Wife Nitya Turns Into Nasty

This is Ram, and this story is about my wife Nitya whom I thought to be a sexy sensitive homely lady and how she turned out to be Fucking nasty sex hungry female, whore I have ever met in my life. I got married a year ago and my marriage was an arranged marriage. My wife Nitya, 22 years was from very traditional family just like mine. She was hot and sexy standing 5’6 and she was fair in complexion and had a great physique.
She had busty boobs, slim and lean waist and nice sexy round ass which were huge. She had this body of a goddess we find on temple structures. Her thick soft and long hair was enough to get an erection for me and but she was very sensitive and soft. Even her behaviour and mannerisms made me go crazy after her when I saw for the first time during marriage talks.
She wore this heavy ornaments and sexy silk saree like that of an angel in Hindu mythologies. I bet that any man would be ready to offer anything for a night with my wife, Nitya. Myself I was chubby and plumpy standing 5’8” dark with a tummy of any regular ordinary man you find on a street unlike my Wife Nitya who was a super model material. I loved her so much right from the moment I saw her and thought and I would take care of her like a queen.

I provided her everything, spoke to her softly and in composed manner to make her feel comfortable on our first night. We both were naked in my bed and she was shy as hell covering her huge busty breasts with her hands and crossing her legs to cover her cute little pink pussy with very little hair on it. I slowly managed to kiss her softly and removed her hands over her breasts to find cute pink erect and long nipples.
I sucked them and chewed them slowly and she was moaning while I did that. I slowly started kissing all over her body from breasts to navel and as I was going down she was biting her lips and moaning slowly. She never spoke anything while we were on the bed. My penis was never so erect and I was ready. I opened her legs wide and started licking her pink soft pussy and then she was jolted like she hit by a current shock.
She pushed my head into her crotch and this was the moment she responded. But I didn’t want to be hard on her so softly licked her cunt and then tried to enter my little dragon into her virgin gates. Her vagina was so tight that I had to lubricate it and then tear it to dig deep. She held my tight when my shaft first entered into her. She was even trying to bite my neck to control the pain.
Then I started giving some thrusts and she was going deep into satisfaction and her hands automatically moved over to my bums and she started pushing me deep. But I didn’t want to hurt her bad so I kept my pace slow and finished my job. After that I felt very happy to drill my virgin wife Nitya. That was the only last satisfaction I got. Same happened many times but slowly her reactions dropped and also participation.
Moreover my parents and also hers, wanted children from. We tried a lot for children for over 6 months but nothing happened. Moreover I felt that Nitya was losing interest in me as she didn’t even sleep in my bed. I consulted doctor and he told me that I was sterile and cannot have kids. I was hear t broken. All my family and Nitya were in lot of hopes and aim only son to carry my family name.
We wanted kids desperately. I told Nitya about my condition and she broke into tears. My family thought Nitya was sterile and they were in tears too. Nitya didn’t like other options like test tube since she wanted her children to be pure Brahmin like us. I did not know what to do and we had no solution. Once we went to a temple where we were asked to spend a night for some early morning rituals to make sure we get children.
I and Nitya knew this would not work but for the sake of our families we went there. We prayed and at night we ate some food and had to sleep in the temple mandap itself. This temple was far from our city and very less crowded. We were told that priest here will begin the Pooja at sharp 3 AM. I and Nitya should go to the river take bath and appear in wet clothes for the Pooja and the specialist for this Pooja a priest and everyone called him Swamy.
So we went and took bath and came to the Pooja spot in shivering mode. At the pooja spot there was only one guy, I and Nitya only three of us. It was 3AM so everything was quiet and calm. Now I saw Swamy closely who also just took his bath and was totally wet and shivering. He welcomed us and told us that the prayer would be done by standing and facing the goddess. So we did. He asked our names and other details.
He started uttering some mantras I and Nitya were just standing holding our hands. Nitya was very hot in her wet red saree. She didn’t wear any bra so I was able to notice her erect nipples pokies protruding out thru her blouse and wet saree. Her wet saree stuck to round ass and thunder thighs, leaving her waist and navel open with water droplets. Her hair was also wet and few droplets over her shivering lips and chin. Now while I was checking out Nitya, she was staring at the Swamyji.
