Wife Swapping Session

Jeff and I have been best buddies since shortly after
he and Erin moved in next door four years ago. Jeff and
I have a lot in common, including a beautiful wife
each. Jeff’s wife is a very shapely brunette, almost 25
years old with a very sexy body, My wife, Cindy, is
about a year older and slightly taller. She has blonde
hair, a great body, and a beautiful face. Both girls
are really great looking.

Jeff and I like to go out bowling or bar hopping, and
one night after we’d had a few we got to talking about
our wives. We each said how great we thought the
other’s wife looked, only as we kept talking that
started coming out as how hot we thought she was.
Before long we were each admitting that we had had
fantasies about our buddy’s wife, and yeah, we
admitted, they had been very explicit sexual fantasies.
After a few more beers we were both saying out loud to
each other how much we’d love to fuck your woman. This
got us started talking about swapping.

After that night it seemed that every time we got
together the conversation would, at some point, come
around to how hot it would be if we could swap wives
for a few hours. The longer we talked the more serious
we got about the idea. It got to the point that I felt
we just had to this – I was thinking about fucking Erin
all the time now. It was affecting my work, and I
couldn’t sleep for thinking about her. Jeff said he was
the same way about my Cindy. We were both dying for
this to happen.

Finally we agreed that we were each going to have to
make a major effort to talk our wives into doing this.
I started by asking Cindy if other guys ever turned her
on. When she said, “maybe, a little bit,” I pressed
forward and asked her if she would ever consider having
sex with another man.

Bad move. She said no way, and threw a hissy-fit that
I’d even asked. She went off on why didn’t I trust her,
and why would I even think of asking such a question,
and then she started in on how I must have a guilty
conscience, and accused me of cheating on her. It took
me an hour of fast talking and two days of her sulking
to get out of that one.

Jeff later told me that he had asked Erin straight out
about swapping, and she had slapped his face, then said
never, not under any circumstance. That was followed by
a tirade much like the one Cindy had given me, and she
made him sleep on the couch for a week.

So we decided that any swapping we did was not going to
be a voluntary thing. We kept thinking about it though,
and finally came up with a plan. Well, OK, not really a
plan, but at least an idea for a plan. The idea was
that if we got the gals drunk enough then we could put
them to bed, but sneak out ourselves and trade houses
for an hour or two, and they wouldn’t even realize who
was in bed with them.


All four of us go out to the local bars and clubs a
lot, but the women always complain that we never take
them dancing. So we decided to put this to our
advantage. One weekend when Erin was out of town
visiting her parents, we told Cindy we had decided to
take Erin and her out dancing sometime. We said there
was a place that we’d heard of, and how about if the
three us go scout it out tonight. She was all in favor.

Later that afternoon I told Jeff that if it worked out,
and we got Cindy drunk enough, he could fulfill his
fantasy with her that night. And, I told him, if that
didn’t work out, then at least he could peek in through
the bedroom window and watch us as I fucked her. What I
didn’t mention was that if it did work out I was
planning to be peeking through the window myself. Just,
like, to keep an eye on things, you know?

We set up a box for him to stand on next to our bedroom
window. Our back yards are pretty dark at night, with
trees and bushes that block out the other neighbors’
yards, so he wouldn’t be caught being a peeping tom. We
thought we had everything set.

At the club that night I began plying Cindy with strong
drinks, and after a couple of hours she was quite
drunk. Jeff had asked her to dance with him several
times, including a couple of a slow dances, and I could
see that he was enjoying himself as he ground his body
against hers. She didn’t seem to mind, either, or maybe
she was so drunk she didn’t notice, I’m not sure which.

