Wife takes husband’s fantasy to the next level – Sharing My Wife Roni

Josh opened the door and took two steps into the room. He looked at me and Mike sitting on the sofa, completely nude. It took a few seconds for him to comprehend what he was seeing. He froze in his tracks with a bewildered look, “What the hell!” His eyes grew even wider when Roni walked in from the kitchen with her shoulders pulled back, proudly displaying her firm small breasts. She sauntered up to him and handed him a beer as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, “It’s good to see you Josh…Come in and have a seat.”

Josh stood frozen for a second as his eyes wondered up and down her unclothed body. A smile beamed on his face, “Looks Like I missed a party!”

Roni replied smiling slyly, “You don’t know the half of it.”

Josh was left speechless. He looked over at me and Mike as he pondered what her last statement implied. She took his hand and pulled him into the room, closing the door behind them, “Come in.” She led him to the side chair, “sit down and join us.” He took her up on the offer. Once seated his eyes immediately returned to Roni, standing directly in front of him proudly displaying her nude body. The way he was looking at her made me so proud of my wife’s body and I wanted to share all of her beauty with him, “Turn around, so Josh can see your pretty, little butt!”

With a broad smile, she did as I requested, giving her butt a little wiggle when it was facing him. She let out a small laugh as she turned back to face him. Josh started laughing, “Seriously…what the hell’s the deal here?”

I explained, “We tried talking Roni into taking her clothes off and she said she would, but only if we got naked too. It sounded like a fair deal…and here we are.” Roni spread her arms above her head, “Ta Dah!” Me and Mike chuckled at her antics, God she was so cute.

I continued, “So if you want to hang out with us then you’ll need to get naked.”

Looking a little skeptical he asked, “You’re serious… right?”

Roni answered for me, “Absolutely…it’s only fair.”

He looked at Roni and shrugged his shoulders, “Sounds like a good deal to me.” He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. He stood up and started unfastening his shorts. Roni sat down on the coffee table and leaned forward, resting her chin on her hands, watching. Josh had her undivided attention as he disrobed. He seemed unfazed and simply let his shorts and underwear drop to the floor. His growing erection popped into view. Roni clapped her hands, “Now I know what you look like naked!”

Josh held his arms out, “Yep, this is all of me”.

Roni giggled, “And it looks like you are excited to be here.”

He sat back down looking a little embarrassed.

Mike started laughing, “Dude the look on your face when you walked in was priceless”.

Josh chuckled, “Well I can honestly say…. this is a first.”

I told him, “Don’t worry you’ll get used to it.”

“So you guys have just been sitting around naked all-day watching football and drinking beer?”

Roni answered, “Well, that and…” with an embarrassed smile added “other things!”

I knew with that admission that she was hinting to Josh that there was more to come.

I added, “Yeah it’s been quite a day so far.”

Josh opened his beer and asked, “So…what other things?”

Roni looked at me waiting for me to explain further. I felt my heart race thinking of how to explain the earlier events. I finally blurted out, “Me and Mike played around a little with Roni.”

Josh was in the middle of taking a drink of beer when he heard what I said and almost choked. He pulled the beer down, looked at Roni and asked: “Played around?”

Roni started speaking excitedly, “Yep…we did, but it was mostly just me and Mike.”

Josh looked at Mike and then over at me. I could feel my cheeks flush, “it’s true, we did…you should have been here, it was really entertaining!”

He looked at Mike and Roni again. I think he was trying to figure out if we were pulling his leg, “No way.”

Roni smiled at him, shrugged her shoulders and said, “Okay…believe what you want.”

He looked back at Mike and said, “Really dude…You’re kidding…right?”

The grin remained on Mike’s face as he replied, “No …it really happened”, his gaze turned to Roni “and it was pretty amazing!” Roni’s smile lit-up hearing his complement.

“Well… son of a bitch…”

Roni stood up and walked over to the sofa. She sat down between Mike and me placing a hand on each of our thighs. She smiled at Josh, “The day is not over yet…there is no telling what might happen.”

