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this is Monty again with my wife Smita whose story am about to tell in her own words. Smita is 5’4″ and has a figure 35 25 36. she is a dusky beauty and has a sensuousness about her beauty that no one can resist. I was working in a computer institute and I was the only one women working there. There were 5 people working along with our boss I was handling the clients at office. Other 4 people were sales executive and were in field and getting prospective clients.

I use to get a lot attention from them they were young and the boss was old guy and use to treat me like his daughter. Once there was problems in the institute and customer were not easy to find. We were having hard time and the institute was all empty. My colleagues use to stay in and we use to chat in my cabin. All were young and in 20-25 yrs in age their name was Atish, Pankaj, Muktesh and peon named Munna who was from near by village.

My boss Mr Raghu was a south Indian and was bald because of no business boss was angry and once came in and shouted on me for no reasons and during that time I lost my cool and said “sir its not my fault its Tejas, Pankaj and Muktesh who are responsible” Sir knew I was right and then when they came he shouted on them. Munna was there and knew what had happened and that bastard told them that it was Smita madam who had reported about them and put all the masala to it and provoked them about me.

They started treating me differently and stopped talking to me well it was not my fault anyways. I had told this to Monty and he had said don’t worry and resign from the job as I was doing it for timepass. I did what was said and put my resignation next day it self. My boss started to plead with me that I should not do it and wait for 1 month but after long persuation I said ok. Mr. Raghu took again his anger on my colleagues and this caused Munna to put more oil in the fire and told the trio that it was because of me.

I had gone in morning and was resigning because of them. This infuriated them more and thus they started planning to get back at me. I didn’t know why Munna was doing this to me and I wanted to ask him that directly. That day I was wearing a sleeveless blouse and black colour saree. Mr Raghu went home because of some emergency I was all alone in the office and then all 3 came in my cabin and sat at the desk. I asked them what is that they wanted from me?

Muktesh: why are you ruining our career you don’t want to work don’t why are you blaming us?

Smita: what I never blamed any of you and I’am not ruining anyones career and please get out

Tejas: Smita we used to confide in you as a friend and you conspired against us

Pankaj: y did u tell boss about us not working and because of us u are resigning?

Smita: listen guys I don’t know who is telling you all this about me but I’m still your friend and I didn’t do anything against you

I was getting mad and angry with their behavior I started to get up and that’s when Muktesh started pushed me in my chair I got angry and shouted at him and others to get out of my cabin. They got out and I was left infuriated I got up and went to wash room to get fresh I was angry and after getting fresh I was gonna call Raghu and tell him I was leaving.

I got fresh there was only one toilet and it was used by both females and males as I was the only female so there was no need. I heard shutter going down I thought it was Munna who used to do that because sun use to come in and we use to keep it half closed so I didn’t pay any attention. I heard the door click and open all 3 were standing there. I got more angry as I had locked it but it was opened by a key which was in office drawers.

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