After one of those dances they sat back down at our
table, and he tried to feel Cindy up. She didn’t say
anything as he put his hand up under the hem of her
dress onto her thigh. Then he tried to move his hand up
farther, and I could see that he was going to try to
rub her pussy through her panties. But she stopped him
and pushed his hand away before he got that far. Cindy
had to be soused or she would have said something, but
even in that state she seemed to be able to draw the

A little disappointed, but not totally deterred, we got
ready to go home. We had come in Jeff’s car, so Cindy
and I sat in the back. All the way home, I kissed her
and let my hands roam all over her body, even rubbing
her pussy, until I could feel the wetness soaking
through her panties. She might be drunk, but she was
obviously hot and ready to fuck.

I started whispering in her ear about how poor Jeff
must be feeling very frustrated, what with Erin not
being home, and maybe she should let him play with her
a little bit if he wanted to. I told her I wouldn’t
mind if he did, because I knew she would be super hot
when we got to bed. She didn’t say anything, just kept
moaning at the things I was doing to her body.

So when we got home I tapped Jeff on the shoulder, and
signaled that he should join us in the back seat. When
he slid in she mumbled “What’s this?” but kept kissing
me. I had my right hand up inside her skirt, rubbing
her panties, so her thighs were mostly exposed. Jeff
started stroking her there, and again she didn’t say
anything. Then he slid his hand up the outside of her
thigh all the way to the edge of her panties. She still
didn’t say anything. But when he started running his
fingers along the hem of her panties toward her pussy
she pulled her mouth away from mine and said that we’d
better go in.

At that I opened the car door and helped Cindy out of
the car. I gave Jeff a look and a tilt of my head
toward the bedroom window, then helped my wife into the

Once in the house we moved straight to the bedroom,
with Cindy already unzipping her dress before we got
there. I lit a candle so Jeff could see, and also
because Cindy likes to fuck by candlelight. I caught a
glimpse of Jeff at the window, but Cindy was so drunk
she didn’t notice.

Her dress was already off, and she was standing there
in her bra and panties. As she unhooked her bra she
looked at me and asked if I was ready, because, she
said, “I’m hornier than hell, and I need a good hard

She cupped her tits with her hands and faced me,
saying, “They want you.”

She shimmied out of her panties and went over to the
bed. She laid on her back, spread her legs, and put her
hand on her cunt.

As her middle finger disappeared between her moist
folds, she said, “It wants your cock, so hurry up.”

I knew Jeff must be loving this, especially since he
had to know that he had played a part in getting her
into this state. I quickly got my clothes off, got on
the bed with my wife, and started playing with her
tits. After sucking on her nipples for a while, I
scooted down to the bottom of the bed and got between
her legs. Cindy loves to have me eat her pussy, and it
didn’t take me long to bring her to her first climax.

After she came once on my tongue, she mumbled for me to
hurry up and fuck her. I moved up, hovering over her,
and asked how she wanted it. She said, “Just fuck me
baby, just put it in and pump.”

So I put my dick against her cunt, missionary style,
and it slipped right in. As I started fucking her I
realized that knowing Jeff was watching us made it even
better. I didn’t do anything different from what we
normally did, but it wasn’t long before I started to
come in her.

When she felt my spasms she suddenly became excited and
yelled, “Yes, yes, oh fuck me!”

She moaned, then she grabbed my ass and pulled me in
towards her as I blew my load into her. When I calmed
down a bit I realized that she was jerking and
clenching. That must have been a major orgasm for her.

I just lay on top of her for a while as we both caught
our breath and our heart rate dropped. Finally she
started breathing heavier and I knew she was asleep.

I pulled out of her and looked toward the window. I
could no longer see Jeff, so I crept out of the bedroom
and met him outside. I asked him how he’d liked the
show. He said he had seen everything, and that he’d had
to jack off looking at her while we fucked. He told me
this had been the hottest thing he’d ever seen in his
entire life. After a while he went home and I knew he
would probably jack off again, thinking about her.

Then I started thinking back on events of the evening.
Cindy sure had loved what we just did. In fact, that
was kind of odd. Not odd that would enjoy sex, because
she always does. But odd that she would get into it so
much as drunk as she was. If she really was totally
soused, you’d think she would pretty much just be lying
there and taking it. I began to suspect that she must
not have been as drunk as I thought she was.

