Wife’s desire to be pregnant got her laid by hubby’s friends

My wife Tabi and I decided before we were married than we didn’t want to have children. We used birth control for a couple years. The pill caused a few problems. She would sometimes get sickness and through up the pill, so she thought it would be better if we did something a little more reliable. After sufficient discussion, we decided that I would have a vasectomy.

About four years after my vasectomy had been well tested, Tabi”s little sister became pregnant and had a baby boy. Then her best friend had a baby. Soon Tabi’s mind began to change about babies, and she became more and more obsessed with having a baby herself.

She would tell me, “Honey, I would like to have a baby.” Soon she was saying, “Honey, I have got to have a baby.” The other day she came out and said, “Honey, we have to find a way to get me pregnant.”

We checked in to reversing the vasectomy, but that wasn’t as simple as having it done in the first place. We considered insemination from a sperm bank, but it was expensive and with no guarantee. With frustration, she eventually asked, “Honey, do you think we could do an insemination ourselves?”

I didn’t understand. I asked, “What do you mean Baby? Are you suggestion a surrogate father to our child?”

“No! Not at all. I wonder if one of your friends could provide sperm and you put it inside me so I could get pregnant.”.

“Who?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but it should be a good friend.”

“How would we do it?” I asked.

“Well you know. Ask him to provide some sperm in a cup. Then you inject it in me. Isn’t that all the fertility center is going to do anyway?”

She had a point. We researched it, and it seems possible but the sperm has to be instantly fresh. And, the chances still seemed too low. However, I thought it might be worth a try. Maybe her desire would eventually pass if it didn’t work.

The next question was whom would we ask? We wanted good gens for our baby. After much discussion and consideration, we settled between two of my friends. It was to be either Gordon or Greg. If we were going to breed her, we thought we should try to somewhat choose how the baby would likely be. Tabi is pretty small. Actually she is relative tiny. We thought the baby should have a chance of growing at least to an average size since she was hoping for a boy. Both Gordon and Greg are pretty good size men standing at around six feet. They are both intelligent and successful men, so we settled on asking them both. That way if they both agreed. We wouldn’t have to even know who’s baby it was. If both would not agree, we would go with the other if he would do it.

I spoke to both of them, and they both responding with similar concerns. Neither of them thought it would work. I realized that, so a asked, “Let’s please just try. If it doesn’t work, maybe the idea will soon pass for her.”

They spoke between themselves about all sorts of logistics and conditions before they both agreed to give it a try. I thought they could simply cum in a cup in the next room where my wife waited, and I could take it in and shoot the sperm inside her. Neither of them were willing to simply jack off in a cup. They said it would be much more likely to work if they provided the sperm the natural way. I knew they were probably correct, but there was no way I was going to let them sleep with my wife. Even if it was just to make her pregnant.

They finally agreed not to screw her if they could have her for arousal to help them cum. “You want to fantasize about my wife as you masturbate?” I asked.

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