Wife wants to swing, hoping to obtain more orgasms

I love my boyfriends. I love to fuck. I love to fuck
my boyfriends. Some days I fuck one boyfriend. Other
days I fuck two, three or all four of them. They are
not jealous because they know each other and know I
love all of them the same. And they know that if they
get jealous they cannot be my boyfriend any more.

I am 21 now and have been fucking since I was 18. I
agreed with my mom and our doctor that I should not
have babies so they fixed me so I won’t get pregnant.
I can just fuck for fun without worrying. I like that
since fucking is the most fun thing I do.

There are a lot of things I can’t do very well. I
have been labelled Developmentally Delayed but that
just means I’m not very smart about some things. I
can’t read or do numbers very well but my boyfriends’
say I can cook and fuck real good. So that’s what I
like to do. I have a job but I don’t drive. That
saves me a lot of money. My boyfriends or my mother
drive me anywhere I really need to go anyway.

My body developed ok though. I am average size with
long blond hair. I have big tits and I keep my weight
from getting too heavy by eating carefully. My pussy
hair is blond too and not so thick I have to trim it.
I’m real pretty, all my boyfriends’ say.

My little apartment is walking distance from work and
other services I get. I like it that my life is
simple because then I can spend more time fucking. I
love to fuck and that is something I am good at, at
least all my boyfriends’ think so. It is important to
be good at something and specially if it makes other
people feel good too.

My boyfriends are always ready to fuck me. Their
cocks are hard as soon as they get their pants off,
sometimes even before I am naked too. Cocks are so
interesting. I like the way they grow so they can go
inside of me and the way they make me feel so good
when they move in and out. Sometimes I can feel the
white stuff when it shoots out the end. I like it
better in my pussy than my mouth though. Then it
shrivels up for a while but sometimes I can play with
or suck it to make it big again.

When I first started fucking I would fuck any guy who
asked me. That wasn’t good because they didn’t care
about me. I thought sex was just lying there and they
would move their hard cocks in me until they squirted
and then it was over. The moving in and out felt good
and I liked the squirting but it was nothing special.
It was nice when they brought their friends because
it lasted a lot longer. Then I learned that fucking
is only really good if you care about each other.

When I met Jimmy who lives in my building he helped
me a lot. He is about ten years older and knows
everything. He didn’t fuck me right away like the
other guys but got to know me first. He asked if he
could be my boyfriend. I was thrilled to tell him
yes. He would be my first one. Then he said it was ok
for us to fuck and he made me feel better than all
the other guys put together. I stopped fucking them
on the spot.

He wouldn’t get up and leave right after squirting
his juice in me like the other guys. We laid close
together and talked a lot about important things and
most times he would get big again and make me feel
real real good a second time. It made me tingly all
over and sometimes it was like a little seizure. He
called it an orgasm. I loved it. He made me promise
to only fuck boyfriends and to tell him about any
other guys that were interested in being my
boyfriends’ so he could help me make better choices.
I asked how many boyfriends should I have and he said
that depended on me and the ones that I chose. There
was no right number.

My next boyfriend was an older man at work who was
always very helpful and nice. He wanted to walk me
home most days and I liked the attention. Finally I
realized that he wanted to be my boyfriend so I asked
him. He was shy and said he never had a girlfriend
but really liked me. I talked to Jimmy who asked me
some good questions and I decided to do it.

The next time Ralph walked me home I invited him in
for some ice tea and told him about my decision. He
seemed very happy but didn’t know what to do next. I
went over to him and kissed him and put his arms
around me. It was kind of interesting being the
teacher and we finally ended up naked in my bed. His
cock was the biggest one I had ever seen so I got on
top and worked it in carefully.

I kept looking at how it stretched my pussy lips and
I sure felt full. He shot right away but I knew to
keep squeezing it with my pussy and it was soon hard
again. This time was a lot longer and he loved
playing with my titties as we fucked. When we
finished he cried and said he never thought any woman
would do that with him. I told him that I liked it
and we could do it every day and he would get even
better. We do and he did. After a lot of practice he
could give me orgasms too

After Ralph fucked me the first time I went to see
Jimmy. We fucked as I told him about my new
boyfriend. He liked sliding his pecker in Ralph’s
juice and said it was called “slippery seconds”. It
felt good to me too and I felt very sexy fucking two
boyfriends in a row. Jimmy always wanted to know
about tany fucking I had done since I saw him last
and it excited him. It even excited me to tell about
it. We sure fuck good together.

My next boyfriends are brothers. They are my age and
lived next door to me growing up. My mom said they
asked about me and they called and asked me out. We
did stuff together and had a good time since we’d
known each other since we were little. I wondered
about having two boyfriends like that and Jimmy said
that it could be fun if they didn’t get jealous.

One Friday night, which is when we usually got
together, we were eating pizza and drinking beer when
I asked them if they wanted to be my boyfriends. They
asked, “Which one of us?” and I said “Both if you
won’t get jealous. I have other boyfriends too, just
so you know.”