I loved where this was heading.


I wanted Josh to be closer to Roni, so I stood and asked if he wanted to swap places with me. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, he quickly moved toward the sofa. The thought of possibly playing with Roni had obviously excited Josh, his cock was now fully erect. As he passed in front of Roni she reached up and slapped his erection with her hand, “Aww is this for me…I’m flattered!”

Josh winced in pain and said, “Ouch!” as he sat down.

Realizing that she had slapped him a little harder than she had intended she reached over and started rubbing the side of his shaft, “Sorry Josh, I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.”

Josh sat wide-eyed as Roni gently rubbed his cock with her slender fingers. After a few seconds she asked, “There is it feeling better?”

“Well, it’s starting to ….in another thirty minutes I think I’ll be fine.”

Roni laughed, she took her hand off his penis and gave his leg a playful shove, “you guys are incorrigible.”


We all sat watching the game for a while. I don’t think anyone was actually paying attention; we were all waiting for something to happen. Josh kept trying to sneak looks at Roni. Sitting beside her made it difficult so he kept trying to make small talk with her so he could look at her tits without being too obvious. He should have known that she didn’t mind him looking… that was the reason why she was naked! I was hoping that he would realize this and take advantage of the situation, but he seemed afraid to push his luck.

It was pretty crazy; my wife was completely nude and sitting between two men and yet neither one was acting on their desire to touch her. I was beginning to get impatient, I wanted something to happen. With two cocks just a short reach away I kept waiting for Roni to make a move. I knew that she had to have noticed that Josh was watching her and I saw her glance at his cock a few times. I wanted her to take his hard member in her hand again.

I started fantasizing about watching her stroke his cock, teasing him and making him crazy with desire, until he finally couldn’t take it anymore and pulled her head toward his cock and forced himself into her mouth. After willingly sucking his cock, she would turn around and offer her pussy to him. I would watch as he roughly fucked her from behind.

My aspirations made me determined to get things rolling. I started thinking of ways to make Josh more comfortable and hopefully more aggressive toward Roni. Since everyone in the room except Josh had a buzz I thought maybe a shot of tequila would help.

“Josh , are you up for a shot?”


“Roni would you mind helping him?”

Roni stood and positioned herself directly in front of him, giving him an unobstructed view of her full body. Her pussy was now at eye level and only inches from his face. She reached both hands down toward him, “Come on, let’s get you a shot.” Josh hesitated for a few seconds as he took advantage of this up-close and personal view of the smooth crevice between her legs. He took her hands and allowed her to help him stand.

Watching the way she was torturing Josh was amusing as well as exciting…she was trying her best to get him to look at her naked body. Now I was giving him a chance to do it without me watching over them, I was certain that he would take advantage of the opportunity. I stayed in the living room with Mike as Josh followed a few feet behind Roni. As she led him into the kitchen I watched her pretty little ass jiggle as he trailed behind her.


Alcohol can be a great tool for building confidence and losing inhibitions, it had done both of these for Roni. Hopefully it would do the same for Josh. If I was going to get the two of them together then Josh would need to get up the nerve to finally touch her. I was more than willing to let him enjoy her body and was certain Roni wouldn’t stop him. All I needed was for Josh to either get bolder or drunk enough to not care. I was hoping I had enough alcohol for one or the other.

I could vaguely hear the two of them talking in the kitchen. Then suddenly they were silent, not a single sound was coming from either of them. I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening between the two of them while they were alone. After a couple of minutes of silence I couldn’t stand it anymore. I stood and quietly stepped into the kitchen. A surge of excitement ran through me as I entered.

Roni was standing a few feet in front of Josh holding the bottle of Tequila in her right hand; her left arm was hanging limply at her side. He was staring at her breasts. Roni’s breathing was very shallow as she allowed him to gaze at her nude body. The flush of her cheeks and erect nipples told me that she was enjoying his attention.

She was surprised to see me and quickly turned toward the counter and started pouring the shots. I noticed she had a glass set-up for herself as well. She turned to look at me, “Would you like a shot sweetheart?”

