Wife takes a walk on thw wild side

It was the day after our 15th anniversary, and my wife Kathi, had told me about a long standing fantasy.

The day before, to celebrate, we had gotten a fancy hotel room, and after dinner, we went to our room and spent hours feasting away, sucking, licking and fucking wildly, Kathi was almost on fire with desire, fuck, she used me like a sexual plaything, she couldn’t get enough. I didn’t mind being used like that, but I finally reached the point where I just couldn’t get it up anymore, and I used my oral skill to give her body one last orgasm, her voice crying out in pleasure as she crested to one more climax.

The next day, before we checked out, Kathi told me what had got her so worked up.

“Dave, you know how much I love you. During our anniversary romp, I was fantasizing about fucking guys that I don’t know, just anonymous guys with hard cocks. The more I fantasized, the more excited I got, it was like my lust was a fire that would never stop.”

I replied, “Yeah, I noticed, the way I got used, sure felt good to me!”

She smiled, I could see the relief cross her face that I wasn’t going to get all jealous, or ass-holish, and she continued.

“It’s just a fantasy, that I like to use to get myself even more revved-up. But, I wonder….” she trailed off.

“Would you like to see that fantasy become reality?” I jumped in.

Her eyes lit up, and I could see the fire of lust again.

She whispered softly, “Yes, yes, I’d really like to.”

It was not too surprising, Kathi and I had been high school sweethearts. We lost our virginity to each other, on prom night, in the back seat of a limo, after the driver agreed to take a coffee break, and left us with the limo. After high school, we dated exclusively, and got married when we turned 22, without ever having had sex with anyone else. Now, at 37, Kathi’s need to find out what sex was like with someone else was coming to the fore. I had felt those same stirrings within myself, I must admit.

Kathi said, “But if we do this, I want you to be nearby, and if possible, to watch. It turns me on, to think of my wonderful husband seeing me spreading my thighs, taking another man’s cock, and watch as your horny wife gets a ride. Think about it honey, your wife having a strange new cock nudging against my lips, watching me as I get mounted, impaled by a hard, curving cock driving in, splitting my tight pink walls apart. Watch as the cock pushes in and out, watch as that hard, eager cock rams in, right to the balls, over and over again. Listen to our combined grunts and cries of pleasure, and my cry of orgasm as the throbbing cock bursts deep inside me, your horny wife getting another man’s sperm pumped right into her horny, eager cunt, his thick load splattering my cervix.”

My cock had gotten rock hard, as I listened to my wife’s sexy voice saying such deliciously nasty and hot things. My condition did not go unnoticed, and Kathi eagerly took to her hands and knees, her eyes flashing with desire as she positioned herself.

“Do me from behind baby, fuck my cunt, I’m so hot again, fuck the horniness right out of me!”

The sight of Kathi in the doggy style, ready for me, made me as hard as possible, and I eagerly took the position. Nudging against her, I gripped her hips tightly, with a low growl of desire, she rolled her hips back a little and the tip of my cock pushed harder against her opening, with a low moan, she thrust her hips back further, and buried my hardness into the fiery wet heat, as I joined in, pushing forward, my 7 inches surging in, right to the balls.

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