Wife hosts a dinner party for people from work and ends up going home with her husband’s boss

The owner of my company, along with the all of our
sales management were in town for group sales meeting
for the week so we decided to host a dinner party. I am
in my late 30s and my wife, Kim, is in her early 30s
and she loves to entertain and loves to flirt with the
bosses. My wife sent the kids to the grandparents for
the weekend.

The group was my boss, his boss, the VP of sales and
the owner of the company. My wife had only met the
owner once briefly and she definitely thought he was
hot. He was an x-pro football player and took over his
family business and in the past 10 years has tripled
the size of the company and has it thriving. He is
about 45, 64, black, very athletic and still works out
on a regular basis.

They all arrived and right away they all noticed my
wife in her clingy sun dress. Even after a couple kids
my wife has maintained a tremendous body. My wife did
not wear a bra or panties which were driving the guys
crazy and she was the center of attention all night
long. Even James my boss, was right there trying to
help as much as possible and offered to help her with
the dishes.

After dinner we all settled on the deck talking and
enjoying a few beers when I noticed my wife and James
never came back after cleaning up. I excused myself and
went in to find they were not in the kitchen. I went up
stairs and I could here someone in my office. The door
was partially closed and I could see James leaning back
against my desk and my wife on her knees with his dick
in her mouth.

His cock looked huge and I could only see the small
amount she could not get in her mouth. She was sucking
and she reached up and stroked him. He was fidgeting
and I could tell he was getting close to filling my
wife mouth with his cum. He then said he was going to
cum and I could see his cock twitching and unloading
into my wifes mouth. I decided to leave before they
noticed me and I went back downstairs with a hard on
ready to explode and decided to slip into the bathroom
and jack off before re-joining the group.

When I got back, my wife was in the kitchen by herself
so I walked over and gave her a kiss from behind and
then whispered in her ear that sure tasted like James
cum. I told her that I had watched and then she asked
if I was upset with her and I told her that I could not
control myself and just jacked off in the bathroom. She
said he was flirting with her and then she offered to
give him a tour of the house and they ended up kissing
and then it got carried away. She apologized and I told
her it was no problem and I was just happy I got to

We joined the group on the deck and James and I decided
to play some pool. The others were getting tired so
they left and I said I would run James back to the
hotel later. We played a couple games, James was an ok
player but I let him win and Kim came back wearing just
shorts and a t-shirt. Her nipples were hard and I was
pretty sure she had nothing on underneath and was ready
to get fucked by one of us.

When we finished, I said I probably had too much to
drink and suggested Kim drive James back to the hotel
and I would head to bed. Kim said that would be no
problem and they walked out to the car. James got in
but Kim came back and gave me a kiss and I whispered in
her ear that she could spend the night if she wanted.
She kissed me and grabbed my crotch and based on the
bulge in my pants it was clear I wanted her to stay the

As soon as they left I went to bed and laid there with
my hard on trying to bust out of my shorts. I reached
into the shorts and started stroking and made myself
cum and went to sleep wearing the cum soaked shorts.

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