t have any private rooms, to try these things on?”

He stretched it around his neck, when I thought for a moment that he might sniff it, or something. Of course it’s clean, Nobody wants to buy underwear after someone already tried it on, right? Okay, at least not around here, come to think of it, there’s probably a market for that kind of thing, but I would assume after a Woman wore it! I knew that trick, though. To guestimate the size of a waistband, doubled over, and around your neck. It’s usually pretty close to your hip size, give or take, but he’s skinny. Almost bony, with narrow hips, and shoulders, which make him look taller than he actually is, until I got down from behind the counter.

That’s raised up like a stage, I have no idea why, but I decided that, “It’s okay, if you want to use one of the preview rooms, to try that on?”

He smiled, excitedly, and when he turned around, he was sporting a boner. He didn’t seem to notice, or at least didn’t draw attention to it, but I honestly had no idea what to expect. A Puritan man to wear, under his simple rough looking pants. He took a pack of fishnets with him, fuscia, but no heels. We don’t really do footwear, and even if we did, I doubt we’d stock them in his size.

I don’t know, okay I’m pretty damned sure that I shouldn’t have watched him, changing in the booth. He had buttons, when I heard that the Amish don’t use them, but then again, they’re not supposed to like hot pink lacy garter belts, with matching thigh high fishnet stockings.

I think those are called Bloomers? The undershorts, with draw strings, and gathers above the knee to blouse out in ruffles. Like tiny skirts over his knees, but I didn’t know that the Men wore them, and I suspect that they don’t. You would think they’d wear boxers, or a loin cloth. I don’t know, but he ignored the boner tenting them out, and just put his leg up. Pulled his socks up, to untie tiny pink bows from around the knees, holding them up.

He was a crossdresser, it turned out that he’s not even Amish, but Wenger Mennonite. It’s impossible to tell when he came in, but out here, in rural Pennsylvania, we have both. I only know a couple of differences, myself. They have black carriages, instead of grey ones. The women dress much the same, only instead of plain dull dresses, they’re printed with patterns, but they still wear prayer bonnets.

The men dress just the same, as far as I can tell. Normally, that is to say that fully clothed, he could have been Amish, or some other sort of Puritan, but underneath. Long story short, once he got his long rough looking grey socks down, he stood up to untie the bloomers. His erection popped up, and bounced under his shirt but he ignored it, and pulled on the garter belt. Backwards, he sat down in his shirt, opened the box of fishnets, and pulled them on. Carefully, so that his toes didn’t poke out the bottoms, which are solid like normal pantie hose, but then he stood up. Turning his hips, and pulling out the side straps to clip to the garters around the tops of the fishnets.

He posed, pulling up his shirt, to shoot out his hip, and felt his ass, then gave it a slap. “Huh!” I haven’t seen something that sexy in a while, and it’s no doubt the hottest thing I ever saw a guy do. The place where I work, kind of made anything but the strangest kinks old news, and a little boring. Just seeing a Puritan, of any type come in here, and cross dressing. Could have been Quaker, or just a Colonial re-enactor, for all the difference it would make. He finished checking himself out, then sat down to pull his pants on. 1 leg at a time, just like anyone else, but over his underwear. His girly bloomers, which he pulled on over the fishnets, garter belt, and raging hardon.

Then, he came out, and his dirty erection went down, by the time he’d gotten his money out, and paid. “I wonder what the Amish would think about you being here?”

That’s when he told me, “Oh, we’re not Amish, but we’re a related sect of Mennonites.”

“Well, what do they think about wearing such, lacy underwear, in such bright colors?”

“I don’t know, honestly it’s worldly, and vain. It doesn’t say anything in the good book about a man dressing modestly, as a woman would. What we do alone in our bedroom is between us, and the eyes of God, I’m sure He’ll tell me come Judgement, but ever since I saw the catalogs.” He smiled, a little guilty with his hat over the counter. To cover the blow up suck me Suzie sex doll beneath the glass. “I just had to try it.”