Swamiji was six foot tall around 35 years had broad hairy chest, fair complexion, muscular body and boarded a bearded look with little longer hair. His facial features were as of a Hollywood hunk. He was almost naked just a thin cotton towel wrapped around his waist. Nitya was staring at Swamiji’s hairy broad bulky chest, his abs covered with hair, his tuff ass and mostly his half erect penis pokie which was evident due to the thin wet towel.
I saw the lust in Nitya’s eyes which I rarely found. I understood her emotions and tried to pretend that I didn’t notice because of the condition we were in but Nitya after checking him out turned to me and stared me to me into my eyes deeply. I was afraid of nothing should be true which I was thinking in mind but her emotion was so clear. I understood that she wanted to fuck him.
I did not know how to respond then she took few steps closer to Swamiji and bent over by pretending as if to pick up some flowers showing full view of her Huge beautiful booty ass covered by thin layer of her wet red saree to Swamiji and then when she turned back she dropped her saree down for Swamiji to be able to see her huge boobs and nipples clearly visible through her transparent bra then the Swamiji’s dick has risen to an unimaginable size.
He slowly lost his concentration and started looking at Nitya. His erection was full and for sure I knew he had a dick of size 8” compared to 5 inch of mine. Nitya asked me to come aside for a chat. I was shocked, this was the first time I saw boldness in her. Never before she was like this. She was always soft sensitive and sentimental.
She said look Ram, this is a divine thing and I want to do it for our parents and I am not interested in doing such things but you know I have no other option. Swamiji is Brahmin and in good shape. No women would reject to have sex with him and have kids with him. So please understand and I was jolted for a moment. I said are you out of your mind and got angry then she said “Ram you have no rights to get angry over me, instead I should be angry on you for how kind of husband you turned out and since.
I am a good wife I am taking your permission what would you do if I don’t tell you and still have other relations. Be thankful you are in a better position. Just few moments I will spend with him and after that I am all yours and that is what she told me and left. She asked me to either wait or leave to home and then she went to the Swamiji as if this was her last chance to him as a deep lover.
These incidents were piercing my heart like a dagger and the worse was still coming. She went to Swamiji and I was observing them from far behind a temple pillar. Her lustful beautiful eyes were focused on Swamiji. When Swamy turned to her and asked something, most probably about me, tears started flowing through her eyes. Then Swamiji calmed her down by placing his hands on Nitya’s shoulders and neck. I was so sorry for wife who is about to do it with a stranger only because I am sterile.
That means I can fuck, I get erection and everything, but only thing is my sperms don’t have ability to reproduce. That is what I was lacking. So it was sentimental in the beginning then Swamy and Nitya walked towards the backside of the temple to Swamy’s house, which was basically a hut. Once they went inside the hut and I immediately found a window into the hut and settled there to watch all the action.
First thing I saw was Swamiji talking to Nitya whose eyes were filled with lust and tears, and she was drapped in wet clothes. He said “So Nitya beti, I thought you had only problem with bearing children with your husband, but now I realize that you are also sex deprived. Hmm that’s a serious problem. I can get rid of your both the problems provided you should not stop me and also convince your husband and your family by lies or whatever you feel comfortable and also should stop my treatment with you.
Nitya said Swamiji I am offering my 100% body and mind to you. Please take control of it as I am not able to enjoy it. Destroy it but I want satisfaction saying that she hugged him tightly like never before she hugged me. All the above conversation came as a 10,000volts shock to me. I thought my wife was sacrificing for my helplessness, but she was actually looking for satisfaction which I was not providing her along with the pregnancy.
Then the Swamiji caressed her back with his hands. He slowly dropped her pallu, then held her waist tightly and pulled her towards him. Nitya was raised herself up on toes and Started Kissing Swamy they kissed like long lost lovers, passionately and erotically while kissing Swami starting unhooking Nitya’s blouse and Nitya pulled Swamiji’s wet towel off and Swamiji removed her wet blouse to find her bare tits without any bra.
