Wife hopes to be seduced at the hotel bar

A few months ago my shy wife of five years, Claire and I engaged in our first “hotwife” experience. That night was only supposed to be about her teasing our limo driver by letting him see her naked and watching us fuck. Things progressed in exciting ways that night, however, and she ended up teasing AND fucking him after our nice dinner out of town. To say living out that fantasy met with our expectations is a major understatement. We shot a video of the experience and still watch it nonstop. Afterward, I kept waiting for negative repercussions to emerge in our relationship. To both of our extreme relief, there were none. I know that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? How is it possible to get off on another guy fucking your wife and NOT have to pay the piper later with emotional anguish? Beats me. All I can tell you is that I felt nothing but love for my wife while she fucked this stranger. The more she got off on him, the hotter it was for me. After that night my opinion of her has only improved. Believe me, I know this concept is fucked up, but I actually gained respect for her after watching her fuck him. Don’t ask me why or how because it is a complete mystery to me too. But our sex has been insane ever since. After about a month of fucking like rabbits, I asked if her if she was up for another experience. “If you are OK with it, I am totally down!” She answered.

Unlike the wives you read about on porn sites, Claire is the most normal woman you will ever meet. At 34, she’s a great wife and mother to our three kids and is an active member of our community. Though she is a conservative dresser, her cute face and gorgeous “C” cups still turn heads. At 5’4″ and 120lbs; she’s a classic MILF. She has a very modest demeanor, but all of her ex’s know she has an amazing libido. Her friends in our community would be floored if they knew this other side of her.

Claire and I had talked before about going to a hotel somewhere out of town and having her meet a stranger in the bar to bring back to our room for sex. This was the experience she seemed most comfortable with, so the planning began there. The problem was that it was a real crap-shoot whether we would get the right guy to not only hit on her, but also be willing to have sex with her in front of me. As much as this sounds like a great experience in erotic literature, to actually go through with it is a different story all together. This is considered creepy by most men. From my research it became clear that most men would not be comfortable with this scenario at all. I suggested we use Craigslist to find our man but she rejected this idea immediately. For whatever reason, she found that idea gross. “Let’s just go and try it my way.” She said. “If it happens, it happens. If not, we will still have a nice night at a hotel and I promise I will make it worth your while.”

Umm, yeah… I thought. Or, we could set up a sure-fire experience where the chance of success is nearly 100%. Either way…

OK, what happened next is not something I am proud of. I know what I did was dishonest. I also know there has to be total honesty in these types of relationships because trust is SO important. I know these things… But I REALLY wanted to see her fuck another guy. I didn’t want to leave it to chance. So, as the hotel date got closer, I set up an email account that Claire was unaware of. I searched the Craigslist ads in the city our approaching date was in and responded to five of them. I wrote to each man, telling him the truth about my situation and included a couple pictures of Claire. All five men were interested, so I basically interviewed each one. They all sent pictures of themselves, and three of them included pictures of their cocks. This was a very time-consuming endeavor, but I wanted to make sure Claire had the best possible guy. I also had to exercise self discipline, because the guys I wanted to see her fuck were not exactly the guys she wanted to be with. If she wasn’t attracted to them, this was never going to happen anyway. I eliminated two losers right away for embellishing their attractiveness and fitness levels. The three remaining were all acceptable physically. James was a muscular black guy with a huge cock. He was an easy winner in my book, but Claire just isn’t into black guys or huge cocks. Two of her few, major flaws. And because this was a covert operation, my guilt was pushing me toward picking a guy she would choose. I very reluctantly passed on James. This left just Dale and Charlie.

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