Wight and Dark

I was alone in my living room watching t. v. I was horny and wanting to fuck really bad my friend kellys friend Josh. I was a virgin and never fucked befour but so I would fuck my dildo practiceing. My name is Rebecca I am nineteen young and loves sex. Then there was knock on the door. I opened the door it was Josh.

“Oh hi josh”I smiled my pussy was all tingely.

“Hey Rebecca can I come in”said Josh.

“Sure you can baby”I laughed.

Josh was tall black hot and sexy he had big lips with big hands. We sat down on the sofa together. I was in a tight littel vest top my tits we packed in tightly like two melons in a bag.

“So whats wrong”I asked.

“I just wanted to hang out with you”smiled Josh his eyes on my tits.

“Oh really Josh do you think i’m hot”I smiled.

“Yeah your pretty don’t you have a boyfriend”smiled Josh.

“No i’m singel and a virgin”I said winking at him.

“Oh my god can i start seeing you”said Josh.

“Yeah baby”I smiled.

Josh pulled me in we kissed our touges wraped around eachother my cherry pink lips melted into his big soft pillow like lips. Josh’s big hands went all over my body I was on top of him grinding on his package.

I took my shirt of show my big hot tits his hand squeezeing them it felt so good like i was getting touched by a angel. Josh’s big lips sucked my nippels getting the wet and hard. I moaned with passion.

“Suck them tits for me baby”said Josh.

So I lifted my left tit up my nippel was had dripping wet. I stuck it in my mouth and sucked like lolly pop. Josh was wanking over me smileing. Josh then fliped me on my back licking my panttys geting his big lips inside me. Then he riped my panttys off licking my wight hairy pussy his touge felt so good it massaged my cherry inside. He looked into my eyes as he sucked my pussy juice out.

“Now suck my lolly its big”laughed Josh.

I pulled down his pants and ripped off his shorts his cock jumped out hard and ready for attention. My lip stick lips went around his cock like a glove. Josh moaned as I went up and down his big chocolate bar melting in my mouth. I slamed his cock on my tits he moaned more and more.

“Now lets pop you baby”whipered Josh in my ear

Joshs cock went inside it hurt it was really big. Josh kissed me to take my mind of the pain. It went slow inside me I moaned as the pain went away. Josh started to get hot and sweety I begged him to go faster. I poped my cherry with big black bar it felt good.

“I’m gonna cum”he moaned.

He came alover my big hot swetty tits and I sucked his big cock licking it all off. Josh and I kissed we where girlfriend and boyfriend we did alot more together and it felt so good.

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