Willow has had enough of Faith’s bitchy attitude

“God, I hate her,” Willow muttered to herself as she, Zander and Buffy listened to Faith babbling on about her conquests, like the dirty slut she was. Totally unlike Willow, who was still a virgin, although she’d been doing and enjoying oral with Oz for quite some time. And recently she’d seriously contemplated giving her virginity to Oz. But that was before Zander had finally realized that he too had feelings for her after all his years of oblivion.

Some of the Scooby gang had gathered in the library one morning to chat, but Willow was greatly distracted by her worries about her questionable status in the gang and her issues with self-esteem.

So now she was confused. She felt terrible about the possibility of hurting Oz by dumping him because she still had feelings for him, and she was also frustrated with Zander; for as attractive as he was, his approach to girls appeared to be driven solely by his 23 pairs of chromosomes being swept along by a flood of hormones. He still lusted for Buffy, he had an ongoing love-hate relationship with Cordelia, and now he appeared to be captivated by the sultry and slutty Faith… who likely would fuck him just because she could. So if the opportunity arose, Zander being the weak and horny guy he was, he would likely do the nasty quite happily with Willow without a giving single thought to any consequences. Which would actually be fine with her; she just wanted to bang him, and doing it just once would probably be enough to get him out of her system.

Faith finally paused her self-satisfied eulogy and looked at Willow, knowing the nerd resented her, and she decided to share something from the heart with her audience. “I mean sex is just sex, and it doesn’t have to mean a thing; it’s just another notch on my bedpost. Surely that’s true for you two girls as well, isn’t it? Zander, you needn’t answer, you horn Rocky.”

Willow just sighed. She wanted to respond that no, sex was about showing someone how much you cared for and loved them, but she didn’t want to give Faith the satisfaction of knowing she’d gotten to her, and she also knew Faith would dismiss such a sentiment as childish and naïve. She also wanted to point out, as sarcastically as possible, that Faith’s bedpost was likely notched to sawdust by now, but she refrained from being that catty.

Buffy shook her head at Faith’s ludicrous statement. For her part, she’d done absolutely everything for love, but now she couldn’t get any dick at all, since that would make the love of her life lose his soul and turn evil. Thank God for the vibrator she’d bought while she was in Los Angeles. It kept her sane, which was a necessity; because whenever she was horny, she tended to make rash decisions that often turned out badly. So her response to Faith’s question was a taunt: “Are you sure you aren’t hiding a dick in those jeans?”

Faith, always ready for sexual banter, retorted, “Not today, but I am hiding a nice eight-inch one in a drawer back at the motel, if you want to come over for a play date.”

“No thanks,” Buffy said, shaking her head at how basically different she, Faith and Willow were. That said, she wondered if having a hearty dose of Faith’s easy come, easy go attitude about love might make slaying vampires easier.

“Gross,” Willow blurted out, unable to contain her contempt for Faith any longer.

“Oh, my dear, sweet, childish Willow, one night with me and one or two of my friends, and we’d turn you into a cock-loving, ass-taking nympho, and you’d never look back.”

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