They looked at each other and said, “We have shared
girls before so that’s no problem.”

I said ok then which of you is going to fuck me
first. They flipped a coin. It WAS great fun, as
Jimmy had said, to have another hard cock ready when
the one in you squirts and pulls out. I finally had
to send them home when my pussy got sore. From then
on I will go out with one or both of them, depending
on who is working that night, and we will go to a
restaurant like Arby’s and a movie or a place to
dance. Sometimes we go to their place, especially if
one has to work, and fuck so when the working one
gets home he can get some pussy too.

One weekend they had a cousin visiting. He just kept
looking at me and they told me he was a virgin. Would
I fuck him? He was young and cute so I said yes and
they watched him get on top of me. He didn’t last
long and then they took turns as usual and I had a
good time. The cousin got real hard watching me get
fucked so I invited him to fuck me again and he
lasted a lot longer. I’d gotten my climax so it
didn’t matter. He sent a nice necklace as a thank you
gift and I told my boyfriends I would fuck him if he
visits again.

Jimmy and I fuck during the week whenever we want to
but Saturday is his special day. He takes me to Wal-
Mart and other places I need to go to shop then we go
out for a fancy dinner, like to Golden Corral or
Cracker Barrel. I stay naked once we get back to his
apartment so it is easy to fool around. We might
watch a movie or some porn videos on his computer. I
spend the night and we fuck a lot. Usually after the
first time he has me tell him about my week’s fucking
and that gets him hard again quicker. He is so good
with his dick and makes the rest of my body feel so
good too. I’m really glad he likes my other
boyfriends and I let him know that. He says you can’t
wear out a pussy so I might as well enjoy it.

I think he’s right. I remember the Friday night with
my brother boyfriends and their cousin I told you
about. I had also fucked my work boyfriend earlier. I
was so excited that I wanted to tell Jimmy about
fucking three guys at once. After they left I called
him and he came to my apartment and fucked me twice.
My pussy was red and messy but felt so good I could
have done some more. I wonder if I could get all my
boyfriends’ together at the same time? Jimmy knows
who the others are but they only know that I have
other boyfriends.

I go to a nearby church on Sundays. The preacher
talks about love and not about sin. I know I am doing
the best I can to love my boyfriends and I thank God
for my life.

There is a young assistant preacher there who always
talks to me and asks if there is anything he can do
for me. I think he is the youth pastor. He is very
good looking and not married. I told him I’d be glad
to be friends so we have gone for walks after church.
One time I reached out and held his hand and he
didn’t pull away. I think he wants to fuck me but
doesn’t know how to ask.

Jimmy says that if I am interested in having him as a
boyfriend I need to have an honest talk with him. I
shouldn’t give details but he needs to know that I
have other boyfriends and what that means. He can
then choose if that is ok with him. I should say
“have sex” and not “fuck” like I usually do.

The next Sunday we went walking and I asked Reverend
Roger to sit on a bench in the park so we could talk
face to face. I asked him if he would like to be my
boyfriend. He nodded. I told him I would like that
too but he needed to know some things. He was really
listening. I told him that I had other boyfriends and
that I liked to have sex with all my boyfriends. It
was not adultery since no one was married, and it
wasn’t cheating since everyone knew what was going
on. I was not a slut because I chose my boyfriends’
carefully and I had to really like them first.

He didn’t say anything for a while but then leaned
over and kissed me for the very first time. He
explained that this wasn’t what he expected but he
was still very attracted to me and needed to think
and pray about it. Could we talk next Sunday? Of
course, I replied.

All week I was thinking of him, even when my other
boyfriends were banging me. I could hardly wait for
church to be over. Reverend Roger took me to dinner
at a restaurant with tablecloths and real silverware.
It was romantic.

He finally got to the most important subject. “I am a
virgin and always thought I wanted another virgin as
my first partner in our wedding bed. I know now that
is not realistic and is out of touch with my
congregation’s actual life. I believe that you were
sent by God to be my teacher and I would be happy to
be your boyfriend.”

I reached over and squeezed his hands, smiled and
said “You will be my Sunday boyfriend and can help me
get closer to God too. Sex is holy and we will be
praying when we are doing it. Take me to your bed.”

We went to his small apartment and I slowly
undressed, showing off the new underwear I had bought
at a nicer department store yesterday, hoping this
would happen. I undressed him and was pleased by his
nice erection. He moaned when I kissed it and it
squirted into my mouth when I started sucking. I
reassured him that was normal and he’d be ready again
soon. He got hard again as he explored my body. I
guided his inexperienced fingers and gave him hot
kisses. He seemed to forget the mouthful of cum I’d
just gotten.

