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I have been requested to write more stories, so i thought I would relate a little adventure I had with my ex. My hubby, and I play now too, but we are kinda stuck in a rut. He is working a lot, and I recently had surgery, so we haven’t had a chance to play as of late. My ex husband, and I played quite often, and I enjoyed it most of the time. There were sometimes when I just went along with him though. This was a time when I really just felt like going home to bed.
We attended a pool party at our friends house. There were quite a few couples partying, and having a lot of fun. Some of the wives were dressed in skimpy suits , showing a lot of skin. My husband, and I enjoyed that..lol I am bi. Well we were off to the side of the pool talking about some of the couples, when a guy that works with my husband came over. He was not one of the guys we had played with in the past, so I didn’t think anything was up. One of my ex’s favorite hobbies was showing my pictures to his friends, so i realy never knew who had seen me nude and who had not. Well Rob, as I will call him, was looking me over very closely.

I was wearing a simple one piece suit, that covered pretty well. My ex went in to use the rest room, and Rob said something like ” Your suit is very pretty”, and I thanked him. He said that he wanted me and my husband, to come by his apartment later for drinks. I told him I was really tired, and we were just going to go home. When hubby got back he had brought wine coolers, and nothing more was said about Robs apartment.

The guys talked, as I baked in the sun. My husband started to talk about my suit, and Rob made comments too. There was nothing special about it, but they were saying how hot I looked in it. I opened my eyes and said” come on guys it’s just a plain old suit”. Rob said “maybe so”, but that I looked hot in it. Hubby said I look hot out of it too, and I thought Here we go. I can usually tell when hubby is trying to set something up.
I gave him a “what are you getting at” look, and he just winked at me. I rolled my eyes, and he chuckled. He knew I always go along with him, but I was hot, and tired from the entire day in the sun. Rob said, he bet I looked good out of it. I said “guys cut it out” Rob apologized, but hubby said ” Oh it’s fine with me I love showing her off”. I knew where this was going of course. I said “yeah he sure does enjoy that”, and I laughed. My husband, told him about us going to a nude beach on our Honeymoon.

Rob asked me if I went nude. I said, “everyone else was nude so i figured why not?” He said something about wishing he was there too. At this point I knew I was being seduced. I wondered if it was spontaneous, or if they had discussed it between themselves. Our friends that threw the party, lived on a huge lake that had a dock with two jet skis, that got plenty of use that day. Rob pointed out they were sitting there refueled, and not being used.

He said , “hey this is our chance to get out on the lake”. Hubby got up grabbed his backpack, and helped me up. I reluctantly went along with them. I put on my mesh cover up and sandals. Rob grabbed a few drinks, and we headed out. I have to admit it was fun riding across the lake at that speed. It was late afternoon, not a lot of boat traffic. I was wondering what was in store for me. I knew some of this had to be planned.
Rob was a good bit ahead of us, so I yelled in my husbands ears. I asked him what was going on? He said. “what do you mean? I told him , whenever he talked with his friends about how I was dressed, that it wasn’t too long before I wasn’t. He said” just relax and enjoy the day”. I thought it would be fun to see how they planned to try and get me naked. I had been through this before. Like I said most of the time I go along happily, so I figured I would wait and see. Just thinking about it was starting to turn me on anyway.
The lake we were on has a number of islands in the middle. One of them used to have a public beach, with a concession stand, and restrooms. For some reason it never opened this year. Most people would just use the beach on the shore. Ray got along side of us and pointed over at that island. Hubby nodded, and soon we beached the skis in the sand. We hopped off, and walked the beach towards the buildings.

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