Wife is deceived into submitting to a black man

Danielle stood in front of the full length mirror in her neighbor’s bedroom frantically trying to zip up the new dress she brought.

“Macy. This dress is extremely tight. Help me zip it up!”

Macy crossed the room and finished zipping up Danielle’s dress, bringing relief to her blonde neighbor.

” Danielle. What size is that dress anyway?”

“It’s a size three but I guess my boobs must have grown a bit since this morning.”

“Danielle. You’re just about as crazy as I’m, girl!”

Danielle sat on a chair and began putting on her high heeled shoes as she replied.

“Macy. I must be the one that’s crazy around here for letting you talk me into going out to that club tonight.”

Macy slipped on the tight red dress and pulled it down over her shapely hips as she looked over at Danielle’s shoes.

“Hey. You better watch those things, they look like they could be dangerous. What size heels are those?”

“Their six inch heels and yes I’m going to use them for weapons if anyone gives me a hard time tonight.”

Macy and her husband, Ted recently moved into the house next door to Danielle and Hank. At twenty-six, Macy was three years younger than her neighbor, Danielle. Macy was sort of on the wild side and since moving to Tampa from New Jersey, she and Danielle and had become good friends.

They had been married for the exact amount of time with only a month dividing their anniversary dates. Neither couple had any children yet. Macy wasn’t ready to settle down with kids and her husband worked out of town most of the time which would be hard to raise a family at the moment.

Macy and Danielle were both blonde and wore their hair down to their waist. They wore the same size dress and were gifted with long shapely legs and decent size bust for women of their size.

Danielle was just about ready to leave as she applied her red lip stick to her lips and squirted her perfume toward her cleavage.

She grabbed her purse and walked out to the front room where Macy was leaving a note for her husband telling him she would be home early and that she was with Danielle.

“Macy. Why did I ever talk you into going out to this club tonight?”

“Danielle. It’ll be fun, just relax and enjoy the ride tonight!”

Macy was slipping off her wedding rings and put her hand out to Danielle, waiting for her neighbor to remove her rings.

“Come on, Danielle. We can’t have any fun tonight if your going to keep those on your finger.”

Danielle reluctantly removed her rings and gave them to Macy.

“I’m going to put them in a safe place in my bedroom. Remind me when we get home and I’ll give them to you.”

Danielle nervously waited for Macy to return from the bedroom. She never went out without wearing her wedding rings in all the years she was married and hoped that Hank never found out.

The drive to the club took almost forty-five minutes. The wives were in the heart of the downtown area where Hank worked and she worried that maybe she would run into him if he was out having a few drinks like he normally does on Friday’s.

They parked the car in the lot next to the club. Danielle was nervous when she got out of the car because there were so many black guys hanging around the front of the building.

“Macy. I’m scared. What sort of neighborhood did you bring us to?”

“Relax and stop your whining! Your going to be all right, just walk next to me and don’t pay any attention to anyone that says anything to you.”

The wives walked past a group of black men standing near the door of the club as they walked by. The guys started chanting at them.

“Mmm . . . Nice legs! …..White pussy . . . Come here little girls, let Daddy show you around.”

By :Karenkay

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