But if not, how could I explain her behavior at the
club and in the car? Was she pretending to be more
drunk than she was? And if so, why? Maybe she got to
feeling uncomfortable with the close way that Jeff was
dancing with her, and decided to feign drunkenness as a
way to end the evening. But why did she let him start
to feel her up, and not say anything? And why did she
let him do it again in the car?

Hmmm, just maybe… what if she liked it, and was
pretending to be drunk as an excuse not to stop it
immediately? That would also help explain how horny she
was in the car and when we got inside the house.


The next day was Sunday. I kept waiting for the storm,
but Cindy never said anything about the way Jeff had
been dancing the night before, or the way he had put
his hand up her thigh at the club and in the car. I
figured it must be because she wanted to maintain the
illusion that she was so drunk she didn’t remember.

Erin got home that night, and Jeff dropped by to see me
the next evening. He had hidden his video camera on top
of their dresser, and told me he had video taped them
fucking. He asked if I wanted to see it, and I said
“god yes!” He gave me the video tape and I was in a
continual state of arousal for two days waiting for a
chance to watch it. Finally, on Wednesday, Cindy went
to the grocery store for some stuff, and I immediately
popped it into the VCR.

The light wasn’t so good, but I could see plenty. They
got naked on the bed and he played with her tits for a
while and kissed her. He then started to finger her
cunt, and she was stroking his cock by this time. After
doing this a while, he had her get on her hands and
knees and he fucked her from behind, Rockygy style.

I figured he did this so the camera would have a better
view. I could see Jeff’s cock pounding her cunt and I
could see her wonderful body jiggle each time he thrust
into her. She really had nice tits.

Now I knew how Jeff must have felt last Saturday night,
because I got hard as a rock watching them fuck, and
seeing Erin’s body as she fucked her man.

Erin’s body was every bit as great as I thought it
would be. I had seen Erin in a bikini before, but never
completely naked. Jeff looked like he might have been
showing off a little while he fucked her, because he
fucked her pretty hard, but I didn’t really care. Maybe
that’s the way they normally did it.

I did notice that Jeff wasn’t much for foreplay and he
never ate Erin like I do Cindy. Erin also seemed like
she was more passive than Cindy, because Cindy really
likes to fuck and can be pretty active at it. Anyway,
it got me so hot that Cindy got fucked as soon as she
returned from the store, but that was OK with her. She
just acted pleasantly surprised.


Well, the peeping tom and videotape bits were great,
but they only made Jeff and me even hotter for the real
thing, and we didn’t seem to be getting much closer to
actually doing it. I told Jeff that I didn’t think the
drunk approach was going to work, but we both agreed
the dance club was a keeper. I was starting to get
another idea, and didn’t have the details worked out
yet, but I did tell Jeff about one part of it.

“You remember how you sat down beside Cindy, and
started feeling her up that night?”

“Damn right I do! I have just got to have another
chance like that.”

“Well, I’m thinking of giving you one. Here’s my idea.
When we take the gals to the club together, we wait
until Cindy is feeling pretty tipsy, and then go for it
the next time Erin heads for the rest room. She’ll
probably do that a couple of times during the evening,
won’t she?”

“Sure,” Jeff nodded, “at least if we stay long enough
and I give her enough to drink.”

“OK, but we don’t want her drunk. Give her beer, or
even sodas. As soon as Erin heads for the john I’ll
claim that I need to go, too. That’ll leave the field
open for you. Think you can make some progress?”

Jeff grinned insanely, “Just watch me!”

“Actually I plan to hide where you, or more
specifically Cindy, can’t see me, but where I can see
when Erin comes out of the potty. Then I’ll time it so
I get back to our table before she does. And when I do,
I plan to make a scene. I hope to see something worth
making a scene about, but even if I don’t, I’ll fake

“What the hell?” Jeff was thoroughly confused.

