Women makes friends with guys on next hotel balcony

It was a beautiful night. I was standing on my hotel balcony looking out over the beach. I could hear the music coming from a lounge across the street. It had a nice beat as it drifted across the sounds of the waves. It has been a beautiful day. Bob and I were vacationing in Key West.

Bob and I “date”. Well. Not really. I don’t think Bob dates anyone. We met at a conference a few years ago. He was one of the keynote speakers. He is the type of person who holds a room and an individual with everything he says. Add that to 6’2″ 195 and piercing grey eyes, he is hard to resist. Whenever Bob is in town he calls me.

It may sound awful, but when he calls I pretty much drop everything and run. When we go out he makes me feel very special. We do go on trips together. When we are together he is the most attentive person you could ever be with. Traveling with him is easy.

I am not in love with him but, when he wants to fuck, I am there. Yes I say fuck. It’s not making love. Seriously, we fuck. I used to say we were fuck buddies, buts it’s not just that. When he fucks me I would do anything for him and I do mean anything.

We spent the day exploring shops, wandering around the beach, holding hands, and generally enjoying where we were in each other. These vacations are great for me. Bob plans everything. My job is to relax and have a good time. He knows what I like and I trust him completely.

It was one of those fun days. Bob, even though I am in my 40s, convinced me to wear one of my shorter dresses. I don’t mind, I like wearing dresses. He loves seeing me in a summer dress and I like the way he looks at me when I wear them. I have always been the type of girl who wears dresses. I also like to wear pretty underwear. I usually wear matching panties and bra. Often a cute thong, especially when out with Bob. He likes them and I like knowing he’s thinking about them all day.

I think the dress was maybe 2 inches below my butt if that. I really didn’t realize how short it was until a gust of wind blew up. Bob just laughed. I am not beautiful. I mean I have a pretty face. People think I look much younger than I am and often compliment me on my long dark hair and my legs but I am 5’2 and about 20 pounds heavier than I want to be. I still get checked out though. Bob enjoys pointing it out when it happens.

After our day at the beach we came back to the hotel. We were just going to spend the night inside. We usually go out dancing. This time we had fun all day and planned a quiet night just ourselves.

We had dinner at the hotel. Beautiful outside patio where you can hear the ocean and smell of the summer night. In my short dress I was having trouble keeping decent in my chair. Bob was enjoying this. He kept on pointing out the guys that were looking. He is not the jealous type and he knows that it turns me on to be looked at, so he pushes it.

After dinner we went to the lounge for a drink. There were a few people there. It seems there was a convention of some sort starting tomorrow. We sat at the bar and chatted. Two men walked up behind us and ordered some drinks from the bar. Bob being the shy person he is started talking to them. They were in their early 30s and were there for the convention. They were both single and had just flown in that day. I have to admit even I saw the guys checking me out. I was enjoying it. I have a bit of a show off streak, especially after a few drinks. It was fun, flirty, and exciting.

It was obvious they both probably thought I was pretty. They were checking out my face and my hair as much as anything else. Every once in a while I would see their eyes slipping to my cleavage or my legs. I don’t have much cleavage but a push-up bra does wonders. I have to admit all the attention put me in a flirtatious mood. I may have leaned in a bit too much, touched their arms and legs when I laughed at their jokes, and shifted around on my stool showing as much leg as possible. All this fun was getting me a bit horny and excited.

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