Wife’s Black Stud

It all started when my black friend Russ came over to
watch the game. My wife was supposed to be with a friend
of hers but she was having problems with her boyfriend
and couldn’t hang out.

Russ and I had been drinking all afternoon, when my wife
Sue came home and wanted to catch up to us so she
started taking shots.

She was wearing a yellow sundress that made her 115
pound 5`6 body look incredible. She has long blond hair
and an ass that won’t quit. I remember telling her that
her tits looked great in that dress.

After she pounded down her 5th shot she went into the
bathroom. Russ commented that her tits were looking real
nice and that he was getting horny. In collage Russ and
I shard a room and I remember what a ladies man he was.
I would hear him fucking a different sorority girl every
weekend. He almost never dated black girls and said he
liked seeing his black dick cum making white girls
pregnant all over campus. He always bragged about that

Anyways my wife finally came back and sat down in
between us and started to watch the game. Her dress had
ridden up her legs so much that I caught Russ looking at
her milky white thighs and trying to get a better look
down her dress.

At the commercial Russ went to the bathroom and I told
Sue that he had been checking her out and that she ought
to fix her dress. I also told her all about Russ back in
those college years and how he had a 9″ dick.

To my surprise Sue took off her bra with a devilish look
on her face and put it under the cushion. She said,
“Lets give him something to really look at.”

I’d never heard her talk like that before. It took me
months to get into her pants when we were dating and
here she was with her bra off so my buddy Russ could get
a better look.

Russ came back into the room and sat down, just a little
closer to her this time, almost like he knew what we’d
been talking about. And that’s when I went to get more
beer from that kitchen.

I came back to see Russ’s hand up under my wife’s dress.
He was fingering her in my living room! They couldn’t
see me in the shadows, so I decided to see how far she
would let him go with her. I yelled out into the living
room that I was going to make a beer run and slammed the
door. Then I crept back to the pass-through counter area

Russ was really doing a number on Sue with his fingers
up her dress. I could hear his fingers popping her, and
she was making little moaning noises. That’s when she
bent over and put her hand on his dick.

I hadn’t noticed that Sue had unzipped him, but I was in
no doubt what she was doing to him as I watched her head
bob up and down over his lap.

I heard Russ say, “I knew you wanted me as soon as you
walked in the room. I saw you checking out the bulge in
my pants.”

Then Sue said, “Yeah I couldn’t take my eyes off it,”
and she started to unbutton his pants even more and
began to lick the precum off his dick. It was an
unbelievable sight to see. My pretty little wife sucking
on this big black man’s dick!

Then I saw Russ take my wife gently by the back of her
head and lower her face all the way done on his thick
dick. She couldn’t take that whole thing down her
throat, but I could see that she was trying.

Sue blew him for about 5 more minutes like that, her
head bobbing up and down, up and down, and Russ moaning
with pleasure. I never saw a person precum that much
before. It was hanging from her lips when she’d pull off
for a moment, like crystal clear strings, from pink lips
to thick black cock.

Then finally Russ got up and laid her down on the couch.
I heard him say that they didn’t have much time. That
I’d be back soon. I watched as he raised her dress and
peeled off her panties.

Sue said, “No wait. I can’t do this. I just wanted to
fool around but this is too much I can’t fuck you Russ.”

Russ said, “You can, and you’re going to,” as he put his
monster dick up to her wet swollen pussy hole. As he
thrust into her my heart sank. I knew what the bastard
was thinking: “He’d just scored with some white chick.”

I was rock hard knowing my wife’s pussy would never be
the same again. Russ was stretching her pussy until Sue
had tears in her eyes. Then once he was in all the way
he just started to banging her. Her body was being
slammed up and down on his member so hard her dress top
fell off past her wonderful tits.

Russ kept thrusting into my wife and now he started to
suck her plump white tits putting big red hickys on
them. I could see slickness oozing out between his
pumping dick and Sue’s hole. I had to admit that I was
enjoying the whole thing.

Sue was acting like a wonton whore fucking him back like
crazy. As Russ came in my wife’s fertile womb she threw
her head back and yelled, “Oh god! Your cumming! I can
feel you!”

He hammered her for 5 more strokes then collapsed on top
of Sue, spent.

After laying there trying to catch their breath, finally
Sue got up to go clean herself up in the bathroom. I
noticed that she walked like she had been ridding a
horsy all day.

I snuck out the back door and then came in the front
like nothing had happened. Russ said, “Hey man I have to
go. But hopefully we can hang out again soon.”

I said, “Cool,” and he took off.

Sue was in the shower. I heard the water being turned
off and headed for the bedroom. I tried to get some ass
but she said she was too tired.

Over the next month I followed her and saw her car
parked at a local motel. Then I saw them both leaving
the room. One night I passed by the room where I’d seen
them go in and heard her screaming at the top of her
lungs. She was calling him her big black stud.

Now a days when I do get a shot at her pussy it’s so
loose from her black stud lover that she doesn’t get off
on my dick. Last month I heard her on the phone talking
to Russ, she was telling him that she was pregnant and
that she hoped it was his baby.

She wanted him to marry her, but he wasn’t willing. He
left her barefoot and pregnant. I guess we’ll see whose
baby it is in time.

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