Nitya with her shivering hands touched and started feeling his huge erect dick. He was an for sure an 8 Incher with solid diameter as she felt the full size she looked deep into his eyes telling him that she can’t wait longer. Then Swamiji also stared into her eyes and at the same time started caressing her Soft huge tits with long pink erect nipples with huge areola dripping water droplets and the Managalsutra and a long pearl chain.
Where hanging between those huge boobs giving an aesthetic look for an observer like me. Swamiji started sucking on those beautiful tits and also squeezed them like I never did before. Soft action was now becoming wild. Nitya was holding his head and pulling it into her boobs tightly while her numerous bangles made some sexy sounds. Also while Swamiji was busy chewing on those boobs Nitya voluntarily dropped her Saree which till now covering her waist and thighs.
What a fantastic body and figure I said to myself. I felt guilty for not enjoying her beauty to the full extent. I thought she was sensitive and shy but I slowly understood every woman wants her man to treat her wildly while on bed. She had a golden thread over her waist and a busty round booty which made her look like a Goddess. Water droplets were dripping down from her huge hair to her lower back then onto her round curvy ass.
Then Swamiji after sucking Nitya’s boobs out grabbed her ass and pushed his face into her crotch. Her pink pussy was fresh and soft, and Swamiji was savoring all of it. She Moaned little louder this time and collapsed in ecstasy on to the bare floor. Even Swamiji jumped over her onto the floor not to stop licking her pussy and clit. Now her legs were up in the air and Swamiji’s head digging deep into her crotch. Nitya was cuddling his hair and simultaneously pushing his head deep into her vagina.
I was able to hear swamiji licking Nitya pussy like he licked an ice-cream. Nitya was moaning as Swamiji licked and also was squeezing her huge boobs at a time. And suddenly she squirted on the Swamiji’s face while still locking his head at her pussy with her legs then both laughed while Swamiji said “You’re really a fucking whore, are you not. Nitya said I am a Fucking nasty whore then fuck me like you never fucked anyone before fuck me.
Swamiji said oh yes bitch come take my meat into your mouth then I might think about it saying that he stood up. Nitya said with pleasure my master saying that she kneeled in front of the Swamiji and Started sucking his huge dick. Never ever in my life I have seen Nitya talking this way or doing this way. She used to sometimes hold my dick but I never asked to suck it nor she forced herself but now she was sucking Swamiji’s penis as if she was born only to suck dicks.
She was brushing his Penis onto her teeth and he was gagging her with his tool into her deep throat. Saliva was flowing out of her mouth as swamiji fucked her deep throat. She was making these noises whenever her throat was clogged with his huge dick which was really erotic. I was really enjoying this orgy between Nitya and Swamiji except for the fact she is my own cute sweet wife who is being treated like a fucking whore by some stranger and she was also enjoying it.
Swamiji’s treatment shocked me and because I thought men should treat women softly and politely but never knew that treating them wildly is the way to arouse women. Swamiji was holding her wet hair tightly and forcing his dick into her mouth till it reaches deep throat where her breathing stops and only release it until she was unable to breath and she did not even say a word.
Nitya was having fun doing all this stuff then Swamiji pushed Nitya onto the floor roughly. She fell on her back. Swamiji said bitch let’s do it now common I will grant you your wish, i am going to fuck you like never before saying that he jumped on her and inserted his huge dick into her vagina. She moaned a long breath when he did that. His shaft was like an automated tool.
Huge and fast Nitya cute little pussy was being destroyed forever by Swamiji. He kept on fucking without a pause. Nitya was moaning and asking him for more. She said that’s all you got, Fuck me aaahhhh fuck me hard, Fuck me hard, Yes like that, common keep fucking, don’t stop and so on. Swamiji’s thrusts were pushing Nitya away from her position.
Then Swamiji, asked her to flip over for Rocky(D)gy. She did and Swamy held her hair tightly and started fucking her in Rockygy style. It was as if he was riding a horsy. He was so violent and brutal. I was able to see, his huge dick going in and coming out of Nitya’s small vagina which was stretched to its maximum limits to host the huge shaft of Swamy while Rocky fucking her Swamiji slowly inserted his right hand thumb into Nitya’s Anus.