“Well, it seems a shame to wear those without the proper underpants, to go with them.” I wanted to help him crossdress, and maybe watch him put them on, through the security cameras. They’re for our security, and required by law, to prevent homosexuals using the booths for homosexual acts, or prostitution. It’s a conservative county, and a lot of the laws were written by Puritans, or the descendants of ex-puritans that became more worldly, so there’s stipulations. Like you couldn’t Sell pornographic movies, nor even rent them to take them home, but I managed to tempt him.

“Well, I should get home to my wife.” He looked back, at the boutique, and didn’t even have to avoid looking at the posters, for the Arcade. “I’ve already spent, far too much on this.”

“Oh, live a little. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it, too.” Lucky girl to have a husband that likes to get dressed up so sexy for her, if I didn’t have one, I’d probably be even a little jealous. I wonder how hard it would be to get some Amish style clothes, and underwear?

“She does appreciate, immodest underwear.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him, how horribly the turquoise panties he picked clashed with the fuscia fishnets, but growing up, dressing so colorblind, almost as if they mean to re-create the black, and white photos of a century ago.

I almost dropped my pants right there behind the counter to masturbate, and broke out another replacement for my favorite vibrator, because I left it at home. I didn’t, but just the sight of him pulling up the back of his shirt, to slap his bony butt through the seat of those satin lined panties, then reach down to squirm, and pull his scrotum out through the slit in the crotch. Of course, I knew all about boys taking the catalogs in to the bathrooms to masturbate. Underwear catalogs or National Geographics, Victoria’s Secret or even better, Fredricks of Hollywood, but I always imagined younger boys, maybe about 13? That can’t get their hands on Hustler, OUI, or Club International, because their dads are too repressed, or just hid them too well, but I have no idea what it must be like on a Puritan farm, where it’s a religious protest to have a tractor, with steel wheels to keep you from taking it out on joyrides.

I didn’t even see his dick, and I wondered if he was circumcised? Is that something they do to their boys, or leave them natural? I was too polite to ask, just like I waited rather than make him uncomfortable by having my pants down, and the rabbit head buzzing my clit while the tongue shaped head rotated around, and around to lick my cervix.

I should have deleted the security footage. I knew, when walked him out that I wouldn’t have to watch it again. I could just close my eyes, and the image of him bent over. Looking back over his shoulder, to see his hairy balls reflected in the flat screen of the dark viewing monitor. Burned into my eyelids, and he told me at some point that the Wengers, or Groffdale Conference Mennonite Church even used electricity, but that doesn’t mean that he’d be all right with keeping evidence of his crossdressing. To watch, masturbating with a battery powered substitute, but I’d love for him to come back. Bring his wife, in a black buggy with steel wheels instead of riding a bike alone.

He stood up on the pedals, instead of sitting on the springy seat, with baskets on the handle bars, and either side of the back tire. He didn’t look back, but made it out to the side of the road before so mush as a pickup truck drove past, to see him, at our little sex shop.

“Hhuh!” I almost burned my fingers, just watching him go, and holding the cigarette as it burned down. Imagining his balls swinging through the open crotch of those turquoise satin lined lace panties, clashing with fuscia fishnets, and hot pink garter belt. His erection rubbing the rough lace through the silky sating lining while he pumped his legs…

So, I went in, and picked something out of the toy corner. Toyed with the idea of showing that movie, even though the most you could see was his boner swinging back and forth under his shirt. He’s so “Modest,” he said. He liked to dress “Modestly,” like a woman, for his wife. “Hhuh Hhuh! Yeah.” I wonder if she wears the pants in the family, or could be tempted to come in, and try on a “Strapon. Huh, yeah. Fuck him, fuck him up the ass, yeah. Fuck him hard up that tight dirty ass! Hhuh Hhuh!” Spanking him with a leather belt to warm up that bony butt, and print the lace on it through the sating lining.

Honestly my girlfriend would never believe me if I told her, unless I show her. Hard to tell whether she’d find it hot, or not, but I’m going to find out. Only one way to find out, so I’m going to show at least her, and who knows? Maybe even some of the guys here would like to see a young skinny prissy sissy boy, cross dressing in the preview booth?

“Hhuh, yeah!”

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