Wife quenches her needs on the beach

We’re at the beach. It’s a hot day and we’ve found a spot up against the dunes. It seems to be an anything goes sort of beach; some of the girls are topless, some nude, the same applies to the men [well in fact all the men are topless 😉 ].

As usual any excuse to feel the sun on your body, means that you were naked about two minutes after arriving, and I followed suit.

So we’re relaxing, swimming a little, snoozing, watching the talent, although the beach is not crowded.

After a while you decide that you want a beer, so volunteer to go to the bar, which is a little way up the beach. You slip on your bikini bottoms, but decide to go topless. And off you wander.

You like the sensation of being topless around people, and at the bar everyone is chatty and friendly. The guy on the queue in front of you involves you on a lighthearted banter and you don’t resist, he’s not hard on the eyes, and funny too.

When you get the beers, you wander back down the beach together; chatting, laughing and both flirting a little. As you get to near where his spot is on the beach, he offers to introduce you to his friend, for whom he too was getting the drinks. You agree, and he leads you a few metres into the dunes.

You quickly find his friend in a small depression, laid out on his back, naked, catching the sun. As you arrive, he raises himself on his elbows and accepts the beer. You of course notice that despite being ‘asleep’ his flaccid cock has good potential.

You chat for a few minutes between you all, and you can’t help but notice that his cock has awoken and is stretching up his belly. You were right on your assessment, it’s quite formidable now. He is not ashamed of the movement, and he is obviously inspired by something… From behind your sunglasses you can’t help but watch it grow.

You ask playfully if that’s for you, indicating with your head towards his groin, asking by implication whether you are the inspiration.

He replies forwardly, if you’d like it…

Your mouth is dry, you swallow and lick your lips. Oh how you struggle to turn down a nice cock. You kneel between his feet and runs your hands up his thighs, leaning forward to gently lick his balls. You grasp his hot cock in your hand, weighing it’s girth and hardness, sliding the foreskin back from his prominent head, as you slowly lick up the shaft, until reaching the head, you taste his salty sweet juices and engulf his throbbing cock in your mouth. He has reached down to squeeze your breasts and tease your nipples and you are now on fire. First, all that time with the sun caressing your body, all the attention that you got at the bar, and now you have this glorious hard cock on your tongue. It’s almost more than a girl could ask for in one day; almost…

You play with that cock, and can’t get enough. You slide your body up his legs, and as you slide over his cock, with a seemingly practised hand, pull your bikini to one side, and impale yourself on his hot cock. You groan as his girth stretches you, and as you bottom out on his length. Only then do you notice that the first guy is standing close, he’s lost his shorts, and is wanking his hard cock as he watches the show. You beckon him over, and as he nears you grab his cock and suck it deep into your mouth. You try to establish a rhythm as you slide your hot cunt along the cock buried deep inside you, while trying to enjoy that salty heat on your tongue. You know that it is not gonna last long, it’s too illicit and brazen to consider stamina; it’s lust and you all are rushing towards the finale. You feel the hot cock start to swell in your cunt and the thought of his juices pushes you over the edge. Whether it is your increased pressure on that hard cock filling your mouth, but suddenly he begins to pulse and then you are swallowing load after load of his hot cum, as you shudder your orgasm on that cock deep in your pussy that squirts it boiling sauce deep inside you.

By : worldwanderer

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