Wife submits to high school studs in front of husband

I always new my wife was attractive, and that’s why I married her. I also was aware of all the trouble she would bring me. She told me she was faithful to me, but I knew better. I somehow always felt that behind my back, she was sucking off and fucking guys I knew, and to be honest about it liked it that way.

I think my wife got off of my humiliation. Whenever we were in bed, she would bring up other guys, and make me talk about other guys, and always fucked harder upon doing so. I would always cum at the thought of another guy bringing her passion, of orgasm, of ecstasy! What happened a few months ago brought us both that, and our lives had never been the same again.

It was a Saturday afternoon and we were expecting company. A few students who attended the school my wife taught at, who were all seniors over the age of 18, were coming over to hang out with us. There were 5 of them, and I knew them from hanging out at the store I managed. Some of them were punks, like James and Kyle, who always spent a lot of time with my wife more than me. They would disappear a lot, and that was always at the back of my mind, but I dismissed it and waited to bring it up in bed with her later. Still, I tried not to get an erection whenever those to would talk about how hot my wife was, and what they would do to her if she didn’t marry me. They even went so far as to tell me they would kick my ass if I didn’t treat my wife the way she should have been treated.

My wife and I were horny as hell, and she was waiting for them more intently than I was. We smoked some pot that I had picked up earlier, and instead of calming her down, she became more horny than before! Suddenly, Kyle, James, Andrew, Mike and Dave were here. I had a feeling something was going to happen, and I felt protective of my wife the minute they walked in. We all sat down, and I went to get the boys some drinks. They gave me their orders, and somehow I got turned on serving these young men, all surrounding my almost half naked wife. When I came back, there was a surprise for us. They boys brought over some more pot, most of which Layryssa, my wife, was smoking up large!

“Should we tell him now, or later guys?” James said.

“Tell me what?” I asked.

“Why your here. Why we’re here. Why your wife’s here, waiting for us.” David said.

I laughed it off, high from the pot. When it was done, James was behind me, and Kyle got in front.

“This was a long time coming.” James said. “We didn’t know how to tell you, but now we just don’t care what you think. You are about to here the worst think to happen to you and the best thing for you. Nothing will ever bee the same again.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about, and then it all hit me at once. My wife was in a passionate lip lock with Andrew and his thick baby-cute lips. His hands were undressing her and sliding up her pussy. She kept kissing him back, unbuttoning his pants and suddenly face first into his boxers. Suddenly, Kyle’s eyes met mine.

“Get on your knees, bitch.” he said to me.

“No. What the fuck is going on here. Let me..”

James knocked me to the ground and pulled my hair. He shoved me face first into Dave’s cock sliding into Lauryssa’s pussy and commanded me to sniff, then lick. He tied my hands behind my back and guided me with my hair.

“Do everything that we say. Don’t say a word unless we ask you to. Is that understood, bitch?”


“Yes what?” James said.

“Yes James, anything you want.”

My wife’s eyes lit up! She got up like she made a touchdown or something, and all the guys surrounded her. She told me this was going on for a while and she wanted to be honest about it. She loved being married to me, but when she found out that I got off on the thought of other guys with her, she couldn’t hide her fantasy anymore. She gave into those young hot teenage high school studs, and she was proud of it. They were proud of it too, since she was probably the best lay you could get in the area, reputation wise.

By :TripleG

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