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After going on at my wife for about 3 years, she finally succumbed to my way of thinking πŸ™‚
We did have a 3some with a female hooker in Amsterdam a few years ago, it was a good experience but nothing like what was going to happen with one of my best friends.
My wife & I would bring up other men during our love making & one of my friends in particular would cum up & we would use toys to replicate another co(k.
It’s Christmas past & my friend & I are drinking in a local bar & I got up the courage to tell him about our bedtime secrets & he nearly choked on his beer lol!
I did not know how he would react but I thought it worth taking the risk & bot was it worth it πŸ™‚
We arrived back at my house later that evening & my wife was having a glass of wine. When she saw Pete she nearly died, she knew exactly what was happening even if I did not. It was not planed. We had some more beer & the craic was good, we where having fun πŸ™‚
I went to get another drink & when I came back Pete was sitting on Rose’s knee & the fun turned very erotic! The next thing I know all 3 of us where in our marital bed πŸ™‚
Pete got straight in between Rose’s legs & started to eat her pu$$y, driving her insane with his expert moves. As she writhed in pleasure, I was kissing the face of her with such passion! I could feel Rose was about to have her first orgasm of the night πŸ™‚ I got up on my knees & gave her my now throbbing co(k to suck on, I am not sure how she managed to do it but she gave me one of the best bl0w jobs I have ever experienced as Pete is sucking on her sweet pus$sy. I busted my first load all over her face & she loved it. The sex continued pretty much all night & we got into a lot of kinky positions, Pete fu(ked Rose so good & hard that night & we all cum loads & everyone was very satisfied that night πŸ™‚
Pete came to our house another time after that & we had another great night lots of sex & lots of cum πŸ™‚
Now he has fallen in love & won’t be in bed with us again, which is ok as we both really like the girl he has fallen for πŸ™‚
Part 2 of this chapter in our lives I will post soon. Hard to believe but it gets better :-)[/QUOTE] Part 2
So as I said in the last post, Pete has fallen in love, so he will no longer be involved with us.
But the night that I came home with the happy news for Pete, it was prob not so happy for us as we were hoping to have some sexy fun that night.
So I said to Rose that I was going to ask John, another close friend of ours & I laughed, thinking that Rose would not want this, but she said to me why not?
So with that I got on the phone to John & said are you cumming up to our house for the craic? John says what for as it was 11pm, I just said sex! The phone went silent, my heart started to beat like a drum, I am sure he could hear it. After a few more convincing words, he said he would be up in a while πŸ™‚ I said to Rose he was on he way, we where both quite nervous about the whole thing. When he arrived he was all smiles & said what are you guys up too? We told him the craic, about what we wanted to do & he was keen πŸ™‚ We had a few drinks & started to relax. We where in the kitchen in our home & were having a laugh, just about normal stuff, but then the attention switched to Rose I got close to her & started to feel up her sexy body & kissing her beautiful lips & our tongues swirling around each others mouths. I the started to remove Rose’s clothes & John helped as he started to kiss her beautiful neck, I could tell Rose was getting turned on πŸ™‚ I could hear her whimper with pleasure πŸ™‚
We continued up the stairs to our bedroom, where within seconds, the little clothes we had left on were quickly removed πŸ™‚ & we where soon all very sexually involved. Rose was on all fours sucking Johns co(k, which in fact is bigger than mine, just for the record. As she sucked on Johns rather large co(k I climbed up behind & started to fu(k her soaking wet pus$sy, it was dripping πŸ™‚ I fucked Rose for about five mins before I burst my first load into her c#nt πŸ™‚ I lay back for a bit & enjoyed watching her suck Johns co(k. He then laid her on her back & started to eat her pus$y, that I had just cum in, I could not believe what I was seeing, but I am pretty sure he did not know that I had just cum inside her πŸ™‚ As he eats & sucks on her pu$$y I kiss her with so much passion I could hardly breath & my co(k started to get hard again πŸ™‚ Next thing I know, Rose on her back legs in the air & John is pumping his big co(k in & out of her delicious pu$$y! I want some I thought, co(k throbbing hard again πŸ™‚ I climb over Rose’s chest, shove my co(k toward her mouth & get her to suck it some, as she is getting pounding by John! At this time I can hear John behind me panting & I knew her was going to cum inside my wife’s pussy πŸ™‚ & at this I grab my co(k & w#nk my load all over my beautiful wife’s face πŸ™‚ a few seconds later we are all lying flat on our backs & John starts kissing Rose, she must have cleaned her face or did he?
After a short break, a drink & a smoke, it all started again, this time Rose is down sucking on my co(k & John is fu(king her Rockygy, ramming his co(k deep inside her now stretched & cum filled pu$$y πŸ™‚ positions are switched, Rose gets on top of John cowgirl style & starts to ride his large co(k up & down & round & round lots of noise & lots of sweat, she is great in this position, she can clamp her pelvic floor muscles & she does this to John. She leans in to kiss him as she fu(ks his co(k I have a great view from behind, it was as if she wanted me to see, as she knows I like πŸ™‚ I can see him pumping his co(k in to her pussy so fu(king I am telling you πŸ™‚ I see an opportunity, I climb up behind Rose’s ass & press my co(k down on top of her pussy & pressing onto johns co(k, I squeeze my co(k in along side Johns co(k in my wife’s pu$$y πŸ™‚ OMG! I have never felt a feeling like it & I start to pump my co(k into her pussy as she pushes back, he pumps up & I pump down, it was so tight, but it felt so good πŸ™‚ soon we all cum together πŸ™‚ all fall in a sweaty heap together in the bed. An hour or so later it all happened again & again & again πŸ™‚ what a night to remember πŸ™‚ I remember I cum 7 times that night & I know Rose cum at least that many times, not sure about John.
We actually don’t talk about it when we go out for a drink together, not sure why?
Since that occasion John cums to visit us on a regular basis & we have a lot of fun every time. All we need now are some suggestions as to what other positions we can try?

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