Once he pushed the whole thumb into her, her moans doubled and she said you really know how to completely satisfy a women right the Swamiji smiled and kept on doing his job. Rocky(D) fucking her vagina and Finger Fucking her Anus. Nitya was in the clouds. The water on their bodies evaporated due to the heat generated by the coupled. Nitya’s multiple orgasms where dripping onto the floor. Swamiji was also very close to finish line.
He told Nitya, Here you go bitch, I am going to unleash huge loads of sperms into you. Hope your wish will be fulfilled then Nitya removed his dick from her vagina and told him not yet. Not so soon Swamiji. I am not only desperate of pregnancy my major problem is a good sexual life. Which I guess you can offer me. It will be free and you can explore me whenever, wherever you want.
I will be your slave I will let you know when I am really interested in having children. My heart broke into million pieces when I heard that then Swamiji asked what now. She said “ I will not let your load of cum go waste saying that Nitya took his huge dick and blow it for few second and bang loads of cum gushed over her mouth and face and hair. She swallowed a whole lot and licked the dick to the very last drop of Swamiji’s cum then Swamiji said ok bitch.
I liked bitches like you. I will take this opportunity and provide you fucking whenever you want. Now let’s go to your faggot husband. He must be doubting you then Nitya laughed and said don’t worry Swamiji, he is a dick head, I already told him that I am fucking you, he cannot do anything to stop me and the Swamiji said oooh it’s really exciting to fuck a wife while her husband knows I am fucking her and so next time let’s do this at your place.
Nitya said oooh yes sure Swamiji and I will dress up and leave now that Faggot waited too long. Let me at least go and show him my skin, which will be enough for him to jack off tonight both laughed happily and went out of the hut and even I ran to the temple entrance as if I am waiting for Nitya then she came back to me and spoke to me very innocently as if she did nothing, though we both know what happened.
She told me not to make it a big scene, because of the family problem we have. Also she told me that this would not only help her bear a child and also help myself to show the world that I am not sterile from that day my wife Nitya never slept with me and also made perfect arrangements for her satisfaction. She spoke to both of our parents and bluffed them that Swamiji was doing some special Poojas and prayers for her to bear with children.
She also made agreement with parents that prayers will be done with her and the swamiji in our bedroom so that not to disturb anyone else due to the chantings and mantras. Once she got that permission from our both the parents, her illegal affair became totally legal. She also told me not to interfere because if I do she will tell our parents and friends that I was sterile and not able to give her children.
Also she would offer me divorce if I interfered. So I was totally shut down to grief in pain. Now Swamiji started visiting our house with a sarcastic smile on his face. All the foolish family members touched his feet and welcomed him with fruits and sweets and sent him inside my Wife Nitya’s bedroom. What they didn’t know was she was waiting there to be fucked by Swamiji.
Our house was a duplex and our bedroom was on first floor. My parents lived in the ground floor room. So since I know what will go on inside I used to request my parents to be in the drawing room or in kitchen in ground floor and guard our bedroom by sitting outside it like a watchmen. My poor parents didn’t even doubt the Swamiji because, they thought since I was near the room, there would be nothing bad.
So they didn’t even bother and kept on doing their own work. I used to hear the moaning and sex sounds outside the room every time Swamiji went inside. Nitya used to moan in ecstasy and Swamiji used to abuse her like a bitch. They both had no hurdles at all. Their sex sessions longed for hours together every time after the sex session Swamiji left and Nitya used to be drenched in Sweat.
I stopped sleeping in my bedroom as the room used to be filled with the smell of orgasms and sweat even the bed and other things around the bed used to be dirty with all the juices of Nitya and Swamiji. Always I used to imagine how he fucked her with traces they left after the sex session. Sometimes the couch inside the bedroom was wet and sometimes cum on the telephone.
Such incidents became very ordinary in my life after few months of such incidents still Nitya did not show any indication of pregnancy. I tried to ask her but she always stopped my conversation by avoiding me like I am a fool. All this time my heart was breaking into million pieces due to agony and pain. Adding to the existing pain there came another one which was more devastating than the existing one.
