Wife prostituted at a motel – Wife Deborah Taken By Boss

After Deborah was DP’ed by Dan and Steve as I was forced to watch, she showered and we both went to bed silently. We were both wondering what Dan had meant when he had told her she would become a real whore on Friday.

The next day, Thursday, went very much the same. Deborah wore a skirt to school, no panties, a buttonup thin sweater, no bra. The conservative Sunday School teacher, school teacher, wasn’t exactly looking the part.

As she left for school, she asked me how she looked. I knew she wanted some assurance that she didn’t look too slutty. She had a black skirt on, medium length, a pink sweater, thin, buttonup, black shoes with slight heels, that was all. “Alright,” I said. “I have to unbutton the top button whe I talk to an adult,” she said. She left.

Her nipples were clearly prominent thru the sweater, her tit could be seen from the side, and if she bent over at all, from the top. Her skirt clung to her ass, drawing attention to it. Dan was picking out her clothes. I just hoped she didn’t get fired.

Friday finally came. We had both been silent for two days. She got a call about 5:30 from Dan. She was to put heavy makeup on, naked, while I watched, then put on the short black fabric skirt Dan had bought her, and the sheer white blouse he had picked out from her closet. She was to wear the highest heeled shoes she had, which were some gold ones we had bought on vacation a few years ago, and meet him in the parking lot of a local motel in 30 minutes.

She left. She looked slutty. She had only worn the blouse over a camisole and with a bra before. Tonight she had nothing on underneath. I got a call from Dan about 45 minutes later. “Hurry, and get over here quickly,” he said. The motel was only about 10 minutes away and I did as he said.

I saw his car in the parking lot and he motioned for me to come over. I parked and got in the passenger side. I had noticed Deborah’s car in the parking lot. “Watch room #22, upstairs,” he said. “Deb will coming out in a little bit.” We waited, silently, watching the door, or at least I was, Dan may have been watching my reaction.

In what was a little bit, but seemed forever, Deborah came out. She walked down to past the stairs, down to another room and knocked. The door opened, and she went in. Finally, Dan spoke, “Your wife just fucked a man she has never seen before for $100, and is doing the same thing right now with someone else.”

“Go get in your car and watch and wait, she isn’t through. I set it up. I’m going to get some beer, you want something?” Dan laughed as he spoke. “No,” I said, then I said, “maybe some water.” I didn’t know if I could keep anything else down.

In about 45 minutes, Deborah came out and walked down the stairs, she hadn’t fully buttoned her blouse. Her tits bounced very freely as she walked. She knocked on another room and went in. Dan showed up and gave me three bottles of water.

“She’ll be out when he finishes with her. Walk over to the room and see if you can listen thru the door or see anything through the window. Stay there until she comes out.” I did as he said. I could barely see anything, but Deborah was sitting on the bed, naked, and sucking his dick.

When she laid back, I clearly saw him move between her legs. I moved to the door, could only hear muffled voices, and some bed squeeking. He must have been giving it to her hard. I knew that I must look like a pervert standing outside, but Dan was still there watching.

Finally, Deborah came out. I moved to the side, but she saw me. “I can’t believe it,” she said. “I have to go back upstairs.” She left. Her blouse had been totally unbuttoned and she didn’t even seem to care. I felt her disdain and both our humiliation.

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