Wife Mandy plays strip poker with old friends

We held a big reunion summer party at my parents house last July complete with all our friends from back home and of course plenty of games, food, and alcohol. This one ended very similarly to a lot of our parties, but with a little different lead in. At around midnight, most of our guests had left with only a couple of stragglers left behind. They happened to be two of my best friends from High School. My friends Nick and his cousin Derick. They were still downstairs in the basement playing Asshole. We had all come up intense drinking gamers. At this point in the evening, they were completely drunk. With my parents out of town, Mandy and I knew they would be spending the night.

I was upstairs cleaning up and my wife went downstairs to see how they were doing and to see if they needed anything. I had picked up all the empty cans and bottles lying around and was going to get behind the couch. I needed her help so I went to find here in the basement. I herd the conversation and froze dead in my tracks. Derick laughed and he said, “Why don’t you pull up a chair and we’ll play strip poker for old times sake?” My wife answered, “No way. I can’t be playing those games in my inlaws house. Especially when my hubby’s not down here playing with us.” Nick said, “C’mon Mandy, he won’t care. I know he loves watching you perform.” My wife said, “Well hes not really watching if hes not down here is he?” Nick responded, “Well, we will let him in on it a little later, he’s bound to come down here eventually” My wife just laughed and said, “You’re a frackin riot, Nick.” “Let’s be serious.” He replied, “I am serious.” She then shot back, “Strip poker?” Derick replied, “C’mon, have a little fun with us. We’re the last ones here and it would be a great way to wrap up the night!” My wife said, “I’m not sure about this. What if he comes down here and gets pissed I did this without him?” Nick answered, “C’mon, you’ll have a good time. Besides, wont it be fun to try it without him?” She finally agreed, “Ok. But only a couple hands,you know, before we do anything crazy I want to go get him.” Wow, my wife was going to play strip poker without me. I had to see this for myself. I hid at the top of the staircase. Fortunately for me, the lights above the staircase were off, so they could not see me spying on their card game. I watched as the cards were dealt.

Derick is a year older than me, but slightly shorter than me and in pretty good shape. Nick is very tall. I am guessing he’s somewhere close to 6’4″ and he had a bit of a beer gut, but in fairly good shape overall as well. Nick and Derick were both wearing shorts and tee shirts that night. My wife had on a spaghetti strap top that showed some cleavage as well as accentuated her amazingly fit body. She also wore a small miniskirt. My wife was a pretty good card player but I knew she would fall for the same cheats that we had always used. She would be naked in no time.

Nick started off as the dealer and everyone gulped down a shot of Baileys before looking at their cards. Nick announced, “Here are the rules. We are playing 5 card draw. If you win, you get to ask someone to remove one piece of clothing. Shoes and socks don’t count. If you run out of clothes, then you can either quit or play on with other rules.” Everyone agreed and they looked at their cards. My wife took 3 new cards and Nick and Derick took none. Derick said, “All right, lay your cards down.” My wife looked down and yelled, “Yes, I win with 1 pair.” That looked suspicious to me as it seemed like they threw the first round to my wife. They were definitely up to the same old tricks. We would always let the girls win the first couple hands so they never caught on we were cheating. She looked right at Derick
and said, “Derick, let me have that shirt!” He took off his shirt and tossed it to her. Derick’s chest was now exposed for everyone to see and he definitely trimmed up a bit since the last time I saw him. My wife seemed very pleased that she won round 1.

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