Wife is taken by strangers in car park

‘I’m not getting dressed up like some cheap tart so you can fuck me in a car park full of people!’ Carol yelled indignantly. An hour later and she was leaning over the hood, big tits fully exposed and her short skirt round her waist as I slid my cock between her open crotch panties.

A few endearing words and a couple of stiff drinks had finally induced her to dress as requested. Black stockings and suspenders, open crotch panties, short mini skirt, see through blouse and very high heels. We both enjoyed outdoor sex but she wasn’t quiet ready for exhibitionism yet so I simply told her we would find somewhere nice and quiet and fuck in the woods.

The car park was in a small woodland just off a busy main road. During the day it was a popular picnic area with tables and benches scattered amongst the deep bushes and trees. The parking area formed a large oval with a public toilet in the middle. Families would take picnics there, enjoying ball games or feeding the ducks in the nearby lake. During the evening though it took on a more menacing role. The toilets became a favourite pick up place for gays and the car park became a rendezvous for perverts, peeping Tom’s and wife swappers. I’d heard about it from a friend at work and decided to check it out.

There were about half a dozen cars parked in various places when we pulled in so I headed for the far corner and parked face in under some trees. Looking in the rear view mirror I could see movement in some of the cars and one or two people milling around just on the edge of the tree line about 10-15 yards away. One was paying particular attention to us. Carol was a little uncomfortable sitting there in her see through top, her large 38DD tits are a little obvious at the best of times and her short skirt barely covered her stocking tops. ‘Why are we stopping here,’ she said nervously looking around. ‘Stop panicking, there’s no one around,’ I said watching a shadowy figure edge even closer. ‘If you think I’m getting out…’ I leaned over and kissed her. ‘I thought you liked being a bit daring.’ Before she could answer I kissed her again feeling her resistance melt as she kissed me back.

The light was fading fast outside the car making it difficult to see where our peeping Tom friend had got to. I needn’t have worried, when I looked up after undoing her blouse and sucking her tits he was right there, just outside Carol’s window. If I wasn’t mistaken, he had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it as he looked at my wife’s tits. Reclining the car seat, I kissed her again, this time I moved to one side, making sure he got a good view as I tweaked her nipples making them stand out proud and hard. She loves having her nipples pinched and was getting increasingly turned on. ‘God I love seeing you dressed like a slut,’ I said running my hand up her stockings until I reached her freshly shaven cunt between the gap of her open crotch panties. ‘I’m going to fuck the arse of you,’ I continued as she tremored from the touch of my fingers on her clit.

Carol’s clit is her Achilles heel, I’ve only got to touch it and she’s approaching orgasm. Apply a little pressure and boy; she’s straight over the top, her whole body shaking as her orgasm tears through her. And that’s just the warm up, after that she’s insatiable. ‘Oh Christ, fuck me, please, fuck me now.’ I started to get out of the car. ‘W-w-where are you going,’ she stammered, her pussy glistening as the dim interior light came on. ‘There’s no way I can fuck you in there, c’mon, it’s nice and dark, no one will see us.’ I heard a rustle as peeper crept back into the undergrowth. Carol slowly got out of the car, smoothing her short skirt down to protect her modesty. I had a quiet chuckle; there she was with her nipples standing out like hat pegs, her see through blouse wide open and she worries about a bit of stocking showing.

By :Tony King

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