“I’m good, but thanks for asking.”

I then asked with a serious face, “So what the hell were you guys doing in here, it sure did get quiet in here all of a sudden?”

Roni instinctively covered her breasts with one arm as her blush deepened, “Josh asked if it would be okay if he looked at my breasts, I really didn’t think you’d mind… so I let him.”

I looked at Josh with a stern look, “Is that true?”

“Well, yeah…but I thought….”

My face broke into a smile, “Damn, it took you long enough!”

Josh let out a relieved laugh, “So you’re not upset?”

“Hell no, you can look all you want, I’m very proud of her body!”

Roni removed the arm from her breasts and chastised me, “Steve that wasn’t funny…I thought you were really mad at me!”

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply. As I pulled away I told her, “Baby you are far too sexy to get mad at. I just wanted Josh to relax, I want everyone to have a good time!” That comment finally broke the ice and it helped set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

Roni stood with a new confidence as she handed Josh a shot and held hers up for a toast, “To being nude with friends.” She smiled at him seductively.

Josh added, “And to having friends with great bodies,” as they touched glasses.

When the shots were finished we stood facing one another. No one spoke for a few seconds. Roni watched as Josh’s eyes returned to her breasts. She didn’t try to conceal herself; instead she let her arms hang loosely by her sides. She inhaled deeply and stood motionless as she allowed him to continue his inspection. Knowing now that he had permission to look at my wife’s body he was taking full advantage.

I finally spoke, “They are pretty lovely aren’t they?”

Josh took a short break to look over at me, “They’re perfect!” He then returned his attention to Roni.

“You can touch them if you’d like.”

Roni looked at me anxiously as she kept her breasts on display, waiting to see if Josh would take me up on my offer. She seemed to be enjoying having me watch as she offered her breasts to Josh. Her nipples were erect and aching for his attention.

Josh reached up and took a breast in each hand. He gently squeezed each as he spoke to her, “You are so beautiful.”

“Why thank you, Josh.”

“I mean literally every inch of you is perfect.”

Roni blushed, “That is so sweet! I am flattered that you think so.”

Josh began lightly rubbing her nipples as his hands roamed her breasts. He slid her nipples between his fingers and gave her breasts a good squeeze. He turned to look at me, “Damn these are firm.”

“So is the rest of her body!”

Roni took the hint; she placed her hands behind her back and slightly spread her legs, proudly displaying her full body to him, “Go ahead and look as much as you like Josh, Steve doesn’t mind.”

Josh’s eyes moved immediately to her slightly parted pussy.

He shook his head, “Holy wow…. you are killing me”.

Roni giggled, “I can put my clothes back on if you’d like.”

“Please don’t…I think I would prefer to die.”

Roni found this amusing and started to laugh pulling away from Josh as she did. She moved her hands from behind her back and placed them on her hips. As her laughter subsided she noticed Josh was still staring at her pussy. She moved her hands to her lower stomach, just a few inches above her lovely slit. Pressing slightly in on her stomach she pulled upward. Her pussy was pulled up and parted a little more.

Josh’s eyes grew wide, “Oh my God!”

Roni was watching his obvious appreciation; she continued to hold herself in this position. She looked at me to see what my reaction was to her blatantly showing herself to him. My hard cock told her all she needed to know.

Her breathing was becoming more labored; she was enjoying the effect she was having on the both of us. I could see moisture on her parted lips as she exposed herself to Josh. I let him enjoy the view for a moment. Overcome with the desire to watch him touch her I made a suggestion, “Wow she is really giving you a show…I think you should give her a hug for the effort.”

Josh moved forward and wrapped his arms around her lower back. He pulled her into him. His erect cock pressed firmly against her stomach as she moved into his embrace. Her firm tits compressed against his chest. I didn’t want to waste this opportunity, “Slide your hands down and feel how firm her ass is.”

His hands moved down her back and grabbed her nicely rounded butt. Roni allowed herself to be pulled into him as he squeezed.

