Wife’s Wild Ass

Caroline Stephens wondered if she were dreaming.

She was afraid to open her eyes, in case it was a dream and, by waking up, she
would end the lovely feeling. There was certainly a dream-like quality to the
sensations she was enjoying, yet there was something of reality in them, as

It felt like someone was sucking on her tits.

Caroline stirred, her eyes still closed. She arched and stretched languidly. She
had certainly been sound asleep when the feeling began, but she had a pretty
good idea that she was awake now–and that it was really happening. Still, she
did not open her eyes, nor give any sign that she was no longer slumbering. She
didn’t want to do anything that might interrupt the pleasure of this early
morning caress.

Caroline loved to get fucked in the morning. Her husband, Jonathon, had a big
prick and he used his cock well enough, but he was a night time fucker. He
seldom had the energy or the time to give Caroline any cock in the morning. For
one thing, he was one of those men who were useless before they had a couple of
cups of coffee, and, for another, he liked to sleep as late as possible, and
therefore usually had to rush off to work, so that there was no time to return
to bed after the coffee had got him stirring.

Today, hopefully, was different.

Still feigning slumber, Caroline shifted so that her hand drifted across his
lean, hairy belly.

This was real enough, certainly no dream.

This was no dream, no demon come in the night to pour devil cum into her
welcoming cunt. It was her husband sucking with loving attention on her stiff
tits. Caroline wondered, vaguely, what had inspired him to feel sexy this
morning, and why he had awakened early enough to do something about it. But she
didn’t question it too deeply–she was no woman to look a gift horsy in the

And still, even now that she was convinced this was no dream, Caroline was
reluctant to show that she was awake and aware. Maybe Jonathon had got turned on
by the idea of making love to her while she was asleep, of fucking her without
her knowledge and, perhaps, inspiring her to have a lovely erotic dream as he
did so.

She turned her head to the side.

She fluttered her eyelids and looked out through the narrowed slits, gazing at
the window. She could judge the time by the angle of the morning sunlight that
streamed into the bedroom. She was pleased to see that it was almost an hour
earlier than they usually awoke.

An hour’s fucking was just what she needed!

Had they fucked the night before? For a moment, she could not remember. They had
been married for several years and had fallen into a routine, so that one night
blended in with the next, pleasantly but without anything memorable happening.

Then she remembered that they had fucked and that Jonathon had seemed hornier
than usual.

Again she wondered, fleetingly, at this change in the man–and again she did not
question it too deeply.

She began to moan softly and to shift and squirm deliciously. Jonathon was on
his side, his head bending down as he mouthed her nipples, switching back and
forth between those explosive nuggets of sensation. His hand rested on her lower
belly, flat and open, the fingers splayed out in the curly mound of her cunt
hair. He gave a little moan as he slurped a fat nipple between his lips. His
breath was hot on her tits. Caroline moved her hand down to his groin and was
overjoyed to find that his cock was swollen enormously, rock hard and throbbing.
His balls were bloated. She cupped the cum-sac, squeezing lightly, then folded
her fist around the shaft of his prick and began to massage and caress his cock.
She skimmed very slowly up his prick, from root to crown, and rubbed her thumb
against the sensitive point where the thick prick-shaft flared out into the

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