Wife strips for Husband and two friends – Sharing My Wife Roni

During the weeks to come, Roni and I had many nights of erotic roll play. Not all of them involved Josh and Mike, but they were certainly seemed to be her favorites.

After one such night I said “You really do enjoy the Josh and Mike fantasy, don’t you?”

“I really enjoy thinking about it, yes. Knowing they’ve seen me completely naked, and hearing that both of them said they wanted to fuck me, certainly contributes to those fantasies.”

“I’ve noticed that whenever you’re around them, you become a little flirty, I can tell you enjoy teasing them.”

“I love thinking about them picturing me nude while they are talking to me. I catch them looking at me and I can just tell that they are thinking about what I look like naked… so of course it intrigues me.”

“Roni, I don’t’ know exactly how to say this, but it really excites me to watch you around them. I think about sharing your pictures with them and how much they enjoy looking. Please, don’t be upset with me for fantasizing about it…. I think it would be so hot if we let them actually feel your tight little body.”

“You mean…like….for real?”

“Yeah, You know .. squeezing your breasts, feel how smooth your pussy is…stuff like that”.

“Well Steve…..that’s a little surprising. Fantasies are one thing, but actually doing it…”.

“Sometimes I masturbate thinking about it. I know some people would consider this odd…that you are mine and I should have exclusive rights to that sexy little body. But if I really wanted to share you would that be wrong?”

“Wow, I knew it turned you on, but I didn’t know you really wanted it to happen. I don’t know if it’s wrong …I guess if we both wanted to…..”

“It’s my favorite fantasy, and you really seem to enjoy it…so how would you feel about it?””.

“Do you think you would really want me to do it?”

“I don’t know if I could let you, but the thought of it is thrilling. I guess I just wanted to know if there was a chance of it ever happening”.

“I don’t think I could …. I am yours. I don’t think you’d feel the same about me if I let something like that happen.”

“I know it’s wrong, but the thought of you naked, with another man, as I watch him enjoying you, especially if you’re enjoying it, too, is so erotic!”

“Well, isn’t that sweet of you to let me enjoy it, too.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Look, it’s fun to fantasize about, but I don’t think we could actually go through with it.”

“Yeah I know, I thought you may feel that way…but I was hoping.”

“Dream on buddy. Feel free to keep sharing my pictures, I really enjoy them seeing me nude, but I don’t think you could really handle anything more”.

“We can still pretend…right?”

“Steve, I love the fantasy, too. So, yes, we can still pretend.”


Mike had started dating Hannah on a regular basis and they had become an item.

“I know why Hannah is dating him. It’s that massive cock of his!” Roni said.

“Damn, Roni! You sound a little jealous.”

I laughed and she smiled.

“Lucky girl!” Roni said.


Roni became comfortable with being photographed nude. She rarely turned me down whenever I asked. And I of course would share them with Josh and Mike. She was always willing to pose and suggested it, herself, on a few occasions. One particular night, she was feeling pretty frisky and wanted to pose for Josh and Mike…not in person, but for me to share with them.

She did a slow striptease as I photographed her. When she was naked, she posed in various positions and I photographed her from different angles. After we were finished, we went through all of the pictures and she deleted a lot of them but kept quite a few.

By : WallyTacker

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