“Don’t worry about it. I know what I’m doing. Your job
is just to look defensive, and maybe a little guilty.
Other than that, just try to follow my lead for the

“OK, if you say so, but I don’t see how that’s going to
get me into Cindy’s pussy.”

“It’s not. Not that night. What I realize now is that
we’re going to have to take this step by step.”

A week later we took both our wives to the new club,
which pleased them no end. We all started dancing
almost immediately, keeping our own partners. After two
fast dances and a slow one I took Cindy back to our
booth, and Jeff, picking up on the cue, also brought
Erin over.

We chatted a bit, and had a drink, then I leaned across
the table to Erin. “Jeff did tell you that the three of
us came to check this place out two weeks ago, didn’t

“Oh, sure,” she nodded. “I was glad you were willing to
have him tag along, so he didn’t have to sit at home

“Did he tell you that he danced with Cindy?”

Obviously not, judging from the shocked look on her

“Look, Erin, don’t get mad at him. It really wasn’t his
fault,” I went on smoothly. “Cindy wanted to dance a
lot more than I did, and I really felt bad leaving him
just sitting at our table all night. So I talked him
into doing it. He was really pretty hesitant.”

I was laying it on thick, and Cindy was looking a bit
puzzled, so I figured I’d better get to the point
before she jumped in and contradicted me.

“So…,” I drawled, looking Erin in the eye, “I think
tonight we should get even with them. How about if you
and I dance, and insist that Jeff and Cindy sit here
and watch us, the way I had to watch Jeff and Cindy
dance the last time?”

I held my breath. This was a critical step in my plan.
Would Erin take the bait? She looked a bit angry, her
eyes darting back and forth between her husband and my
wife. Then she glared at Jeff.

“It’s not so much that you did it, Jeff, as it is that
you tried to hide it from me.”

Then she turned to me with an evil grin on her face.
“Yes, Ed, I’d love to dance with you.”

Jeff got up so Erin could slide out from the booth, but
I was right there to take her hand and help her to her
feet. I was a bit worried that Jeff might jump the gun
and try something with Cindy while we were on the
floor, so before I turned to lead Erin out I looked at
him and pointed to where he had been sitting.

“Stay right where you are, both of you, and suffer!”

Jeff got the point and slid back into his side of the
booth. I gave Erin an impish smile which she returned.

It was a fast number, so we both just enjoyed moving,
hardly touching at all. When the music stopped, I
leaned close to her and in a conspiratorial tone asked,
“How long do you think we should keep this up?”

“I’m not sure,” she pondered, “how long did Jeff and
Cindy dance last time?”

“Oh, not long,” I said. “I mean, not long the first

Her eyes widened. “They danced more than once?”

“Well, yes.”

“How many times?”

I was staring at the floor, trying to look embarrassed.
“Uh, look Erin, I’m not sure. I wasn’t counting.”

“That settles it. We’re not going back over there yet.
In fact, not for quite a while yet.”

The next dance was a fast one again, but this time I
tried to at least maintain eye contact throughout it.
The third dance was slow, and I held out my arms to
her. Suddenly shocked, she pulled back.

“Did Jeff dance any slow dances with Cindy?”

I locked my eyes on hers and said slowly, “Yes, Erin,
he did.”

“How did he hold her?”

“Quite close.”

She bit her lip, then took my hand and started pulling
me back toward the booth. My heart sank. But she
stopped at the edge of the dance floor, in plain view
of Jeff and Cindy who were still sitting on opposite
sides of the table as directed, and now watching us.

Erin turned to me and whispered, “Hold me, quite

“OK,” I whispered in her ear as we started turning
together, “I wanted to spare you this, but I guess you
have a right to know. They were dancing this close.”

I moved my hand down to the small of her back and
pulled her tight against me. She gasped, but didn’t
pull away.

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