After a long embrace Roni hesitantly withdrew. As they separated I noticed a spot of pre-cum just below her navel. Roni noticed it as well. She smiled when she realized just how excited Josh was. She took his cock in her hand, the same as she had done with Mike the night before. I watched, not saying a word anxious to see where this was going. My cock was aching with the anticipation of what she would do next.

Roni held his cock for a few seconds, slowly moving her hand up and down the length of his shaft. She was looking into his eyes as she told him, “You have a very nice penis, Josh.”

Josh’s breathing was noticeably more rapid, “Thanks.”

She released his swollen manhood and took a step back, she looked questionably me, “So…what now?”

I looked at Josh with his raging erection. Roni followed my gaze and smiled proudly at the effect she was having on him.

I nodded my head toward Josh and smiled, “Would you like to feel it again?”

She reached out and gently touched the head with her fingertips, “I don’t know…do you really think I should?” It humored me to watch her being such a tease.

“I do, unless of course, Josh doesn’t want you to.”

Josh stammered, “I would be okay with …” His words abruptly stopped when he felt Roni’s hand engulf his shaft.

He closed his eyes and sighed, “Oh God yes!” After a few seconds he re-opened his eyes and watched as Roni enjoyed the firmness his cock. She was staring intently at his manhood as she stroked him, “Wow…you are really hard!” She raised her head and looked back into his eyes, smiling broadly. Josh leaned forward and gently kissed her on the lips. She briefly returned the kiss and then pulled away. She looked at me to see if I objected.

I winked and nodded toward Josh, encouraging her to continue.

She moved closer to him, their bodies almost touching. Slowly and gently she kissed him, her eyes now closed. I could see that her arm was still moving and I knew she was continuing to stroke his cock as they kissed. After a short time she pulled her lips from his and looked seductively into his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Does that feel good?”

Josh sighed with pleasure as her slender fingers caressed his thick cock, “Oh God yes!” She pulled slightly away and watched his swollen cock as she stroked him. There was a look of pure satisfaction on her face as she turned her head to look at me, “Is this what you had in mind Steve?”


She looked back at Josh, “My husband wants to watch me play with your cock….is that okay?”

He quickly answered, “Of course it is!”

She moved forward until the head of his cock was touching her stomach. She used her left hand to gently squeeze his scrotum as she continued to slide her right hand up and down the length of his swollen member. She seemed very at ease as she played with him, enjoying the feel of his cock in her hands. But most of all I think she loved having so much control over him.

Her hand stopped moving as she gently squeezed the shaft and started rubbing the head slowly against her lower stomach. Watching her touch herself with another man’s hard cock was incredible, I stood fascinated by the sight of her smearing his pre-come on her stomach, mere inches from her pussy…I held my breath in anticipation of what was coming next.

Josh moaned, “You’re going to make me cum.”

Roni gripped his cock tighter and squeezed, “Don’t come yet!”

She rubbed the head more briskly against her mid-section, moving downward, until it eventually touched the top of her slit. She looked at me for permission to continue.

I nodded my approval.

She pressed herself against him and rubbed the head against her wetness, Josh’s body shivered as he bent his knees so that she could touch herself more easily with the head. She didn’t insert him into her pussy, but instead was using him more as a toy. She found her clit and moved the head slowly against it. She removed her hand from his scrotum and used it to slightly spread herself open as she used the smooth head to stimulate her clit. I thought I would pass out from excitement as I watched her being so intimate with him.

Josh could not believe this was happening. His eyes were wide and his mouth dropped open when he felt the head touch the top of her pussy. He watched intently as she spread herself and worked his hard cock against her wetness. It was too much for Josh to handle and in only a few seconds he groaned, “I’m going to cum!”

Roni quickly pulled his cock away from her pussy. She wrapped her left hand around the head of his cock and gently squeezed as she began rapidly jerking him off with her right hand. He closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly backward. Roni was watching his face excitedly, enjoying the satisfaction she was bringing him. He slowly pumped his hips into Roni’s hands as his body trembled with an orgasm.

By : WallyTacker

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