Wife is pressured into pleasing business partner – Sex Slave Wife

My wife and I have been married 14 years and after 2 kids, she is in fabulous shape. She worries constantly about her figure which is a stunning 36-24-36 with larger than average breasts. She has long blond hair, which compliments her 5’10” frame. She grew up quite conservative and had never had sex before we were married. In fact the most she had ever done was some heavy kissing, never allowing any of her boyfriends to touch her. She enjoys sex but is not very creative. Anything different is initiated by myself, and quite often these new ideas seem unusual and dirty to her. She is very uncomfortable doing anything that seems kinky. This brings me to her sexual awakening.

I had been in business for a few years with a friend of mine who had served for many years in the military. Needless to say he had enjoyed his stays in various ports of call and had often related to me things that he had done that I had never even imagined. I often fantasized about what it would be like to see my innocent wife performing such lewd acts on men and women. My wife had met Jim on various occasions and thought he was quite a nice guy. She had no idea of his past nor could she even imagine the things he had done because of her naive past. She hadn’t even seen another naked man.

Jim and I had both come into our business as equal partners, putting up equal amounts of money to get the business going. Unfortunately, things had not gone as well as we had hoped in the speed of turning a profit. This necessitated both of us investing more money in our upstart venture. I knew there was great potential with what we were doing; it was just going to take time. We soon discovered we needed another $20,000 to fulfill a contract we had coming in. For Jim this was no problem. He had a nice retirement and savings from the military and quickly came up with his share. I on the other hand could not. Nicky and I discussed at quite some length my disappointment in not fulfilling my share. After exhausting all possibilities, Nicky thought I ought to just ask Jim to float me until I could pay him back.

I talked to Jim the next morning and he told me it wouldn’t be a problem. He only asked one thing. With a little smirk on his face he told me he wanted to have sex with Nicky. I laughed and said, “yea, right.”

“No, I’m serious,” he said. I sat there in stunned anger rising in me yet at the same time, with a little bit of jealous excitement in my gut. “You know we agreed to split everything in this business in order for it to grow,” he said, “and we agreed if we couldn’t, then the business would fold.” I still vaguely thought he was kidding but started to realize he was serious. Even if I agreed, I knew Nicky would never go for something like what he proposed. “There is no way,” I told him. “It’s all in the way you present it,” he said. I knew there was nowhere else to get the money so I sat down and listened to what he had to say. I knew that I was fairly safe because I was positive Nicky would never agree to anything like this.

He said that not only did he want to have sex with her, but that she was to do anything he asked for an entire evening. She was to be his sex slave for a night. He knew what he liked from past experience and he also knew how to please a woman. “She might not like it at first,” he said, “but she will be into it by the time the night is over.” He said I could come and watch but was not to interfere once we arrived. “I promise I won’t hurt her, but the minute you step in and stop anything I’m doing, the deal is off and we are out of business.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was surprised that I was more excited then I was angry. My mind was filled with images of Nicky performing things on Jim that she had never agreed to do with me. Yet I knew there was no way she was going to agree to anything like this when she had only given me 1 blow job and found it so disgusting, she never would do it again.

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