I told you our bedroom was in the first floor, it shared the same balcony with the sitting room where I used to sit and wait outside the door. So slowly out of frustration and curiosity I started watching my wife Nitya being fucked by Swamiji through the gaps between the curtains of our bedroom from our common balcony though mostly the lights were off, sometimes they turned the lights on, which used to turn me on.
I was in a situation finally where I used to watch Nitya being fucked to get an hard on and then masturbate after I started observing them I noticed some nuances between Nitya and Swamiji sex is the wonderful thing but nothing is everlasting in this world. I observed that after 3 months of good fucking sessions and after Swamiji ripped and destructed my wife Nitya’s pussy.
I observed the changing trends even they both started getting bored. I noticed the lack of interest from Nitya’s side towards Swamiji. I mean she didn’t hate him but she felt it routine and regular. They tried in all the possible ways of sex which can be done by humans but still there is some breaking point. So once it happened that I was watching them and that day they didn’t have sex at all.
That day Swamiji was cuddling her and consoling her but yet she did not allow him to fuck. I guess she was not in mood then I tried to hear what they spoke. It was not clear but after seeing and hearing I understood that Nitya told Swamiji that she was bored and also felt routine and she wanted something different and Swamiji suggested some options.
Nitya first did not agree but then they both discuss and finally Swamiji convinced Nitya. She nodded and said yes and I did not understand what happened but I just didn’t bother about it. So the next day I came from office and found there was a meeting going on at my home and my parents and also Nitya’s parents were there along with Swamiji and Nitya and to my surprise I found another guy with Swamiji.
I did not understand what was going on then my parents told me that, Swamiji said that his prayers were not enough to bring a child to Nitya so he called his colleague named Rishi to help him out. I was shocked and looked into Nitya’s eyes. She tried turn he eyes off me. I was awestruck and terrified then again the same process started. Now Nitya was fucking two guys Swamiji and Ananthaji.
I went mad over these happenings at my homely place and Nitya cleverly arranged all this where I cannot do anything and also our parents were encouraging her and I really started worrying about the consequences but I kept watching them through the windows both guys were fucking her like a bitch, Nitya was sandwiched between two guys and I her moans doubled due the fact that they were also drilling her anus.
She did not experience Anal sex before as far as I know but now even that seal was broken. They were lifting Nitya in air while Swamiji fucked her pussy, Ananthaji was fucking her anus from behind while standing and they were beastly towards her and they chewed her nipples, scratched her everywhere, ate her pussy like dinner, smooched her and cum on her face and inside her mouth and every day after the fucking.
I was not even able to sleep since Nitya’s screams and sounds ruined my sleep through dreams. The pain and also satisfaction in her voice was killing me. How come she is becoming such a bitch was the question I was asking until Swamiji I thought I was not the right guy to her, but watching her being fucked but two dicks, I realized she is not an ordinary women, she was a slut, bitch and a complete whore.
Added to the two guys the number kept on increasing until it reached five. Five different guys drilling my wife repetitively inside my bedroom while I watched her from outside is something I cannot even express how painful it is. Not only the number increased, the Swamiji ‘s kept on changing every now and then. Nitya was in a stage where she a personal relationship with someone.
She was totally out of that league. She was now in a situation she would even fuck a tree. I kept my count on and maximum number of people Nitya had sex with in single session was 7 (Seven) and total number of different people she fucked in last 6 months excluding me was around 12-15. That means, Swamiji was inviting all his friends and colleagues to come and fuck her.
Now the pact where Nitya told me that Swamiji was Brahmin that’s why she fucked was gone in air. All the bloody motherfuckers of every caste and religion started fucking my wife after 6-7 months of fucking, I mean real good fucking, like 3-4 hrs. Minimum per session, and including different types of sex like, missionary, Rockygy, anal, cum facial, double fucking, double anal and numerous blowjobs and numerous orgasms, Nitya was pregnant.
Now no one in this world knew who’s child she was bearing of course it was not mine you know that but after fucking 10-15 different people regularly like a bitch in a period of over 6 months. How can one tell whose child Nitya was giving birth to? Nitya didn’t mind that question. So even I didn’t, neither did my parents nor the motherfuckers who screwed her on regular basis. I requested and pleaded her to stop all this after we had a child (Don’t know whose child though) but she did not stop as she was addicted.

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