Winnie’s Story to Became a Slave

As she drove home that late August morning,
Winnie Catron was a confused woman. The
emotions in her heart and the thoughts in her
mind were at war, and all she could do was wait and see which side won.

Winnie was just out of college. Never a
strong student, Winnie had decided to take a
year off from education. She was working at the
local supermarket, and it was there that her current confusion had started.

She was serving on the till earlier that day when her favorite teacher, Miss. Franklin, came through her line. Miss. Franklin had been her English teacher in college, and was a very beautiful woman as well.

Her blonde hair normally hung to her shoulders, and was currently swept off her face and shoulders by a ponytail. She was young for a teacher, only 28, and dressed young. Today’s outfit consisted of a short blouse, hanging just above her belly button, and a pair of jeggings . Her belly button had a small diamond, and through
her tight shirt, Winnie thought she could see the outline of nipple rings.

Winnie immediately shook that thought out of her mind as she scanned the items Miss.
Franklin was purchasing. As she worked, she made the usual small talk… How are you, what have you been doing, anything new, etc. Winnie knew, she was unmarried, and
Winnie had spent many of evenings at Miss. Franklin’s home, getting special tutoring to improve her grades. Miss. Franklin had taken a special interest in Winnie as well, though she had not told the Winnie about that interest yet.

Winnie was a beautiful woman herself. Short at
5-5, but busty, with 38c breasts and a large bum
as well. Winnie was Brazilian, British mix, as her grandfather had married a Brazilian in London before moving to Brazil. Winnie’s skin tone came from Nanny Luisa. Winne’s looks, though, came from her mother, Lucinda. Her father, Harold Catron, had died six years before, and Winnie lived at home with her
younger brother Ronan and sister Xanthe.

As Winnie and Miss. Franklin talked, catching up on the past couple of months, Winnie finished
scanning and bagging her shopping. “That’s
£27.39, Miss. Franklin,” Winnie announced when completed.

Miss. Franklin paid Winnie, then said, “Winnie, what time are you off work today?”

“5:30, Miss,” Winnie said.

“Please, dear, would you come over and have
dinner with me tonight?” Miss. Franklin said. “I’ve enjoyed talking with you again, and I’d love to continue this conversation later.”

“I’d love to, Miss. Franklin,” Winnie replied. In truth, she had enjoyed seeing her favorite teacher again, as well.

“You remember where I live?”

“Yes, Miss. Franklin, I remember.”

“OK. See you about 7 tonight, And please, Winnie, call me Anya.”

“I will, Miss. Franklin… Anya. See you tonight.”

All the rest of the day, Winnie’s mind whirled
with excitement. Her favorite teacher had
invited her to dinner. Winnie wondered if
the rumors about Miss. Franklin… Anya… Were

Winnie had reason to wonder. Two years before, she had determined that she, Winnie Catron, was
a lesbian. During her lunch hour, when she could think of things more vividly and in full, Winnie’s mind flowed backwards to her sexual beginnings.

Winnie had tried having boyfriends. She dated a series of different boys. Despite the variety of boys available to her, she was never satisfied with them. Not their kisses, not their pawing attempts to feel her growing breasts, not their grabbing of her
already-large arse, nor their sexual innuendos in their cars during dates.

The closest she ever came to sex with one of
these boys was when she wanked Tristan Bigelow off. But even as his penis grew in her hands, and all too quickly spilled his seed over her fingers. Winnie found no satisfaction, no joy of accomplishment. She
watched Tristan’s cock spurt with curiosity. It seemed her interest was more scientific than sexual.

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