Wife unwittingly fulfills husband’s fantasy

My wife has a good figure but is normally reserved about showing it off. She is happy to wear bikinis, as long as they cover her bits effectively.

She is quite sensual and likes to wear sexy underwear, but insists that it is purely for my benefit. I know that it makes her feel sexy as well (and possibly a bit naughty when she wears skimpy or transparent underwear).

I would like her to reveal more of her figure and have suggested outings to naturist areas or nudist beaches. I get a thrill from the prospect of other people seeing and enjoying the sight of my wife’s tits and anything else she might expose. I even have fantasies about her being fondled and stimulated by either another man or woman — and perhaps getting so turned on by it that she submits to having sex with that person. I know this is quite a common fantasy amongst men.

I have occasionally shared my fantasies with her and in the past she mostly just laughed at me and would tell me it would remain a fantasy. However, more recently she has started to open up a bit more when I broach the subject, and she has even asked me to tell her more about what appealed to me about it. She has also started saying she thought she could understand the erotic appeal it held for me. Usually we would have great sex if we had been discussing her exposing herself or getting sexual with other men. It seemed to me that she was slowly developing some erotic thrill from the idea, but was still reluctant to say so and even more reluctant to consider actually exploring the idea.

I had a business consulting to forestry operations which frequently took me to very beautiful parts of the country. When feasible I would try to arrange my visits to customers either side of a weekend, so that my wife and I could enjoy the weekend away as well in these lovely surroundings. This particular weekend we were staying at a lovely small lodge set amongst the forests. Being out of holiday season it was fairly quiet at the lodge.

We both enjoy the outdoors and spent time walking, swimming in the river and just lazing in the sun enjoying the views from the deck at our lodge. Each of the rooms and their sun decks at the lodge were thoughtfully positioned giving each of them total privacy. Of course we used this to enjoy some erotic moments out on the deck in the warm sun.

On the second morning we had some good sex out on the deck where we could enjoy total privacy yet benefit from the outdoors feeling. My wife had pulled her bikini panties on after our sex. I encouraged her to stay topless on the lounger telling her she looked very sexy in just her bikini bottom. Besides which, I added she could do with a bit more of a tan on her tits. She has really nice firm tits, which although not very large, are nicely shaped and topped with very sexy, responsive nipples. I love seeing them naked.

We were both feeling rather hot and thirsty after our exertions, but had already had everything we liked from the mini-bar. I called reception on the internal phone to order more drinks. As I walked back to my wife she lazily reached for her top and saying she had better put it back on before the drinks arrived. Sensing an opportunity to test if she was opening up to the idea of a little exhibitionism I suggested that she could easily stay topless as the deck was the opposite end of the room to the door where the drinks would be delivered.

“Hey honey, be a little risqué. Whoever delivers the drinks may not even notice, and if they did they would only catch the slightest hint from the front door that you are topless. Common on honey, be daring, take the risk that you might excite somebody else!!” I smiled broadly at her as I challenged her.

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