Wife’s Sex Act Photos – Wife’s friend Jill sends pictures

My wife, Beth and her friends Jill and Lilly helped me make a video of Jill. Now things were calming down, Jill had been away a couple weeks with Lilly when I got a strange envelope in the mail.


I opened the package looking at the letter on the top. It was a note in what I guessed was a woman’s hand writing saying she hoped I liked the pictures of Beth and suggested I frame and mount them in our hallway. The note indicated she had a pretty good idea of my home’s layout.

When I turned to the first photo I was kind of surprised. Here was my wife with her mouth wrapped around a longish thin cock. Her eyes didn’t look drunk exactly as much as red with bliss and what I guessed right off was a lot of sex and an orgasm about to happen. It made me wonder if a woman was eating her cunt or another cock was stuffed up there driving her crazy with lust. Either way I was sure in that picture my wife Beth was loving every minute of sucking another man’s cock and about to cum as she swallowed his load. In that instant my cock got freakishly hard.

The very next photo was Beth again but this time she was lapping at the balls of some guy who’s cock was filling some woman’s hot pussy. The woman getting fucked was right in the middle of squirting. It was so wet the balls and Beth’s cheeks were glistening and dripping with a thick covering of the woman’s sexy juice. God that looked good. In this photo as well Beth’s eyes were hot and horny but wide open watching all that female fluid flying out onto her face.

In the next picture Beth’s eyes had that fluttering closed look where both lids were closing over her pupils and her mouth was puffed out as if she was half screaming and half licking a guy’s cock head. I promptly pulled my dick from my pants and sat at the kitchen table stroking as I turned to the next photograph.

Fuck yes! Here was Beth on some strange coffee table. Her head thrown back, her tongue lapping at a pussy as a man with a short fat cock blasted sperm all over the woman’s labia and Beth’s nose, lips and tongue. Fuck that was hot. Clearly in the background another guy was pumping Beth’s cunt as the woman riding her face held Beth’s legs wide. My hot wife was in a four way! Holy shit!

Cum had started to drip from the tip of my pecker by the time I got to the next photo. This one was just Beth with the most devilishly shit eating grin on her face pulling a woman’s blond hair as the woman ate Beth’s pussy while she sat back on our couch. I quickly glanced at the earlier pics but this was the first in our own home. I was pretty sure the woman wasn’t Jill or Lilly, but she had a very familiar tattoo on the back of her neck. I looked and looked and suddenly realized it was our next door neighbor’s wife Holy fuck!

I quickly glanced through the other pics with the realization that if I cam just then my goo would cover some of them and fuck up the chance to frame and hang them as the letter suggested. I put the pictures down and peered out the kitchen window. Yep sure as shit my neighbor was out but his wife’s minivan was in the drive. Not wanting to waste the orgasm I knew was ready to blow I put myself away and dashed next door.

“Hi,” the neighbor lady said opening the door. “What’s up, Ken?”

“I need to cum in your mouth right now,” I said. “I saw a photo of you eating Beth’s pussy and god, I really need to cum.”

“Ken!” Susan looked shocked. Honestly shocked too, not just faking it. “I never ate Beth’s pussy!”

“The photo looks just like you and has your tattoo,” I said. “Sure you weren’t drunk or something?”

By : formaze

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