Finally I put him on his back and lowered myself onto
his big rod. He reached for my hanging tits and made
them feel good as I rode him. I recognized from lots
of experience the feeling of his cock swelling before
it spurted. I squeezed it as it shot real hard inside
me. He moaned loudly and collapsed. I lay gently on
top of him and kissed him awake. “That was real good.
You are quite a man.” He smiled so wide I thought his
face would break. “I bet we can do it again in a
little while.” We did…two more times before I went
home and fucked Jimmy while telling him all about it.

We fucked every Sunday after church. Neither one of
us mentioned my other boyfriends even when Roger
asked me how my week had been. He was a fast learner
and developed a way of having sex quite different
than my other boyfriends. It was more tender and
loving and spiritual and really made our sex like the
praying with our bodies I had talked about. I
gradually became closer to him than Jimmy in some

Finally, when Roger felt secure enough, he began
asking me questions about my sex life. I told him I
have been fucking for three years and don’t remember
how many guys. I told him about each of my boyfriends
I have now. When I finished talking he fucked me. He
was really riled up, I guess it was from thinking
about other cocks being in me where he was, so it
wasn’t like our usual making love. I just fucked him
back until he got it all out and fell asleep next to

We didn’t talk about it again except one time when he
was really hot and asked me about the sexiest thing I
had ever done. I told him all about fucking all my
boyfriends and the cousin in one day. He fucked me so
hard I thought he would hurt himself.

Things are changing. Reverend Roger got me a job at
the church so I had a goodbye fuck with my older work
boyfriend. He cried but I told him he could find
another girlfriend now since he knew what to do.
Roger makes love to me on Wednesdays after the church
service. He is glad the we are having sex because
some of the moms of church youth have been wanting to
fuck him and it is easier for him to resist since he
loves me. Oh WOW, he said “love”!

I decided to have the brothers stop being my
boyfriends too. They were ready for other girlfriends
and I wanted to focus on my special men. We thanked
each other for all the good times we had.

Roger started taking me out on Friday nights like
they used to and he stayed overnight at my place.
That’s how he met Jimmy. We had been out late and
slept in. Jimmy came to the door to get me for our
usual Saturday shopping. I was still naked, but of
course invited him in. Roger was still in bed and was
surprised when I brought Jimmy in to meet him but
then realized who he was. We visited for a while and
then I got dressed and went with Jimmy.

That night he had lots of questions about Roger when
we were fucking. I told him I didn’t like to talk
about one boyfriend while fucking another one because
then I couldn’t pay proper attention to the one I was
naked with. He understood and we had a good time.
Afterwards it was nice knowing that both of my best
boyfriends had left their juice in me that same day.
I know Jimmy will shoot some more in me in the
morning and later Roger will be putting his dick into
it. I will think about that a little bit when he
first goes in me and also when he shoots his juice in
with Jimmy’s. That is real sexy.

I am keeping Jimmy as a boyfriend because I think he
loves me too. I told Roger that and after a while
they became friends. Jimmy even started going to
church with me. So now I am fucking Jimmy on Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I am making love with
Roger on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Of course if
they stay overnight then they fuck me in the morning
of the next day too. I love that!

Ever since I showed Roger about some of the web sites
about sex that the brothers showed me, we sometimes
watch videos together. He didn’t realize all the
things people have figured out to do so it is very
educational for both of us. We have tried some of the
things that aren’t disgusting. Roger is getting used
to eating my pussy after he has cum in it and
accidentally discovered that Jimmy’s juice doesn’t
taste much different. I knew that already and made
him French-kiss me after I blew Jimmy. Then I told
him it would taste even better with my pussy juice
mixed in. He tried it and agreed. That is SO sexy.

When we saw a video about two guys fucking a blond
girl that looked like me he asked if I had ever
thought about that. I said actually I had done it
pretty often with the brother boyfriends. He got very
aroused and we fucked as he watched it again. I think
he would like to do that with Jimmy and me. Jimmy

I don’t know if we will get married. He knows I can’t
have babies but adoptions are a way to fix that. More
important to me is I would like to have at least one
boyfriend even if I’m married. I wouldn’t want to
give up Jimmy. I think we will have to work on that.

It’s a year later and I’m a WIFE! And I don’t have
any boyfriends. Let me explain how that happened.

Roger was offered the minister’s job at a church in a
smaller town across the state. It paid more and had a
real house included. He wouldn’t go without me so we
had a nice wedding before we moved.

Jimmy gave us a honeymoon cruise as a wedding
present. I had never been to Florida or seen the
ocean or such a big boat. It was like a fairy tale. I
especially liked going out on our little balcony in
the moonlight and resting my boobs on the railing
while Roger pumped me from behind as we looked at the
ocean and stars. We saw other couples doing it too
and I waved at them. The swimming pool was fun.

I bought a very small bikini and loved having guys
teach me how to swim. Roger got a kick out of how
they managed to touch me all over and especially my
big titties. We would go back to our room and imagine
that they were all fucking me. Roger is getting a
good sex imagination which I really like.

When we got back I spent two days fucking the hell
out of Jimmy as a big thank you. I would have spent
the nights too if it wouldn’t have looked bad for a
new wife.

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